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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp26

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp26   March 21st 2017, 12:38 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-Six

I had been told that gorillas were not arboreal. That meant they did not live in trees or move about in them. I however had told those around me that my people lived in water. While Lorither might not have a body that would be comfortable in trees, I knew he would think vertically so looked for a gorilla moving above us.

If it had been a windy day, I might have not recognized the movement. While a gorilla was a large animal, there were large trees in the area as well. Humans used wooden poles for holding up things, and the trees had a larger diameter. While I did notice the movement indicating something in the trees, it was not enough that caused the others to become alert.

What did catch the attention of those staking out the location was the swerving of a truck. While the FBI agents and police stepped to where they could challenge the vehicle, I moved to intercept Lorither. As the truck rushed up to send a gravity wave toward the official cars, I moved where I could keep aware of the gorilla.


While I noticed those in the truck swing the weapon around to attack the bank, I suspected that they were just obeying plans delivered earlier by Honnider. I doubted the men truly understood the gorilla, but just heard a roar. Seeing windows on the bank burst open as their frames were jolted by the gravity wave, I stepped out to have Lorither notice me.

“*Your plan is falling to the murk of a filthy current,*” I said.

“*Oh, Officer Arraelly, we knew you would be around. Glad to see you here.*”

He did not have a weapon. That surprised me. While I had been prepared to move in order to avoid being hit by a bullet, I however reacted to a change in objectives. With Lorither rushing off what I realized was that he no longer had anyone in the truck.

I actually jumped into the bed of the vehicle where the gravity device had been set. While the generator still supplied power, the weapon had been taken. The one holding it let go as Lorither put the vehicle into gear and spun to return to the road. I found a place in the bed to hold on even as I yelled to those who I had been working with.


Seeing Mr. Tork and Agent Norwood rush to the car where the youths were being forced to wait, I felt things would turn against Lorither. I moved to pull the gravity device to me hoping to use it as a weapon, although suspecting its rough treatment bouncing along the road would ruin it. Seeing the sparks from it disturb other drivers, I felt what I was doing had some merit whether the device would function or not. I then looked to where the vehicle was being directed, and found myself surprised to see the coliseum. Feeling that things were going my way, I settled against the cab of the truck and hoped Lorither could hear me.

“*You can’t get away, Lorither!*”

Only with my head against the metal did I hear over the sound of the engine, “*I have avoided you up to now! That is all I have to do, avoid you.*

“*There is more than just me, Lorither!*”

I hoped that the sound of other distant sirens would trouble him, but he confidently replied, “*There is not even you.*”

Coming into the parking lot I suspected to find him maneuvering to find an exit that would put him away from those chasing him. He however had the truck continue to move as if he knew a way through the coliseum. When he maneuvered to put the vehicle into a sideways slide that had it bump against a barrier in front of the arena, I let him run wondering if Lorither really knew about me.

This was the situation that had sent me to Earth. If the bad guy felt able to rush ahead without being scared then I would not be afraid either. I would boldly give chase. Seeing the gorilla move up the side of the building using some ducts as handholds and places to the secure the feet, I set myself to follow fully convinced that this time Lorither would be sent where he would no longer be a threat.

He did not look back. That puzzled me, as Lorither should have suspected, should have known, that I would follow. He however moved up to the roof as if he had made a clean get-away. I did not look back down, but continued to keep my eyes on the gorilla trusting that others would know who was the bad guy.

Reaching the roof I paused to look over the terrain. Hearing noise I easily determined where Lorither had gone. I however looked around to see if I could make sense of why he had come here. Something did bother me, then I realized that Lorither had been here preparing. I then paused considering the best way for me to give chase.

I had the brooch on me. While it gave me substance, I found myself wanting to take advantage of my Spirit Girl abilities. I however did not want to drop the brooch, as I felt I would need to corporeally confront Lorither.

Setting it on the roof, I moved through the opening Lorither had used. Finding bullets come at me had me admit the wisdom of my actions. Seeing Lorither rush off, I moved up to regain the brooch so I could better give chase.

I stopped seeing an area with amenities. Realizing that Lorither had been living here surprised me. I had to allow that I would not have thought of this hiding place. I then wondered about the humans who had not thought of it either. On the wall had been drawn some lines and symbols, and only by reading the script of my world could I make sense of what Lorither had been planning.

Without any further options, I moved after my prey. As expected, I came to an open duct. Seeing only the remains of hinges holding a grating, I looked to see how Lorither had been moving from the passage. Realizing that he had jumped had me look to the metal walkway to judge the distance. Seeing the gorilla laying low, I determined how I would move to him.

