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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp22

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp22   March 1st 2017, 6:47 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-Two

The FBI proved their capabilities by being able to provide a lot of information from the facts I gained from Mrs. Pritchard and her lawyer. Upon my return to the booth, they started speaking of how to make use of the knowledge revealed, but quickly spoke of their concern for Blake. Luckily, the two of us had figured out how to give me control of the physical body. The lad mentioned that he was still hungry, but the FBI agents convinced him to relax now with the promise of stopping for more food later.

I waved with the two agents as we left the place. No one spoke of wondering where the boy had gone. Getting back in their car the FBI agents however wondered about the possibility of not having to deal with Blake being with them.

With the lad back in his body, I took the brooch from him before saying, “We are still unsure about the rules affecting us. I need to speak to Honnider.”

Agent Wilson replied, “We cannot promise any immunity for him.”

“I understand. My S4 status does allow me to get around certain regulations, but I abide by the laws. Still, I would hope that at present there is still doubt about Honnider’s real level of participation. Sometimes I can get a person to talk by just speaking of speculation.”

“What you may be missing, Officer Fortauber, is that a criminal is usually very aware of the penalties they are facing for their activities. They know what they have done. I would suspect Honnider not to even begin talking until he gets some concessions.”

I did not want to argue with the agent, so simply replied, “I am hoping that Honnider’s knowledge of me will have him seeking to get on my good side, because he knows how far I will go to see that justice is done.”

Agent Norwood asked, “Well, what plans would you suggest?”

“Get Blake some more food. Check out the address. Let me go in and reconnoiter.”

Agent Wilson asked, “How are you going to do that?”

“As Spirit Girl. However fictional superheroes might be, I am one. I give Blake back the brooch, and tell him to put it away. If he is not in contact with the brooch, I have no physical essence. I go in, look around, then come back and we make more substantial plans.”

“Wait, no one can even see you?”

“They can make me out. That is how Officer Tarkenton first saw me. He thought I was a ghost, which helps my identity as Spirit Girl. Still, I can be stealthy, and when a ghost is stealthy they are usually not seen.” Just to assure that the FBI agents took my words seriously, I said, “I was the one that gained the information on where Honnider was previously.”

Instead of answering, Agent Wilson had the car turn into the drive-through lane of a fast food restaurant. While they had Blake place his order, then wait for it, they asked me if I knew about such places on my world. I explained that my people were a prey species, so we did not live such active lives. Yes, our world had delivery services, even for food, but we understood delays and occasionally had to deal with not getting our orders at all. I found myself impressed with the conversations I had with the kids, as Agent Norwood seemed to take some time to understand why any food I ordered might not arrive.

“You mean,” she softly asked, “that the person bringing you food might be killed?”

“Might be eaten as food, yes,” I said in a manner to assure her that I expected her to understand the reference.

“Are you evolving out of it?”

“You mean are we becoming predators, no, although some do put out that idea. We are taking the fight back to the predators, but they are really big, powerful, and they have some intelligence. There is also the problem that the ocean is very large, so attempting to eradicate them is a rather enormous problem.”

Agent Norwood commented, “And could ruin your ecology.”

“Yes, which is the reason I left the military. They were focusing on not-doing-this and studying-doing-that, and that is not my mentality at all. With the police there are clear crimes, and things to be done about those crimes and those that do them.”

Agent Wilson replied, “I can understand that.”

After getting the food for Blake, the car started moving. Verifying that we were heading to Honidder’s, I settled doing my best to plan for what might happen. By the time I saw us move off the main road, then turn onto a lane moving through rather large houses I felt ready for when the car stopped.

The vehicle slowed down, but did not stop as Agent Wilson said, “That’s the house there, Arraelly. Are you certain you can get in without being seen?”

I had to look quick as we passed by the gate. The rest of the house was enclosed by what had originally been a perimeter of brick supports with metal poles between. Behind the rods had been secured some type of plastic material hiding any view of the large house and grounds. I saw some trees, so suspected they did not want the neighbors to notice a gorilla moving about freely. As move moved passed the gate, I looked around at the other houses for support of my conclusion.

“That’s the easy part,” I answered. “The hard part is trusting you to wait. I don’t move fast in spirit form, and I will be seeking some information.”

Agent Norwood asked, “No way to contact us?”

“No. Blake keeps the brooch, so there is no way for me to become substantial, but also no way to give you updates. Blake has school work to do, and I assume the both of you have things you could be doing.”

“We’ll be all right. Do we need to pass back around?”

“No. Just don’t park too far away. As I said, I move slowly when not physical.”

