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 Should God Open a Window: TimeSaga C8 (All 5)

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PostSubject: Should God Open a Window: TimeSaga C8 (All 5)   June 29th 2017, 1:35 pm

Should God Open a Window
TimeSaga:  The Society Story Eight

Chapter One

The Japanese were not certain they wanted the world the database supplied with the name Forlithin.  We found no sign of a portal.  Those of the planet had bombed the world as close to oblivion as possible.  It was now centuries later, so a lot of the radiation had decayed to below safe levels, but the planet provided no infrastructure to help the emigrants establish a new society.  While they knew that there would be challenges, they spoke of wanting a world that presented some graciousness to the new arrivals.

I left them to their decision, and told Captain Iwasaki to head to the world the Americans were considering.  We came out of the Rothman Tube seeing a number of vessels present.  Not only was there an American Flag of Freedom and the Achilles with the military personnel to protect them, but an Irani Flag of Freedom was present as well.

The primary chatter between the ships was a conversation between Brother Haggard, a Baptist minister; Father Abeliard, a Catholic priest; and Muhammid Choreiga, an Islamic mullah.  It seemed that emigrants of both Flags of Freedom ships wanted to settle on the world.  All the religious leaders however felt that a blessing needed to be performed first.  While I gained the impression that all had decided upon a group ceremony, they kept up a chatter attempting to resolve minor differences in exactly how the rite would be handled.

The space station had given us the means of gaining the coordinates to three worlds.  However, two of those worlds had proven to be dead ends.  On one world the only portal opened up to a community where a population of the original citizens of the Nerisus Federation were holding onto their survival.  The other planet, the one the Japanese were thinking on giving up on, had been bombed almost to the point of destroying even the most basic of life.  I thus expected to have them soon arriving to further complicate the religious discussion.  I however had another reason for being present, and set certain members of the crew upon the task of determining if the planet below would give us the means of further advancing to other worlds.

The door to the bridge opened, and I saw Chaos step into the room.  He had admitted to being a male persona to an entity that called herself Saprello, or History in our language.  I saw the connection as the body of Chaos stumbled, only to stop and rise as Saprello.

"Oh, Chablion," she said.

I knew the name of the planet below.  We really had not figured out much of the computer source material of the Nerisus Federation, but simple things like names of the places associated with certain portal connections had been understood.  Recognizing that Saprello identified the planet, I listened to what she said as the persona of History might relate something important.

"This was once a fabulous planet.  I guess it still is, as the plants that helped make the scenery so pleasant is obviously still there.  There were cities there too."

Mary suddenly exclaimed, "I sense a portal!"

Saprello moved to a monitor also showing the image of the globe, and pointed while saying, "It should be there."

"No."  Mary moved to point on the other side of while I felt to be an ocean as she said, "There."

"Really?  I guess that one would still be active.  The wealthy lived there.  That would be a private portal.  It might end up being no better than the one you found on Dogreati."

I had to ask, "Mary, you do not sense any others?"

"No, Debra."

"Well, I guess we have no choice but to check it out."  I looked to Saprello as I asked, "Are you going to again fly our shuttle?"

The persona of History replied, “Chaos will fly the shuttle.  I am present to warn you.  It would be important in the city, but my warning is even more important going into the compound of the wealthy.  The regular people did not know, but the wealthy did.  They wanted the change.  They however understood that they would be transformed into another state, so they would no longer have a desire for the things of the old life.  In an act of extreme arrogance, they funded the project to transform everyone believing it was the only way they could continue to rule over them.”

During the words, I saw Mary react to reach to the controls of a station and access some information.  While she received a wealth of knowledge constantly, the shielding of the vessel and the way certain instruments had their data routed made her unable to access all the transmissions.  Mary however had the intelligence to understand the configurations of hardware and decode the passwords, so could usually gain what information she felt she lacked.

She said, “Yes, Debra, there is a broadcast of the transforming signal active as well, and I believe the source of it is near the portal.”

