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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp31

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp31   April 15th 2017, 12:58 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Thirty-One

I really wanted to wake up early enough to rush over to where Arraelly was at and check on her. My body however seemed to lack some energy when she was not present, and I slept until Felix shook me away. I thus had to rush in order to be outside to catch the bus.

Dorothy took the seat next to me saying that we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend. The words did please me, although I asked her about her father staying with Arraelly. Dorothy took my hand and held it while softly saying something she recognized about me.

“You feel her gone, don’t you?”

“I think that’s it,” I answered. “It could just be a rough morning.”

“Well, Father says that she is a good thing, and you are to be honored for dealing with her. He told me that he would not resist me should I want to continue to be with you.”

Thinking about a previous conversation with Arraelly, I asked, “Did you like me? I mean, before Arraelly? I told her that you just hang out with us because of some of the things we did.”

“Yes, Blake, I liked you. My family is however a little strict. We however do live close to each other, and I did not find the other girls doing some of the things I liked to do. Knowing my family, it was best to keep a little distance while being with you, Justus, and Tim. I like the fact that you and Arraelly talk.”

“She was not boring at all, and she was nice.”

Justus and Tim came to sit nearby and we spoke of Arraelly. I let them know what had happened. None of my friends spoke of wanting Arraelly to go with Justus again mentioning how he liked the way Arraelly looked.

Dorothy let go of my hand to grab the seat ahead of us as the bus hit what felt like a large bump. There however was then an explosion that sent us tumbling. I held onto the seat with Dorothy, and while we bumped into each other we did not fall as did most other students on our side of the bus.

“Well, that worked out real fine,” came a loud voice outside, “as we really did not want to hurt any of you. A heavy gamble on our part, but we think it will pay off. Now, we are going to be helping you kiddies into another bus. We will help you to a point, but we really are not interested your complaints.”

While I did not have the brooch, I knew that I could contact Arraelly. I thus focused on her after dropping to a safe place. Seeing Dorothy speaking to others, I did all I could to contact someone I knew could help us.

It brought me some comfort hearing Arraelly say, “I’m coming, Blake. Just when you think things are going good.”

“I think they want to kidnap us,” I replied speaking softly.

“Don’t let them on the bus, Blake. You should not have to stall for long, as we are almost there.”

I raised my voice to command, “Don’t let them on the bus! We will have help shortly!”

From a lot closer than I suspected, the voice that had sounded louder when far away said, “Oh, listen to that. We thought there would be a connection. Why pay money for something when you can force them to give it to you for free.”

As I spoke to hopefully let Arraelly know about those who had been hurt as the bus tipped over, we heard the arrival of police vehicles. That had us all believing that help had arrived. As if to spoil our mood, the man who had spoken again used something to amplify his voice as he said some peculiar things.

“Someone with two husbands surely had a number of children. I believe we can make a deal to keep them from being hurt.”

Dorothy said, “Arraelly told that man last night that she had two husbands, and we were with her.”

In my head I heard Arraelly say, “This man was obviously told things by Honnider. That does not help him at all.”

I asked, “Did you hear me mention those hurt?”

“Yes, although seeing the bus it is rather hard to believe that some of you are not hurt. Listen, Blake, I need you to get the brooch. I am limited in what I can do when I have it.”

Looking around, I asked, “Do you know first aid, Arraelly?”

“Not on humans, Blake. I am also about to go into action. Just tell those hurting that we are coming.”

I felt my mind go blank. Trying to shake off the feeling, I looked around at those in the bus with me. Dorothy seemed to understand my expression, as she asked me what Arraelly told me. I simply replied that I felt she had gone insubstantial. Both of us however dropped down as explosions went off with her mind surely as concerned for her life as was mine.

The voice of the man demanded, “Keep back, Cops, or – what?”

I felt the change was due to Arraelly coming upon him in a ghostly fashion, although heard some commotion before the voice of Fernando exclaimed, “A cage fight with no cage. I call this practice!”

