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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp28

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp28   March 31st 2017, 12:36 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-Eight

I did hear Agent Norwood mention she was wearing a vest, but left any care for her in the hands of Agent Wilson. Without any hesitation I took off across the street in the direction of the one that fired. Going across the street I found myself needing to remember that I had the brooch, so had some substance. I looked up thinking to drop the item, but did not accepting that my unsubstantial movement was not that great. Not seeing any method of climbing the wall, I rushed inside the building.

Seeing myself in a clothing store, I screamed out needing access to the upper floors. They stood around as if in shock, so I rushed through the display area. Just racks of clothes and boxes on metal shelving could be seen after passing through a door. I rushed not seeing any stairs or holes in the ceiling. Realizing that I was not in a water environment, so could not swim up, I looked for some other means of ascending. I found a door that had the word ‘Stairs’ written on a sign attached to it, but stopped realizing that it was locked. Kicking it did no good. I however noticed that the door had a space between it and the floor large enough to slide the brooch through. I did that, and without the item in my possession I became insubstantial. After passing through the door, I picked back up the brooch and smiled knowing that I now had access to the upper floors.

There were no signs of the upper floors being used. Coming up the stairs I saw a hallway with doors. Not seeing any disturbance in the dust on the floor, and remembering that the shooter had been higher in the building, I set myself to go on up the stairs. Before I moved, I heard movement on the upper floor.

Some shooters would hold their place thinking they would not be found. Most however quickly sought to escape in the confusion after someone was killed. Those who fired weapons at a distance tended to be methodical, as it took a sense of calm to assure that the aim was true with all conditions between the end of the barrel and the target accounted for. They also were proud of their weapons, so made certain to take them with them. I heard no indication of this shooter being in a rush, but moving from his place in a manner of having planned his escape.

Without any fear I rushed up the stairs to surprise the man as he left a room. I believe he intended to head to the stairs and possibly escape by moving over the roofs. He definitely did not expect me. Using a move I had practiced in sparring with Fernando, I brought the man down. After kicking away the satchel that held his rifle, I then directed some more attacks upon the man. With him showing no signs of moving, I chanced moving to a window and yelling out that I had the shooter. Hearing shouts in return, without any fear of having the man escape I moved in a manner of being prepared to again send harm to the one on the floor.

It took some time for the police to show up. The man tried to escape a couple of times. He however did not have the size, strength, or training of Fernando, so I easily managed to keep him under control until the police showed up.

An FBI agent that I had only met over the internet showed up with the local officers. I did have some who recognized me from the earlier situations with Lorither, but Agent Blackman helped assure that no one troubled me. I did give a detail of my actions. No one directly questioned how I managed to get through a locked door, although some looked at me when they did question the shooter about how he had gained a place in this building. Agent Blackman assured the local police that they would be sent a copy of my statement before escorting me away.

As we started out of the building, he said, “There is a desire to go ahead with the meeting, but there is a hope we can take Blake home.”

I replied, “I still have the problem of needing to stay within a certain range of him.”

“We are thinking to have the meeting at the police station. There is a youth program to occur there, and we can have Blake participate in that.”

I had to admit, “That actually sounds sensible.”

“You’re coming with me. Don’t worry, Agent Wilson will have his car follow to assure that we do not separate the two of you.”

I chatted with Agent Blackman while riding to the police station. We had spoken over the internet, so easily skipped some opening introductory statements. I mostly just told him what I planned on putting into my statement with him agreeing as we pulled up at the police station.

Being showing into a meeting room, I saw Mrs. Pritchard rise while saying, “You seem to be quite a lady, Officer Arraelly.”

I replied, “Well, this life suits me. I hope you find satisfaction with your line of work.”

“Work, maybe, but not with my life considering the way my husband is acting.”

“It is my hope that both of our lives can be returned to normal.”

The lawyer said, “This incident however might complicate that.”

I took a seat while saying, “I really hope not, although I fully understand why it will. Still, I feel that we have support to do all we can to rectify everyone. What I would desire is your cooperation in helping locate your husband.”

Mrs. Pritchard replied, “What I would desire is more of an explanation of my husband’s situation.”

We both turned as the door opened. Officers came in with a phone and equipment. While the humans had wireless communications, this phone had wires. I watched as they set it up, turned some devices on, and did some checks before it rang.