I replied, “That would agree with other sources that we know.”

Saprello said, “You have been warned.  Chaos will assure that your shuttle is ready.”

“Wait,” I exclaimed.  “We really would like more than warnings of your people.  You are History.  There surely are better things you could tell us.”

“No.  I am sorry, but I see better things in you.  After you end the torment upon my essence, I hope to pass on.  However, I see in the monsters you fight that I might have no future except to continue living.  In that time, maybe just to pass the time, I will speak of my people.  There however also is the reality that you will discover, and learn how to translate, all the wealth of things we stored for our own knowledge and amusement.  I might find myself no longer needed.”

“Friendship is also a need.”


I was shocked by the reaction.  What had been a mature, demure female presence suddenly presented herself as an angry, ugly banshee.  While her actual features did not change, her nature did.  I listened in shock as Saprello made her point in a loud, shrieking manner.

“Shame is as she is because of what we were!  I don’t want to tell you our history, because I don’t want you to repeat it!  Keep doing what you are doing, humans!  I see hope in you!  Please, I see hope in you!  Don’t give me a reason to destroy my hope!”

Really unsure what to say, I was glad to hear a question from Mary.  “Is there a hope?”

Saprello continued to frighten me as she screamed out, “THERE IS NO HOPE!”

Probably feeling embarrassed, she turned and fled the room.  I looked around seeing others also glancing about as if to figure out how to respond.  Accepting what Saprello had said, and that she was the persona of History, I made a decision that I hoped would not embarrass her more.

“Mary, isolate that exchange with Saprello and transmit it through our network.  She meant to warn us, and I want it used as a warning.  Not only for us advancing through these worlds and portals, but for everyone following.  What just happened needs to be seen by everyone.”

Captain Iwasaki said, “I agree with Queen Debra.  Dame Mary, I have people who have the duty to handle certain media duties.  They can be put to work to fulfill Queen Debra’s command while you prepare yourself to travel with her.”

I nodded to show my acceptance of what the captain said, although felt some relief from the recent strong emotions as Mary said while walking with me, “I am so glad I was there to witness that.  I could have seen it over the network, but I doubt it would have the same impact.”

“I hope it does,” I replied.  “The Flags of Freedom have the audacity to move in and claim these planets, but they need to know the risks.  There is a reason these planets, the Nerisus Federation as a whole, is now abandoned.  Rushing forward to claim planets for Allah, for a people, for a belief could end up having the emigrants doomed by what eradicated the population ahead of them.”

Arriving at the room for my team, I heard Lenny say, “Queen Debra, there is a call waiting for you.  Someone from the Japanese Flag of Freedom said they have something to tell you.”

Wanting to give the impression that I did not care what anyone told me, I went to my terminal and activated a link.  The man that worked at his desk was clearly oriental.  With him obviously wanting to finish something before acknowledging my presence, I looked over other notifications without showing any care that someone was ignoring me.

“Queen Debra,” the man finally said, “I thank you for responding.”

“I would have been a hypocrite not to,” I replied.

“Yes, well the reason I wanted to speak to you was concerning your plans to move to the surface of this planet.  As you know, we were considering one planet, but its destroyed state just did not meet with the expectations of most of those wanting to emigrate.  This planet seems viable, and you are going to what was said to have been a resort for the wealthy.  I am asking that someone from my vessel accompanies you to check out this location.”

While I did appreciate the offer, as I felt those who had something at stake should be volunteering to take some risk, I also wondered if they realized some of the problems with the mission.  “You do understand that there is a real danger?”

“She is a member of our military, and she has studied the reports of your previous missions.  While you are correct of the risks, your manner of dealing with them was sensible, well executed, and proven successful.  She feels more than able to work with you without suffering any danger to herself or causing any of those with you to feel a threat from her presence.”

Curious, I asked, “If she is military, why hasn’t she contacted the military squad that has been working with us?”

