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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp30

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp30   April 10th 2017, 12:53 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Thirty

Along with Agents Norwood and Wilson, Mrs. Pritchard showed up. She only spoke of wanting to see things. She mentioned this being the home of her mother, which had not yet sold. Learning it had been taken off the market, she had become interested in what might have happened to it. She saw the crystal ball speaking of it as something her mother had used at periods in her life when she claimed to have psychic powers. The cage is however what interested her, and when Agent Wilson called it in we had people from animal welfare show up.

I enjoyed the company, and had almost forgotten why we were present when we heard, “*Officer Arraelly, I am transferring a call to you.*

Another voice then said, “*Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin, this is Physicist S3 Mosork Thesallat. I am going to be coming to you, but I would like to know the seriousness of your situation.*”

I replied, “*Physicist Mosork, I am seriously on another planet and I would seriously like to come home.*”

“*It was my father that established the science, but no one expected it work. It was shut down.*”

That was a response that actually did not surprise me, so I calmly replied, “*I have Tech S5 Honidder Stovichet on this planet with me. I am suspecting he is responsible for what happened. It is possible to have you contact him, but he has worked with the criminal Lorither Bommardy.

“*S5, there is no S5, and S4 designation is supposed to be temporary.*”

“*Give a reason to know about Honnider, and you will be informed about him. Let’s just say that he is good.*”

Another voice, one I recognized, said, “*Officer Arraelly, I assume you have again proven your own capabilities.*”

“*Yes, Officer A3 Carmish Hepton.*”

“*Good, you recognized me. Now, how is your health and situation?*”

“*Both good, but both complicated. My assumption is that I was broken down into a wave complex, then transferred to this planet. However, on this end the pattern was overlaid on a lifeform. Honnider and Lorither were both merged with the lifeform, and basically had their intelligence replace the mind of the one in charge of the lifeform. In my case there was a crystalline object involved, so my identity is separate from the life form I am entangled with. It is thus my opinion that I can come home.*”

There was a pause, then he asked, “*Is there a transmitter on your end?*”

“*If there is, I do not know how to activate it. I am hoping you know the capabilities of what is before me. My other option is to call in Honnider, but he has spoiled his reputation here.*”

Physicist Mosork asked, “*How is the situation with the local creatures?*”

“*Very good for me. They are intelligent, but with a very different culture. They are descended from a land type of predator species, and have control of their planet. They are good people however, and I am enjoying their company.*”

“*How many are with you?*”

I turned and told everyone to say, ‘Hi.’ They did with some introducing themselves. I knew those on the other end would not understand the language, but I turned back to speak accepting that those back on my world knew I was not alone.

“*This is Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin, and I am with a number of others.*”

Officer Carmish asked, “*Are you in danger, Officer Arraelly?*”

“*Not from those around me. I was instrumental in stopping Lorither, and have made friends. However, my connection with the local life form is with a youth, and they would like to restore him.*”

Physicist Mosork said, “*Officer Arraelly, it will take us time to get to the device that sent you. While it was in the city, it was in a rather abandoned area that had suffered from predators. You should know this.*”

“*Yes, but I was committed to apprehend Lorither. I followed him.*

Officer Carmish said, “*I will do what I can to get him there safely, Officer Arraelly. It will take time however.*”

“*Just as you had Clerk Benamel on station, I should stay on station or have someone here. Hopefully, the next time we speak you can offer me hope.*”

After signing off, I turned to the group to say, “I have a scientist coming to the device on my end. My world has its dangers however, and the device is not in the best part of town. It will take time.”

Everyone spoke of their amazement to have had a conversation with those from another world. I did not consider their words to have been a conversation, although stayed quiet thinking those of my home world probably thought the same. I just tried to find peace in the amazement that I might be going home.

Mr. Tork asked, “Feeling anxious, Arraelly?”

“No,” I answered. “Just my usual thoughts about what I would do next. My S4 status is not permanent. I could go back to regular duty.”

“You could become an ambassador of your world to ours.”

“I believe those of my world and this one will be studying this technology. I have the impression that it was not supposed to work, and both of us will not be pleased with how it did work. Where the development goes, and how long it takes to get there, might be more time than our lives will last.”

“We will still need to stay in contact, Arraelly. We need people to assure that we stay at peace with each other. Let’s not have our people in the future meet as enemies.”

I had to agree. “Especially not my people. We are a prey species, but live by being really vicious to the predators.”

“We can just be vicious, so I would recommend that you do what you can to keep our worlds relating to each other.”

“Until I came here, I never really thought of myself as a family person. I however found myself relating to Blake, his family, your family, very well. I am thinking I could make a good mother.”

“Yes, Arraelly. Don’t let what you have die with you.”

I turned hearing others mention the late hour. Those with me spoke of keeping a presence in the shed. Most spoke of me needing to get rest. Mrs. Pritchard allowed that she could open up the house, and with it providing some comfort many agreed to spend some hours on the property with me.