Gaining a signal for me to answer it, I did with it actually surprising me to hear Honnider using our native language. “*Officer Arraelly, just how much trouble am I in?*”

“*I was actually wondering that myself until this recent incident. I am sorry, Honnider, but this shooting cannot be blamed on Lorither.*”

“*Yes, I was scared you would see it that way. Give me some hope, Officer Arraelly.*”

“*Speaking of hope, Honnider, let me say that I am right now talking to your wife.*”

There was a pause, then he asked, “*You’re not planning on going home?*”

“*That’s why I need you to be sensible, Honnider. At this moment, I believe I can while you cannot. You are however the smart one, so I feel that you are my hope as well as your own.*”

“*Listen, Officer Arraelly, I have never been one to trouble you. I even helped you on occasions.*”

“*You have also not been one associated with attempted murder, Honnider.*”

Again I waited out a pause, then he said, “I am not turning myself in, Officer Arraelly. Let me say that I am not running, as I do want to help you get back home.*”

“*Where’s the device?*”

As if I had asked the question he had hoped for, I gained a quick reply. “*Listen, Officer Arraelly, I know they are tracing this call. We both however know the problems with mobile phones. I will turn this one off. When it comes back on, it will be at the device. Use it to let me know how I can help.*”

“*Sounds like a –*“ There was no need to say anything more, as the call ended.

Mrs. Pritchard’s lawyer asked, “What did he say, Officer Arraelly?”

I answered, “He sounded like he wanted to distance himself from the shooting, but accepted it as his responsibility. He is willing to help, but in a distant sort of way.”

One man who had stayed in the room, but did not wear a police uniform, asked, “Can you say more than that?”

“Yes. He said when the phone he used came back on, it would be found near the device that brought him and me, and Lorither, into all this. He said we could then use it to speak to him further.” I looked at Mrs. Pritchard as I added, “It seems that he wants to go home as well, so it might be possible to give you your husband back.”

She replied, “I was questioning your statements about him being possessed, but I am very certain he did not know whatever language you were speaking.”

“Yes. I can assure you that there would be no way of him knowing it without being possessed.” I then thought to turn her thoughts toward solving the situation. “Listen, this device is what started things with your husband, or his body. While I am interested in it, it should also give the authorities a starting point to work out all the steps with Lorither, your husband, and all the others who worked with them. Hopefully, not only can I go home, you get your husband back, but everyone here can get some closure. We all win. Will you help?”

The lawyer said, “With that type of promise, I feel that my client would become the bad guy if she did refuse.”

“Let’s not talk like that.”

Mrs. Pritchard said, “Yes, let’s not. I will cooperate in any way possible.”

As the two ladies left, I turned to the one that had spoken earlier to say, “I will give a translation to the phone call along with my other statements.”

“That would be expected,” he replied.

“What I need you to do is provide me with the statement you gained from the shooter.”

“It was a federal agent that was shot, Officer Arraelly, so the feds are handling that. I will be waiting for that statement along with yours. Hopefully, we can further wait for copies to be made to exchange with everyone.”

I looked back to the devices in the room, then asked, “Could I use a dictation device? I am not the best with your written language.”

“I’ll take your statement myself, Officer Arraelly. That way I can assure that you answer my questions.”

I did not answer all of his questions. While I did all I could to relate every action, I did leave out some details. When I mentioned that I simply went through the door to the stairwell, the man wanted to know how I went through the door. I replied in a manner letting him know he would not get an answer to that question.

“I’m Spirit Girl. My superpower enables me to go through doors.”

“Can you demonstrate?”

Determined to keep myself from showing the brooch, or have my connection with Blake made a statement of record, I simply replied, “Not right now. You either accept that I can do it, or make up your own rationale on how I did it. The fact is that I did it.”

He smiled while saying, “Spirit Girl, huh? Have a costume?”

“Would it have made any difference if I had captured the shooter wearing a costume?”

“No, but it might have protected your secret identity.”

“I’m not from around here, so I consider it all right. Just keep me away from the cameras.”

“You were in front of the cameras with Fernando Freight Train.”

I could not help but smile myself as I replied, “That was fun. I am so very glad that he won. Used some of the moves I used in training him in stopping the shooter. If you want me to demonstrate those, I would be willing.”

“No, Officer Arraelly, I am satisfied with what you are telling me.”

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp28
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