“She has.  Please check with your brother, Queen Debra.  He can fill you in about the one I am speaking of, and better answer any questions you might have.”

I told the man that I would be back in touch with him, then made a call to my brother.  It surprised me that he did not mention the lady, but simply spoke of having everything ready for the next descent.  When I asked him about the one the Japanese had suggested, my brother made a request of me that I did not expect.

“Debra, call over Chu.”  Since I was with my team, I easily called over my male mechanic, then listened as my brother asked a question.  “Chu, you do not have a female companion?”

Chu showed some nervousness, which might have been embarrassment, as he answered, “You mean other than Fran?”

“Oh, I believe that answers my question.  Chu, there is a Corporal Shion Namasaki interested in you.  She wants to earn her way to working with my sister in order to learn things about you.  I do not know the full story, but before I started giving Debra some information I felt it best to inform you.”

“I know about her.  My family is not pleased that I am spending time with the Chattanooga series.  Shion’s family is not pleased that she is out refusing any companionship, much less male.  My family and her family have slightly conspired to get us together.  I know my expertise, Major Washington.  How would you rate Corporal Namasaki?”

“Considering the Japanese are wanting to settle on this world, or some world, it is proper for them to send someone to work with us.  I cannot, and should not, refuse her.  She however did make certain intentions known to me, and I am making them known to you.”

“One thing I like about Fran is that she does not give me any hassles.  I can work my day here, and forget about my work with Fran.”

I had to say, “But Fran works with us.”

“Yes, Queen, but again there is no hassle.  It might seem strange, but she does not want to work with us.  She wants to provide sexual satisfaction.  She is as glad to get away from work as I am, and more than willing to tolerate whatever I do as long as certain things are included in the time.  I don’t think I can get that from any other lady.”

My brother said, “You should find a difference in someone that has their own interest and who you can relate to.  I am speaking with a lady right now,” I saw my brother look to me and seemed relieved that I stayed quiet, “who I am enjoying being with simply because I can say certain things around her.  I would also recommend that you give Corporal Namasaki a chance simply to satisfy things with your parents.”

“Yes, Major Washington.  I can concede that, but I usually do not go with the away party.”

“That is her problem, and not yours, Chu.  If she does manage to force a meeting, I wanted you aware.”

“Thank you, Major Washington.  I will warn Fran about another possible lady in my life.”  Chu put a hand on my shoulder as he asked, “Do you think Fran can handle it, Queen?”

I replied, “You elected yourself to test things with the Chattanooga series, Chu.  Deal with it and amend your report with what you find.”

“From a programming standpoint, Queen, is she supposed to handle it?”

“She is not programmed, Chu.  There is a real lady there.  She has been handicapped in certain ways, but there is still a real lady there.  Since you are her first, it might be rough on her if you drop her.”

“She’s supposed to be a second woman, Queen.”

“That only puts the weight on Corporal Namasaki, but she also has the maturity to deal with rejection or a multitude of other factors.  Fran simply wants to please you, and being told that she cannot do that anymore, even if only on a temporary basis, might have her react.”

“Well, I’m not forced to make any decision right now.  I will wait on your report of this mission, and your thoughts of Corporal Namasaki.”

My brother said, “I would be glad to sit down and speak with you after the mission, Chu.  I can tell you about Corporal Namasaki, and you can tell me about Fran.  I have people asking me about the Chattanooga series.”

I quickly added, “And you elected yourself to be our authority on the Chattanooga series, Chu.  You speak to Clyde about Fran.”

Chu replied, “I understand, Queen, and I hope to take you up on the offer, Major Washington.”

Feeling the topic covered, I asked, “When are you ready to leave, Clyde?”

My brother replied, “Actually, we’re ready.”