As most left, I suddenly reacted to a sound before hearing a number of vehicles react. Some sound of metal striking metal could be heard. A couple of car alarms went off. Those leaving reacted, as did I.

Sounds of men laughing along with speaking insults to the police could be heard over that of a truck speeding away. Watching as they drove away, I sought my mind for information of the roads. Lights and sirens went on as police realized that their cars were still operational.

Thinking that criminals on this world, especially inebriated ones, could be as stupid on this world as they were on mine, I took off running. I felt that there was no reason to allow those who had possession of the gravity device to get away because no one thought of moving toward one possible path of flight. Reaching the place I had suspected to be along a possible route of the criminals, I smiled hearing the roar of a truck thinking that without being able to move up and down figuring out the possible movement of people was not that difficult.

I found a large piece of concrete, and waited until the right moment to throw it. Hearing glass shatter I smiled as the truck came to a stop. As the men cursed me with one manning the gravity device while others drew guns. Hearing sirens, I dropped the brooch to become spectral hoping that I could simply keep them bothered until substantial forces could arrive. I found them indeed troubled as they shot bullets toward me without disturbing my ghostly presence.

The men also heard the sirens, so screamed to those in the cab to drive off. There was a crash as the windshield was sent from its place, then I could only watch as the truck roared off. I went back to retrieve the brooch as sirens passed me hoping to apprehend the men causing mischief.

Coming back on the property with the shed, Agent Wilson met me to ask, “They reported that the truck had stopped, what did you do?”

I answered, “Threw a piece of concrete and broke the windshield.”

“Must have a good arm.”

“You would be surprised how many people do not think of simple solutions when facing difficult problems.”

“Not that many people could accurately throw something heavy with force.”

I could not deny what he said, so replied, “Okay, I guess that I have a good arm.”

He laughed, then asked me about baseball. Not being able to travel with a degree of safety, our world did not have sports like they did here. Just to pass the time I spoke with Mr. Tork and Agent Wilson about the sports of my world and theirs. Hearing them both mention wanting me on their local baseball teams, I did what I could to learn of the sport.

I did find myself taking a nap. While I did not feel any urge to eat, and knew anything that passed inside me would simply drop through, I found a weariness come over me as the hours passed. Seeing another FBI agent replace Agent Wilson, I trusted that a fresh mind would be watching over things in the shed and settled in a corner to take a nap.

It was the loud voice of Agent Norwood that woke me up. Seeing light outside, I rose realizing that I had slept for longer than I desired. Agent Norwood saw me moving, and simply voiced a reason for her to disturb me.

“You have a visitor.”

I did not have to go anywhere, but Mrs. Pritchard stepped in to ask, “Officer Arraelly, how well do you know Honnider?”

“Rather well,” I answered. “I worked with him on a few cases. Being S4, the missions I had were rather above-the-normal, and Honnider was a good source of information for the obscure and state of the art stuff.”

“So, he’s not evil?”

“He fixates on the money. You pay him, and he will do as requested. He was implicated on some crimes, but only as an accessory. I know that in my dealings with him he knew he would get paid, so I never had an issue with him. According to reports, an evil person could deal with him in the same manner.”

“He called me last night. Spoke of accepting his place as my husband should it come out that he cannot go home.”

I thought about minor things I knew about Honnider, then said, “He was married. Her name was Luthrell. She got really sick, and Honnider was implicated in her death. It however came out that he tried a very unorthodox ‘cure’ on her, and it did not work. Since her disease was terminal, the case was dropped. I believe he had two children with both going to relatives. That is not unusual, as we live such sheltered lives that it is actually considered good to put children together where they can interact with others.”

“Clifford and I have not had any children yet. We were fixating on the money as well. I thus feel that I could get along with – Honnider?”

I smiled as I said, “Yes. Stovichet was his last name.”

She showed pleasure in the information, then replied, “He says that he should be able to get a job working with the technology from your world. There is interest in the gravity wave device those hooligans gained access to.”

“I will not deny that. My problem is why he built it in the first place. There is also the problem of why he is even here. Things are not adding up, but with Honnider there should be a good explanation. Let us resolve some things with him, then if he remains you and him can see if you can work things out.”

“Thank you, Officer Arraelly. I need to go to work, but I wanted to ask these questions first. Can I come by later?”

“I believe this is your property, Mrs. Pritchard. We are here with your permission. Should you want to come on your property, and I am here, we can certainly talk.”

As she left, Agent Norwood said, “You handled that very well, Arraelly.”

“I might have certain liberties as S4, but I also have to deal with people.” I then looked to her as I said, “I however was honest about things with Honnider not adding up. Those in the truck were not the professionals I saw working with Honnider previously. I believe he is behind those drunk idiots using them to show off his weapon in order to get bids from people to have him build more devices for them. We need to stop him before the wrong people start supplying his money and ruining Mrs. Pritchard’s chance of a good life with him.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp30
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