I threw the brooch trusting that it was too large to easily slip through the openings in the metal latticework. Lorither came alert hearing the sound near him, and I saw him look to the open duct. He must have seen me, as he picked up a large gun. Without the brooch I had no substance however, so the bullets simply passed through me as I moved across the distance. Not wanting him to recognize certain things about me, I only stepped on the item thinking I might need to quickly become insubstantial again.

Lorither growled, “*How do you do that, Arraelly?*”

“*By upholding truth and justice,*” I replied.

He charged at me, which caused me to lift my foot off the brooch. Losing my substance, he just passed through me. I then reached down and grabbed the item before making an attack. My little body against his powerful form did not have much of an effect. All I could do was think of Fernando as I jumped to get some advantage, then drop while spinning hoping to throw the gorilla. He however simply tossed me away causing me to have to quickly act to prevent from myself from going off the walkway. I almost let go of the brooch hearing the report of a gun, but stopped with shock seeing blood spurt from the body of Lorither.

I believe he thought to jump back over to the open grate. Moving to the opposite side of the walkway, possibly to get some momentum for the jump, he slumped over the line acting as a railing before falling. I could not believe that someone had actually shot the gorilla, but watched him fall expecting I would need to continue to give chase.

“ARRAELLY!” I looked down to see Fernando looking up, and as I waved he said, “MY SPIRIT GIRL!”

Luckily, I had not interrupted the main event, but only a minor contest to get the crowd in the proper mood. Police were present to escort me down from the walkway. They did not ask questions as I moved, so I did not tell them anything. Reaching the floor, I found myself confronted by those wanting information. Asking if I could watch the fights while speaking, they brought me into a private booth where I met the owners of the coliseum. Letting me know that they had heard of me, they told me that I would be a welcomed guest. Not wanting to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the events out in the center of the arena, I sat and did all I could to supply information.

FBI agents let me know that the Torks and Blake had been allowed inside, but had simply been given available seats reserved for those of law enforcement. I had a good time speaking to various officials. It helped their attitude finding Lorither’s nest. Feeling that the law enforcement personnel would be able to take over in handling the situation, I sat in the seat provided and watched the events.

Fernando showed off the skills I had him learn. It seemed that most had pegged him as a simple brute, so did not really mark him as needing a serious type of attack to bring down. I saw him work the moves I had him practice to avoid certain maneuvers and redirect the strength of others. While Fernando did indeed have a powerful form, I could not help but smile seeing him use the skills I had him learn to win the fight.

After coming from the cage, he called for me. With those in the booth I had been watching from being important, I found myself brought with them to the center of the arena. Fernando hugged and kissed me while calling me his luck angel. After all the formalities of winning the cage fight, he then asked me about something I had already planned for.

“Arreally, you have to come partying with me.”

“I can’t, Fernando. My mission is not over. I have things I need to do. There are things you need to do as well. Go, enjoy your victory. After we again can find some time to relax, we can spend time together.”

He hugged me while saying, “Arraelly, I want you in my life.”

“Fernando, there are a lot problems with that. Your life is moving on, and I am actually hoping that my life moves back. Neither one of us however can be certain of how life will treat us. We both could end up just treasuring our friendship.”

Father David said, “Listen to her, Freight Train.”

Fernando kissed me again, then said, “Don’t you leave this planet without saying good-bye, Arraelly.”

I replied, “I don’t know how things will go, Fernando. Still, I will make certain that someone lets you know my fate. If it is me, well, we might be able to talk about other things.”

“You’re a special girl, Arraelly, and I would be stupid to let you get away.”

“You’re something special as well, Fernando. As two special people, we should be proud of each other, as we know the level of work necessary to be what we are. I’m proud of you Fernando, and will always speak of you with a smile on my face.”

“You were there for me, Arraelly. If you need me, I will be there for you.”

That was actually an offer I felt I could take Fernando up on, but I let him know why I probably would not. “I have been working with the police and FBI, Fernando. You keep working with Father David.”

“I love you, Arraelly.”

I really did not know how to respond to that. Feeling that saying the same could be taken wrong, I just moved to kiss Fernando. He responded by grabbing me and having us spend time trading affection, but I did not resist.

The Torks and Blake were waiting for me to return. As I returned home with them, I let them know things I had not told the officials. Blake spoke of not wanting the brooch back, but I reminded him and the others that I now needed to go against Honnider. Mr. Tork told me that once he had gone over a number of issues resulting from things at the bank, he would contact me about seeing what I could do about returning home.

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp26
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