I turned from the monitor to speak to those in the room.  They did not make any discouraging noises upon hearing my orders, but acted as if relieved to finally get the command.  I knew we had done this enough to handle the details, so turned back to the monitor to let my brother know that we would be coming.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   July 4th 2017, 12:26 pm

Should God Open a Window
TimeSaga: The Society Story Eight

Chapter Two

Chu found himself put on the spot faster than any of us expected. As Clyde’s men was assuring things about their shuttle for the journey down, I got a message of a man being allowed to marry his Chattanooga series. I was glad to see the courts in at least one country recognizing the humanity of the androids, although I also knew of the limitations their creators had put on the ladies. While Chu was known in my circle, it surprised me that our planet hopping made my group into celebrities. I found myself having to authorize him for an interview with reporters about the Chattanooga series, and as I did so I sent him a message reminding him that he had not been forced to deal with Fran.

As I spoke with my brother and a few of his men, we noticed a lady in the uniform of the Japanese military come into the hanger. She did not seem that attractive to me, although the military code did not seek to bring out the traits that enhanced beauty. The men were gracious enough to her, although they also did not prevent themselves from making certain comments to me.

“Queen Debra,” Corporal Namasaki said to me, “I was informed of Chu Narharda being requested to speak of his knowledge of the Chattanooga series. Exactly what is his level of expertise?”

I replied, “He is one of my mechanics that work with FER-RON. As you can see, she is rather attractive. I feel that it was his association with one female construct that had him easily accept the presence of another female construct. He has been social with our Chattanooga series, and his treatment of her has not caused any problems. I did stress that whoever dealt with her needed to be open and honest in all matters, as my team gained a Chattanooga series in order to evaluate them. Chu will accept any request for an interview on the Chattanooga series because he made himself an authority.”

“You did not make it his duty?”

“No, I did not. In fact, I stressed what I would do should any of my team develop a close relationship with our Chattanooga series. Chu did begin to care for our android, and I have to give him credit for accepting the responsibilities.”

I believe it troubled Corporal Namasaki that we were present among other men, although she went ahead and asked, “Is she a real woman?”

“She, Fran, is a real woman developed around a mechanical and electrical system. I would call her a girl, as she is really immature, although the process of her creation has that simple mentality in a very mature body. I feel in time that all of the Chattanooga series will develop a normal mentality, although they will still find their bodies unable to resist certain urges or desires from men. Exactly how that affects their personalities is what a number of us are watching to find out.”

“And how about your Chattanooga series?”

Having been told something about Corporal Namasaki caused me to phrase my answer in a manner of mentioning another. “Chu is a very gracious man. Fran actually has become a rather calm presence in our lab, although stays very attentive to what Chu is doing.”

“And how about his relationship with FER-RON?”

“FER-RON is a machine. Fran is not.”

I guess she considered my response to be a dead end to that line of inquiry, as she changed the direction of our conversation. “Queen Debra, my family has been in contact with Chu’s family. I feel a need to learn about him.”

“I am aware. Chu would make a good husband, although he is involved in an occupation that fits his personality. I highly believe that he enjoys his job. I will warn you that any relationship with him will probably require you to accept his occupation.” I then smiled as I said, “Which means accepting me. Chu calls me queen. It’s just a job title. No different than you calling my brother major.”

“You may call me Shion. Look forward to serving under you, Queen Debra.”

I told her to find a place inside the shuttle, then asked my brother about our departure. As expected, he had been waiting for the lady to arrive. While the extra checks were probably good things to do, with Corporal Shion Namasaki on board my brother began having his men also head inside the shuttle.

As on some previous missions, Lenny was present with me. As with last time, he intended to stay on the shuttle, but would make himself available should any need arise. Realizing that Lenny was a member of my team, Shion began to ask him about Chu and Fran. I held my seat while listening to Lenny do what he could to support Chu while admitting that a relationship had developed between him and the Chattanooga series android.

I believe it helped the attitudes of all of us to hear an interview of Chu with a reporter from a major news network. Nothing was said that countered the facts Lenny related. Chu did keep the topic centered on details of the Chattanooga series, and did not allow the interview to delve deeply into his own relationship with Fran.