We then heard a bang on the back door of the bus with another voice I knew, but did not expect, saying, “Open up, kids. Let’s start getting you out.”

Just to assure the others I knew the voice, I said, “That is Father David.”

I then heard the reports from a gun, then another voice announced, “FBI! Come on, kids. Healthy ones, let’s get you out. We then will have room to get the others.”

Justus went to open the back door to the bus, then jumped out while having to be told to keep his voice down. I worked with Dorothy to help those students who had trouble moving. I guess seeing me not move forward had the FBI agent call me to the back of the bus.

When I approached, instead of telling me to get out he simply reached forward with a closed fist. “This thing is really disturbing, but Arraelly said you needed to hold this.”

No sooner was the brooch dropped into my hand than I heard Fernando exclaim, “ARRAELLY! MY SPIRIT GIRL! Let’s get them, girl!”

Those hurt cried out in pain while us standing again had to quickly grab something for support as an explosion went off. I did not get the impression that the bus was the target, but only that the source had been close. My first thought was that it was intended to hurt the police and FBI, but I worried about others as I heard a voice in my head scream.

“TWIST, FERNANDO!” I then head, “Are you all right, Fernando?” I could not hear what he said, but I guess sensing our connection had Arraelly ask, “Are you all right, Blake?”

“Yes,” I replied, “although it scared us.”

“They shook up their own truck to get us away from it. They are now trying to get in it and get away.”

I heard the roar of an engine. As guns began firing, I grabbed the back of a seat of the bus with the sudden sounds of people and vehicles reacting to what I had to believe was the use of the gravity weapon. What shocked me back into helping my fellow students was hearing Father David roar for us get back to moving.

There were a multitude of police, FBI, medical personnel, and parents present when I finally came out of the bus behind Dorothy. The media was also present, but they were kept away. I saw Dorothy move to her mother, but I was glad to see my father.

Hugging me, he said, “Your mother is nervous wreck, but they would not release her from work. She however made Wendy swear to call her should you end up at the hospital.”

“I’m all right,” I replied.

“I heard you and Dorothy were helping the other students. That was a heroic thing to do, son.”

Just not wanting to talk about the situation, I said, “Dorothy said that we were now boyfriend/girlfriend. She said her parents were okay with that.”

“Then you will need to have her come to our house occasionally instead of you just going over there.”

“She used to do that, back when Justus and Tim would come over to play games.”

“You mean, before Arraelly.” Before I could reply, father said, “Let’s see how things develop, Blake. Come on, let’s get you checked out then home.”

As I walked over to where paramedics were doing general inspections of those of us on the bus, I suddenly felt weak. Father was worried, but I told him that Arraelly must have been giving chase to the criminals and gone past her limit. He looked me over, then directed me to the paramedics while whispering something I expected to hear.

“I agree with your mother about needing to separate you from Arraelly.”

“She’s still a good person. I’m glad to be working with her.”

“The experience has been a good one for you, Blake. There is no denying that. Still, it’s not natural. Let’s get the two of you separated, then we can see what becomes the new normal for our lives.”

I smiled at Dorothy as a doctor wrote a prescription before allowing her to go home. I was also given paper allowing me to get some pain medication and a sedative should I feel the need. The man that worked on me said that once the adrenaline wore off I could feel some damage done, but that with rest I should recover quickly enough. As I walked to my father, Dorothy came over to me letting me know her plans once we got back home.

“I am going to come over to your house, Blake. We can play games together while recovering.”

My father said, “Blake reminded me that you used to come over rather often.”

“It was good that he started coming to my house, but we really do not have the gaming setup that Blake has.”

“That is my gaming setup, but I just work a lot. My wife actually fussed at me when I bought it – on sale and with my employee discount. Seeing how much it gets used, she however has admitted that it was a good purchase. Feel free to come over and play on it, although if I am at home you might have to play against me and not the boys.”

Dorothy and I spoke with my father about the games we had. She actually began to feel like a girlfriend as we spoke about things together. Wondering about Arraelly, possibly her being with Fernando Freight Train, we went home with father.

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp31
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