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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp27

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp27   March 27th 2017, 7:43 am

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-Seven

I woke up the next morning to my mother sitting on my bed. While she certainly noticed me stirring, she held her position. I sat up in bed to see the door closed, and when I told her good morning she instead asked me a question.

“Why can’t Arraelly go home?”

I answered, “She hopes talking to Honnider will allow her to do that.”

“Yes, Blake, that is what I heard. Now, why can’t she go home now?”

“I don’t know. It is some weird science. She is hoping Honnider understands.”

Mother took a deep breath, then asked another question. “Why do you have to be with her?”

“Because I was affected.” Hoping to keep mother from getting upset, I went ahead and told what I could. “The same reason Honnider is in control of Mr. Pritchard and Lorither was in control of the gorilla has me connected to Arraelly. I had lifted a brooch to look at it however, and it did something that kept me and Arraelly separate. Arraelly believes it will also make it possible for her to go back home, but needs to speak to Honnider.”


I checked around knowing mother would want to see it, but then had to say, “I believe Arraelly has it.”

Mother left the room. I quickly moved to get some clothes as I heard her go down the stairs. I began putting them on as I heard mother make a demand.

“Officer Arraelly, give me the brooch.”

Instead of hearing an argument, I only heard mother gasp with Felix saying, “I told you she was a ghost, Mother.”

I came down the stairs to see mother standing rigid as she sternly hissed, “Officer Arraelly, I expect to hear the whole story.”

I knew Arraelly could not speak without any contact with the brooch, so approached to try and get the item from mother. Arraelly smiled at me, then moved her hand to contact with the one with which mother held the object. I only stood nearby as Arraelly seemed to speak in my head.

“Not with Felix.”

As if also hearing the words, mother turned to command Felix to begin doing his chores. She then hugged me, and told me to stay with her. Mother had me go with her into the office where Arraelly had been using the computer. With the door shut, she then commanded us to tell the whole story.

After we told her all we could, including Arraelly mentioning her own plans to confront Honnider, Mother said, “I’m against this, but I have to admit that you have support. Both of you have been working with authorities, so I cannot fault either of you. Blake has also been safe, Officer Arraelly, so I cannot speak against you there either. Blake,” Mother turned to focus her eyes on me as she said, “I also heard Officer Arraelly speaking with the FBI about wanting to end her relationship with you. That got me curious about why she could not just leave. I am sorry, but I know that you probably like Officer Arraelly, but she needs to leave.”

I could only reply, “But that is what she wants as well.”

“I heard that, Blake, but I don’t want any confusion or last second change-of-plans.” Mother turned her gaze to the other lady to say, “Officer Arraelly, you get your answer and leave my son.”

Arraelly replied, “He’s a good boy, Mrs. Manwell. He is worth fighting for. Don’t you worry, but I hope to fight for my own children one day. I will leave.”

Mother then turned back to me to say, “I am weirded out, Blake, but you’re my son. I will deal with this. If you need help, come to me. I know you have the Torks, the FBI, and probably others, but I am your mother. You come to me.”

I looked to Arraelly to ask, “What are our plans?”

She answered, “We need to find Honnider. If anything, we are going to look at the previous hideouts for him and see if he left any technology around.”

Mother asked, “And when are the FBI supposed to arrive?”

“They should be here about eight. Blake needs to eat, because we need me to be in charge of the body.” Arraelly looked to me as she explained, “Blake, we are going to be meeting with Mrs. Pritchard and her lawyer, and really do not want them to know about you. We thus need you in the background. Doing it that way also gives me some options I do not have when I have the brooch.”

Mother added, “Listen to her, Blake.”

I found it strange to have mother supporting Arraelly, although had no problem in replying, “Yes, I will.”

Arraelly then said, “I took a bath last night, but I need to get myself presentable. Give me the brooch.”

I had been given the object to enable Arraelly to speak properly. Handing it to Arraelly I saw her become even more substantial. She smiled at me, then rose while speaking to me.

“I won’t be long. You will need to do what you can when I come out.”

I replied, “But no one is going to see me.”

“When speaking with Mrs. Pritchard and her lawyer, but I am not going to keep you confined, Blake.”

Mrs. Manwell said, “I want you looking nice for whoever does see you, Blake.”