The reporter did try, although he had to directly ask, “Mr. Narharda, have you had intercourse with your Chattanooga series.”

Chu replied, “I thought I would not. I felt my work around FER-RON, who is a very attractive robot, would enable me to keep a distance with the Chattanooga series sent to my team. Let me admit that there is a great deal of difference in the ways one relates to a machine, which is what FER-RON is, and our androids, of any series, which are human. I found myself accepting our Chattanooga series as a woman, and having to admit that she was a very persistent and willing presence. I had her with me after a long, hard day at work attempting to figure out some things of alien technology, and her presence was highly appreciated.”

“And it has continued?”

“And it has continued. Let me say that our team is rather small, so there are no group of men that I can pass our Chattanooga series off on. She has stayed with me, and I have appreciated her presence.”

Smiling, as if glad to have gotten Chu on a more personal level, the reporter asked, “What are your thoughts on marrying a Chattanooga series?”

“I would desire more from a wife. While sex is nice, and I find the Chattanooga series to have a positive attitude, I want a higher degree of interaction. There is a lot I cannot share with the Chattanooga series simply because she cannot understand. Also, her mind is directed by stimulants to certain hormonal glands to only one thing. After a long hard day at work, I am glad to have a willing partner, but there is more I would desire from a wife.”

“Are you for or against the ruling that those of the Chattanooga series can marry?”

“They are real ladies. Let me stress that I deal with those of the Annapolis series regularly with the prototype, Mary, being considered a part of our team. Those are real ladies, even though they appear as girls. The Chattanooga series are also real women. They should have a prospect of a life like all women, although we also have to understand that the technology that made them focused on them serving a specific purpose. If that is all a man wants in his life, I pity his life even as I am glad that the lady has found someone that approves of her.”

As the interview closed, the soldiers began discussing the Chattanooga series among themselves. A few did ask Lenny or me questions. We both sought quick answers assuredly to prevent any development of the topic. I guess thinking my short replies indicated some anger, one soldier asked something that took me by surprise.

“Did you approve the interview, Queen Debra?”

“Chu was warned he would become an authority on the Chattanooga series if he spent time with the one sent to my team. Why wouldn’t I approve the interview?” I asked in return.

My brother replied, “Because he does not believe anyone would be as rough on their personnel as I am with my own.”

I had to smile at my brother, but tried to keep my tone serious as I said, “One thing that Dr. Beyonce stressed to all of us working on the robot was the reality we would have to face. That fact hit me hard the day FER-RON killed one of those responsible for her creation. I further face it on these missions to open up the universe to the human race. I do all I can to keep my team informed on the reality of certain decisions facing them, but I also make them deal with the reality of their decisions. Chu made a decision, and I authorized the interview with his understanding that he needed to do his part as a result of that decision.”

Clyde sounded out, “That’s my sister!”

After some laughter, Mary said, “Chaos, aren’t we coming down a little fast?”

From the pilot’s seat came the reply, “We have a storm ahead of us, Mary. I am trying to drop beneath the clouds to better see to choose a landing site.”

The pink-haired girl started unbuckling her straps, but then said, “Chaos, those are korlocks ahead.”

While our pilot simply made an exclamation, the one in the co-pilot’s seat replied, “Oh, you’re right again, Dame Mary.”

FER-RON started to undo her straps as she said, “I will go out.”

Lenny managed to say before I could, “You’re built for weightless environments, FER-RON, but you cannot fly.”

I had worked to enable my robot to consider options, so was pleased when she asked, “Could I go out on the plane?”

Clyde replied, “No, FER-RON. The forces in an atmosphere are not like those in space. We however do have weapons. You stay alert for any korlocks that come through the hull. I got men for the ship’s weapons.”

As I saw a couple of soldiers open up panels and prepare for combat, I pulled out my own computer. Lenny did not have his own device out, which is why I reasoned he looked at my own screen. I knew that he had a history of working with combat robots, so had to give him some credit when he spoke about the configuration I had my computer show me.

