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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp29

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp29   April 5th 2017, 12:54 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-Nine

Everyone was so worried about me during the day. Yes, I had seen Agent Norwood shot, but she had been wearing her vest and was all right. She spoke of feeling sore, but otherwise in good condition. While everyone was worried about me, I found myself worried about Agent Norwood as they took her in an ambulance to the hospital.

I was proud of Arraelly for capturing the guy that shot Agent Norwood. Hearing that she had gone through a locked door had me pleased that she had used her superpower. Hearing everyone speak of her cooperating with the police had me pleased to be associated with Arraelly.

It was strange when they brought a device to me and had me listen to her conversation with Honnider. They wanted to know if I could understand the speech. I could, although it was odd in the manner I translated it. I basically just repeated what I heard, but found it strange that those listening could understand me.

I spent the day learning about police work with some students from another school, but as I ate lunch I found Arraelly and Officer Tarkenton show up with her saying, “Guess what, Blake? I am now a recognized agent of the FBI.”

I replied, “I have been learning about police work as well, and they give me this.”

My badge was probably fake, but it looked better than what I had seen in the stores. Arraelly’s real badge did not look better, although the card stating she was with the FBI looked just like those the real FBI agents would show. We compared what we had been given, then Arraelly looked around before slipping the brooch back to me.

She said, “I am going to walk away, Blake. That way no one sees us leaving together. Go home with Officer Tarkenton.”

I replied, “I am thinking of becoming a cop myself, Arraelly.”

“You be who you want to be, Blake. Listen, we are not finished. We got more to do. Still, for the moment, you can be at home being yourself.”

As Arraelly walked away, I looked to Officer Tarkenton to ask, “What are you doing here? It’s Saturday.”

He replied, “You’re a minor, Blake. As the school official, they called me in. The FBI are trying to limit their association with you as well.”

“Well, I’m glad I came. I had a good day.”

“I’m glad, Blake. You’re a good kid. I’m glad to be helping you instead of the kids I usually have to deal with. Now, let me get you home.”

Hearing Arraelly say the same thing in my head, I told Officer Tarkenton we could leave. On the ride home Arraelly appeared in the rear seat so she could talk about things. Officer Tarkenton was worried about me witnessing the possible death of Agent Norwood. I let him know that she quickly made a sign of being all right, which occurred as Arraelly rushed across the street. I thus knew almost immediately that the shot had not been fatal and the bad guy would be caught. Arraelly thanked me for being so confident in her, and Officer Tarkenton let her know that her reputation being untarnished helped a number of people stay supportive of my involvement in her matter.

The words from Officer Tarkenton had me concerned for what my mother might say. Coming home, I felt relief only seeing Father at the house. He spoke with Officer Tarkenton, thanked him, then as he closed the door he spoke in a calm manner to me.

“It seems you had a rather active day, Blake. I hope you are not planning anything else.”

I was about to say, ‘No,’ but stopped when I heard Arraelly ask about the graveyard. “The graveyard?”

“Yes, Blake,” she said in my head, although father asked, “What about the graveyard?”

Arraelly appeared behind Father, then came around to stand next to me as she explained, “The connection between Blake and me started when he was in the graveyard. That has me wanting to see what might have made the site important.”

Father said, “I can understand that. Okay, let’s go. I hope you can walk.”

“A lot better than I can float as a spirit.”

Father yelled at Felix to finish his chores. My brother was not pleased to see Arraelly going with Father and me, but did not say anything more knowing that it would do him no good. No sooner did we leave our yard, than we looked seeing Dorothy yell at us.

“Blake, Arraelly! Where are you going?”

I waited for her to come to us before replying, “To the graveyard. Arraelly thinks there might be something important there.”

“Makes sense. Can I come as well?”

Father looked to Arraelly as he said, “I don’t see why not, as we are not expecting trouble.”

Arraelly simply replied, “Hopefully not. Shouldn’t be anyone around to cause it.”

When Dorothy rushed to her house to tell her parents, Mr. Tork came out saying that he would walk with us as well. While it felt special to have my Father with me, Dorothy spoke as if our parents were not even present.

I told her that Arraelly was now a real FBI agent, and that I had been given a badge as well, although I did not think it was real, only to hear my father say, “It’s a real badge, Blake. The head of the police force called asking my permission before giving it to you. That number on it is a real number. While no one should consider you a real cop, that badge can identify you. It will also give you enough clearance to stay with Arraelly should she need to move in an administration building.”

Surprised, I asked, “So I can arrest people?”

Arraelly said, “There is more to arresting people than arresting them, Blake. There are statements, and the criminals have certain rights, so I do not recommend that you arrest anyone. Let me also tell you that I caught that shooter without having my badge, and the police treated me properly because I knew what to do. You however have a lot to learn before you become a real cop.”

Mr. Tork replied, “Very well said, Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin.”

“Oh, yes, I am S4.”