Arraelly did not take up too much time. When I came out, I however found it strange to find her looking in the drawer where I had placed her clothes. When I asked her about what she was doing, she took out an outfit.

“This is my Melanie Morcock outfit.” Not knowing what to say, I was glad to hear her say more. “I thought I left it with the Torks, expecting it to be thrown away.”

I could only say, “I guess they returned it.”

From the door I heard mother say, “I found it on your bed one day, Blake. It would not fit Wendy, and not anything I remembered buying for her, so assumed it was Arraelly’s.”

Arraelly said, “These are my clothes, Blake. I mean the ones I wore coming to your world. They are probably connected to us just like the rest of me.”

I had to ask, “Are you saying that you should wear them?”

“No; I mean not as they are. They changed like I did, so I am thinking that maybe we can change them into something else.”

“I don’t want you to change, Arraelly.”

“That’s sweet, Blake. While this is not my real form, it has helped me relate to you and others. Still, I was thinking of having it appear as something close to my actual police uniform.”

Felix had to ask, “With a mask and cape?”

Arraelly smiled at him while replying, “With boots so I can kick you real hard.”

Mother said, “I will support her on that.”

“Well, it’s not something we should concern ourselves with right now. Have you ate, Blake?”

I had not. Seeing the time, Mother helped fix me something before the FBI arrived. I had not finished eating by the time the car drove up into the driveway, but I quickly devoured what I could before heading to the door with Arraelly.

The agents would not allow us to just leave. They came in to speak to my mother. I gained the impression that they had suspected some concern on the part of my parent from things that happened while Arraelly spoke to them during the night. I did not believe Mother had met them, but she greeted them with an indication of knowing them a little better than just a simple introduction. Mother told them of confronting Arraelly and me earlier, but being satisfied with what she heard and saw. The agents assured her that they wanted things resolved, although would see about including her should things not end as neatly as everyone hoped.

When we left there was a good bit of discussion concerning the cage fight. Having been present, I enjoyed the conversation. It seemed that Arraelly had a better seat, and knowledge of the other fighters. I still knew enough to take part in the discussion, although went silent when Agent Wilson suddenly became serious.

“Blake, you were there, but there could have been a number of reasons why. It helped that Fernando Freight Train put some emphasis on Arraelly, as it kept anyone from suspecting things about her. No one knows about your importance to Arraelly, and we do not want anyone to know. Listen to Arraelly. Do what she tells you, and hopefully we can keep you from any harm now or in the future.”

I replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“Honestly, I would love to have the connection you have to her. Should be good thoughts for the rest of your life, but it is not natural.”

“It is strange sharing a body with a girl.”

Arraelly said, “I couldn’t be sharing a body with a better person, Blake.”

Seeing us come into town, I asked, “Do you want to take over now, Arraelly?”

“Listen, Blake, you can just give me the brooch and stay in the car.”

Agent Wilson said, “The reason we did not suggest it was to assure that no one saw Blake.”

“It would be a lot weirder if Blake suddenly took back over the body. Your windows are heavily tinted. He should be able to stay here and not gain any notice.”

I had to admit, “I have my phone. I can just play games on it.”

Agent Norwood said, “I agree with the severity of something causing Blake to take back over the body. You are going to record the conversation, so I can stay in the car as well.”

Arraelly said, “Just be good, Blake.”

I replied, “Playing games is what I usually do on Saturday anyway, Arraelly.” Hoping to put the adults at ease, I added, “Plus, the last time you met with Mrs. Pritchard and her lawyer, you weren’t that long.”

Agent Wilson said, “We cannot promise the same, Blake.”

“I’ll be all right.”

Agent Norwood spoke her support, “And I’ll be right here.”

I gave Arraelly the brooch. She actually took a moment to check her appearance in a mirror supplied by Agent Norwood. Arraelly then gave me a kiss on a cheek, and with a promise that I would be good she got out of the vehicle.

The two FBI agents checked their devices. Assured that the conversation would be picked up and recorded, Agent Wilson left the car. Agent Norwood told me to be good, then also left the vehicle. I heard her mention that she would just do a survey of the surroundings, and I saw Agent Wilson shrug. As he and Arraelly moved to enter the building, I heard the report of a rifle and saw Agent Wilson go down.

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp27
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