“FER-RON’s armaments are now formalized, Queen. The only concern Chu and Linda have is with wear and tear, as those interested in the PASSIONs are worried about upkeep.”

Not unwilling to speak with Lenny, I pulled up another program and showed him a number as I asked, “Who’s willing to pay that price?”

He calmly replied, “Very few are wanting a duplicate of FER-RON. Most of the orders I see are for pretty weapon platforms. I used to make combat robots, and at the prices RayWeight is asking I could have made some really good ones. While we have done some good things that I either did not think about, or did not have the money to do, I am not sure PASSIONs made to support police actions will last for long. Those however sent out here to protect populations from korlocks should do as well as FER-RON.”

Shion asked, “What is the difference in police actions and fighting korlocks?”

“Physical harm. Energy weapons and insubstantial opponents are not as rough on hardware.”

Just then Mary sounded an alert of the presence of a korlock. Almost immediately, FER-RON changed the configuration of an arm, then fired. While the amount of energy released was enough to cause some sparks, the metal floor easily dispersed the charge upon it. What also faded was our view of the monster. After Mary spoke of no more korlocks being near, Lenny patted the robot on a shoulder.

“Thank you for proving my point, FER-RON. That energy weapon hurt the korlock, and not our ship. If it had been a physical threat, there could have been substantial damage.”

The robot replied, “I was protecting you from a threat, Lenny. I am however glad that I could help you in other ways.”

Lenny smiled at Shion while saying, “See, that right there is worth paying for.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   July 9th 2017, 10:55 pm

Should God Open a Window
TimeSaga: The Society Story Eight

Chapter Three

The presence of korlocks on the way down had us quickly exit the shuttle upon landing. While they could have been just a few strays in the area, our experience had us believe they were present for some reason. We thus checked our arms as Chaos brought the vehicle to a landing, then we rushed out ready to fight some more.

Shion did not display any unfamiliarity with the weapons. She also obeyed orders without any hesitation. Realizing that there were korlocks in the area, she did what she could to support our actions. Her only fault was not being familiar with us, but that was nothing we would fuss about.

It seemed that she also did not have experience with natural terrain, as after FER-RON returned saying that she could detect no korlocks, Shion asked, “Are these trees normal?”

I had developed and done some early testing of FER-RON on a tropical island. I then fought a couple of engagements with regular creatures in the forest beyond the city on Mission. I knew my brother earned his rank in the military gaining success in a number of settings. We both looked around at the various plants that I felt were large-bodied mimosa trees with thick leaves and violet flowers. When I gave that identification for the woody growths, my brother simply laughed before making his comment.

“I don’t recognize them either.”

Lenny said as he moved back to the shuttle, “We are on an alien planet, so should expect alien trees.”

Mary put our thoughts on our mission by saying, “I can detect the signal, but it is faint. FER-RON, can you move up?”

FER-RON replied, “I will need guidance, Mary, as I cannot detect the signal.”

I had Lenny get me a chair, then sat down with my computer. With a connection to FER-RON, I relayed what Mary told me. Suddenly, we made exclamations upon hearing a strange piercing sound, although found it odd not to see a certain reaction from FER-RON. I checked some things on my computer, then could only ask a question of my robot.

“FER-RON, don’t you hear that sound?”

Over the speaker, I managed to hear, “I am now able to detect the signal, Debra. Have not yet seen any speakers.”

“Pause, FER-RON. There is something unknown that we need to identify.”

I knew the robot would hold her position. As I sought to identify the source of the noise, I looked to Lenny only to realize that he would be no better than me. Hoping that nothing would disturb my robot, I activated a circuit to call other members of my team.

Chu proved that he was an active member of my group as he replied, “What we are getting over the ship’s transmission isn’t complex enough to work any tests, Queen. Can you send me a direct feed?”

I replied, “You are probably not going to get anything, Chu. If FER-RON isn’t hearing it, then it won’t come across.”