She showed us her badge pointing out that her division was stated to be S4. All of us spoke with amazement and some pride about our federal bureau doing that for Arraelly. While we all knew she had been talking with the FBI, for them to give her a badge with that stated as her division however was something we had not expected them to do.

Reaching the graveyard, I listened as my father spoke of our family history while moving to where the graves of our ancestors were located. Arraelly did move about looking for things around the graves. As I was about to show here where I found the brooch, I stopped hearing a man speak to her.

“*Did you find yourself married, Officer Arraelly?*”

She signaled that everything was all right before replying, “*Yes, Honnider. In fact, I have two husbands and more children at the house.*”

“*This is such a strange world. Listen, Officer Arraelly, the phone is inside the shed. I will be waiting for your call.*”

“*Can we contact our world?*”

He had a gun in his hand, but holstered it as he answered, “*Oh, yes. They have been wanting to make contact. They will probably be glad to speak to you. Wish they would have tried to make contact before Lorither came through.*”

“*Are you a wanted man back home? I don’t remember anyone warning me about you.*”

“*No. I have things to tell you about the device. You could call me to ask me my side of the story, or simply to show up so I can go home. If you are calling to arrest me, I am going to assume the worst.*”

“*Let’s not go there, Honnider. Listen, be working on your statement. It will help, and at least will provide the authorities here with closure.*”

He began to walk away while saying, “*Already working on it, Officer Arraelly. You should know me well enough to trust that I believe in the paperwork. Be waiting for your call.*”

Mr. Tork stepped up to ask, “That was Honnider?”

Arraelly answered, “Yes. He sounded rather depressed. I was glad that he stopped to talk.”

I said, “Arraelly told him that she had two husbands.”

My father asked, “And he believed her?”

“He said this was such a strange world.”

Arraelly informed them, “He also said that the device was inside, and those of my world were trying to make contact. Let’s wait for Honnider to get away, then we can check it out.”

I guess to allow time to pass, Mr. Tork asked, “Blake, you understood what they were saying?”

I answered, “Yes, Sir. Arraelly can understand us, and I can understand her language. At least the spoken word. I doubt I could read her writing.”

Arraelly spoke of having a police officer take her report, because she was not any good with our written language. Father had not seen any examples of how she wrote things, but Mr. Tork and Dorothy chatted about the differences in our alphabet and styles of writing. The conversation on the written languages allowed enough time to pass that we felt it safe to proceed to the shed.

The shed was locked, although my father looked around and found the key. There was not much inside. We assumed the cage had been left simply because it was too large and heavy to easily move. Some electronic equipment was around a crystal ball discolored in the same manner as the gems in my brooch. Arraelly looked at the instruments, then hit some buttons as if recognizing what they did.

She simply spoke without seeking a microphone. “*This is Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin.*”

There were some odd sounds, then I heard, “*Officer Arraelly? This is amazing! Are you alive? I mean, are you healthy?*”

“*I have a lot to tell. Lorither is dead. My mission is over. Would like to know the possibility of coming home.*”

“*I have no status, Officer Arraelly. I am merely Clerk O1 Benamel Nollison. I am going to have to contact my superiors.*”

“*Tell them the science did some strange things. I will need someone who can answer some rather disturbing questions.*”

“*Uh, Officer Arraelly, are you healthy?*”

“*I would say that I am, but also that my situation is complicated. I will be waiting Clerk Benamel.*”

I felt myself start to get teary as I asked, “Will you be going home, Arraelly?”

“I hope so, Blake.” Seeing the water in my eyes, she hugged me then said, “Not just going home, but letting you return to your life. You’re a good kid, Blake. I hope we can stay in contact.”

“I liked having you in my life, Arraelly. You’re a fantastic person. I can now tell everyone that I really knew a real superhero.”

My father asked, “Is that what they said, Arraelly? Are they going to enable you to go back home?”

“That was just a lowly clerk. He will need to get some superiors, and there is no telling how long that will take. However, I am going to stay here. I am sure that I will need Blake to go home, so will call.”

She smiled, then picked up a phone and pressed a button. “*It’s going to take time, Honnider. It was a Clerk O1 that I spoke to. No telling when I get someone that I can actually speak with.*”

I barely heard the reply, “*Thanks, Officer Arraelly. Keep me informed.*”

She then pulled out her badge, then entered a number written on a card slipped inside. She told the one that answered where she was and that she would stay on location. Arraelly did not request backup, but the voice on the phone said that she would have someone with her.

My father said, “I will try and check on you in the morning, Arraelly. Might bring breakfast.”

She replied, “I really have not needed to eat.”

“I might sit and eat while talking with you. My wife has been able to spend time with you, but I guess I need to before you rush off.”

Mr. Tork said, “It would be wrong for me to dishonor your presence in my life, Arraelly. I might help you keep this vigil.”

Arraelly replied, “Travel on my world is dangerous. No telling how long I might have to wait.”

“You’re not alone, Arraelly. You have come to our world and made friends. I would do wrong to everyone on this world and yours not to honor that. Dorothy, go home and tell your mother where I am at.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp29
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