I floated out of the car, then toward the house they identified. Knowing that I could be seen, I stayed low to the ground and tried to move through what plants were available. There were a couple of trees in the yard, but no sign of any attempt to make the area look nice. Everything appeared quiet with there being no signs of people or a gorilla. I moved forward feeling that I would make it inside without being noticed, although my opinion of how easy my infiltration would be changed when I passed through a wall of the house.

There were a number of men. Some were watching television. A few had passed out sitting on the floor or one of the padded pieces of furniture. Most were chatting while playing cards. While I knew none of the activities were illegal, I could only suspect the men were present for some less than reputable business.

Actually scared of being seen by someone, I did not float into the room. I considered moving along the wall up past the ceiling to look for Honnider. It however helped me to see him enter the room. The men that were awake all turned to him, but actually feeling that things turned in my favor I waited to listen to what would be said.

“Okay, I’m not really thrilled with this plan, but Lorither feels that it will accomplish a lot things in our favor, including how we are going to pay you. Start leaving at dusk. Lorither says he will have a boat waiting for you down at the ramp.”

One of the men asked, “All of us? Must be a big boat.”

“I haven’t seen the boat, and I did not get all inquisitive about his plan. I have my own plans, but at the present I cannot see it paying off. If you want to be paid, go see what Lorither is up to.”

Another man asked, “What type of timetable are you looking at, Honnider?”

“I’m stuck with a problem. It would be nice if Lorither actually managed to remove my problem along with the other problems, so I would like for you men to work with Lorither.”

Hearing those words had me wish that I could interact with the men, especially Honnider. I could not help but believe that I was his problem. Realizing that I had only one way to interact with people, I decided it best to return to Blake and the FBI agents.

I thought it was nice for Agent Norwood to spend time helping Blake with his homework. It really was not hard material, even for the lad, but sometimes simply hearing certain facts and steps from another person helped to give the lesson an added amount of substance. I moved into the car and appeared to take a casual seat in an open spot. I thought it was nice that the agents did not notice me, as I wanted them to accept that none of the men in the house had noticed me either.

It was Blake that asked, “What did you find, Arraelly?”

After each agent had turned to assure that they saw me, I answered, “There are a number of men inside the house. I counted over twenty, and there could be more. Lorither stole a boat, and they are supposed to make their way to the ramp at dusk to join him.”

Agent Wilson asked, “So, there is presently a boat being driven by a gorilla?”

I did think about what I heard before answering, “Yes.”

“Can I call that in?”

“I accept that you are an authorized agent of the law, so I will not stop you from doing what you think is right.”

Agent Norwood asked, “Why wouldn’t you call it in, Arraelly?”

“I might, depending on what my mission was. Honestly, if I thought you would support taking out Lorither, I would be willing to stake out the ramp myself. As it is, I did not see the men actually doing anything illegal. I thus feel that breaking up the gang would simply result in spreading the filth about town. If back on my world, I would inform the proper authorities suggesting for a surveillance of the ramp continuing to see where the group heads.”

“I can see about doing that.”

I looked over Blake’s homework while listening to Agent Norwood speak with her superiors. I felt she would get her request shuffled to a back file. My attention however became very focused on the conversation when she was switched to someone that was part of the local police force. Even Blake closed his book on his homework when Agent Norwood was told that her information was being taken seriously.

“Agent Norwood,” the voice said, “we have already received a report of a boat stolen by a gorilla. It has a GPS active, and finding its signal had us alert the Coast Guard.”

Agent Norwood replied, “Thank the Coast Guard, but let them know that we just want to keep tracking it at present. That boat is supposed to rendezvous with a number of men late this evening, and we would like to get a sense of what is being planned.”

“The gorilla is planning something?”

“The gorilla has manned weapons. The gorilla has stolen a boat. The gorilla is a part of something, and we are trying to figure out what that is.”

Another voice could be heard to say, “That gorilla is an endangered species.”

“That gorilla has escaped custody a few times as well. We need to figure out what is going on with that gorilla so it can be removed. Note that I did not say ‘killed.’”

Agent Norwood looked to me as she said that final sentence, but I only shrugged as the official voice asked, “How can we help, Agent Norwood?”

“I did not call in for help. I called in to give a report and a suggestion. Depending on what the response is will have us determine what we are going to do.”

There was a pause, then the official asked, “Can I call you back?”

Since she had been switched, there was an exchange of phone numbers. Closing the line, Agent Norwood simply said that we needed to wait. She moved to have Blake open back up his homework with me letting the lad know a basic fact.

“Even on my world, there is a lot of waiting with police work.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp22
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