“Only one way to know for certain, Queen.” I sent him the signal, then he made another request. “Queen, put me in contact with FER-RON.”

Before I did as requested, I made certain my robot would know that I authorized the connection. “FER-RON, I want you to continue holding your position, but I am going to have you speak to Chu.”

Over the speaker came the response, “I know Chu, Debra. I will speak to him.”

Once the connection was made, I heard my male mechanic say, “FER-RON, we are hearing something that you are not. I need your help to determine where the problem is. I am going to send you the signal we are receiving, and I want you to tell me what you hear.”

It took a few minutes, but I found myself admiring some things my mechanics could get my robot to do. I did remember going over the programming of the routines, but since they were not really a part of FER-RON’s personality they had not caused me to devote a lot of time to the code and I actually allowed Li to write most of the commands. After a few minutes of having FER-RON alter certain things about her range of reception and the position of her head, Chu was able to tell me what we were hearing.

“Queen, I believe this compound is using a sonic protection like the verakiy. It is at a very high frequency, I would say around seventy-thousand hertz, I guess to not bother the regular people or animals. What we heard was a lower harmonic due to some distortion and our type of sound equipment.”

“Sonic protection? That would mean that we have people surviving the very signal we are wanting to shut down.”

“It also means some really good speakers. Tell FER-RON not to destroy them if at all possible.”

Clyde replied, “Debra, tell FER-RON she has my permission to destroy the speakers. If they can send that signal, they can send the other signal.”

“Not necessarily,” I countered, “as the transforming signal actually has a component other than sound. Still, yes, the sound wavelength of the transforming signal is less than seventy-thousand. Still, let us see if FER-RON can isolate a speaker.”

I told my robot to proceed with caution. Clyde voiced a second to my command, warning me that the evidence stated that there could be living people of Nerisus Federation present. I did relay the warning to FER-RON. She stated an acceptance, then not long after spoke her own reason for some caution.

“Debra, there is a very large korlock over the compound.”

Seeing the visuals from my robot, I had to ask, “Chaos, why didn’t we see this?”

He came out of the shuttle muttering, “First you hear things, and now you are seeing things. Whoa,” he exclaimed looking at the monitor, “you must be getting close to the center of the federation to have something like that present.”

The creature looked like some type of plant. It had a long tapering center section I assumed was its body. From near the bottom and top a wide frilly section came out. The angle of FER-RON’s camera made the lower skirt difficult to see, although the top one was easily seen. Associating what I saw with a plant, I asked Chaos about the planet that the creature came from.

“What you are seeing is a Cherisus. It is the other race that joined with the Neriprow to create the Nerisus Federation. The Cherisus are from a gas giant, although still with an atmosphere we could tolerate. Only the young from their world could travel to outer space. Once beyond a certain size, they really could not leave their planet. One of the reasons they supported the transforming technology was due to a belief they could evolve beyond their planetary limitations. The transforming technology was supposed to give them the universe.”

Clyde replied, “I hope you are not saying we should not kill it.”

“I wish that I could say that. No. What we have is just as much a monster as the other korlocks.”

“Debra, your robot has some rather powerful weapons. Why don’t we just have her fire at that thing?”

I replied, “That is an option, Clyde, but I do worry about my robot. The evidence also suggest that I need to worry about possible people in that community. I am therefore going to consider my options.”

My brother opened up the conversation to his men. They basically agreed that we needed to kill the monster, although did suggest things FER-RON could do in order to reduce any possible retaliation. I was glad to hear the voice of Chu join the conversation with an alternate proposal.

“Queen, just because the cameras on the shuttle are not able to register this thing does not mean it could not fire at it.”

Clyde replied, “Now you are risking my men and equipment.”

“Your shuttle has a much higher armor rating than FER-RON.”

My brother had his complaint countered by his men as they spoke of the differences in amount of firepower and maneuverability of the shuttle compared to the robot. What I believe convinced Clyde to allow the suggestions from his men was their strategy of combining the strengths of both. After a period of discussing tactics, Chaos was given his orders to work a flight path while a couple of men went into the shuttle to prepare the weapons and I explained things to FER-RON.

There were cheers when the creature faded from view. It helped that the men in the shuttle found themselves able to see the monster when they switched to thermal radiation. They had listened as I spoke of my robot having a broader range of electromagnetic radiation to see with than a normal human eye. They did not have the capabilities of seeing into ultraviolet, but found that the infra-red setting produced a black image they could target. Seeing the dark patch disappear when their shots passed through let them know the creature was no longer a threat.

I registered FER-RON changing weapons on my computer, then heard the report of a shot before hearing her report, “I have identified a speaker producing the transforming signal and taken it out to assure that it was not one of the sources of the sound.”

After commanding her to wait, I checked the images and other things. My brother and some of his men came over to view the pictures with me. We all commented about the higher frequencies having short wavelengths as the size of the devices producing the non-transforming sound did not appear large at all. After listening to suggestions about gaining a working speaker, I gave some commands to FER-RON.

The explosions sounded loud even from a distance, although we wondered about their true destructive power when she reported, “The speaker is still working. Should I destroy it?”

I heard a number of men speak in support of my command for FER-RON to go around destroying only the speakers broadcasting the transforming signal. As she obeyed, we noticed a movement of korlocks. We all went into combat while I heard of number of men speak of us needing to get into the community to shut down the transmitter.

We had a number of concerns that kept us basically holding our position. The first was the high frequency sound and how it might affect us. While my mechanics and I could not detect any problems with FER-RON, there was a fear that the high frequency also hid the signal that would transform those living. We kept the men alert for korlocks as we held our position attempting to deal with our concerns about advancing to our objective.

Hearing FER-RON report that all the speakers producing the transforming signal had been destroyed did not bring any relief to us. I had her move to the gate that had been identified by a path of specialized payment leading to the wall. We all looked at two large rectangular panels with semi-circular tops that appeared to be of stone. The columns to each side were angled in with tops looking like a strange head like a porpoise that had what appeared to be a crown around its throat. The material between these columns and the doors were possibly red plastered brick, which made up most of the wall around the community. We had FER-RON go back to where she had destroyed a section of the wall to find the material to be parts of what appeared to be thick ceramic panels and not bricks.

One of the soldiers said, “We have explosives. Let’s just blow the gates.”

It was Chu who replied, “Hey, Major Washington, it sounds like you got a volunteer.”

“To blow the gates? Sure.”

My brother said, “No, sergeant, but to go in. Blowing the gates means you want to go in.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   July 14th 2017, 2:16 pm

Should God Open a Window
TimeSaga: The Society Story Eight

Chapter Four

The soldier that spoke asked, “If I blow the gates, why can’t FER-RON go in?”

Another soldier said, “Because it has already been shown that what is inside might be beyond her senses. Dame Mary, will you support me?”

Before any of us could speak some caution to the young lady, she asked, “Do you have an alternate plan?”

“Yes. We should be able to climb that wall. I trust you however to assure that it is safe on top of the wall. We can then get a good view inside. With your advanced sensors, we should be able to determine how to proceed.”

“Even I could not detect that high frequency signal.”

“You can however detect the time signature, and that is what we are worried about.”

Over the speaker came the voice of my male mechanic, “FER-RON said that the speaker was still working. Listen, if it is receiving a wireless signal, Mary should be able to track that signal.”

I had to support Chu. “Or we can. Yes, let’s focus on that speaker.”

Everyone seemed to consider it safe to advance to the speaker. With it transmitting at a frequency much higher than we could hear, none of felt it would be discomforting to be near. I had FER-RON return to the speaker, but finding her reporting no problems we all advanced to join her.

The speaker appeared as a ceramic bivalved seashell. We had seen it on the cameras incorporated into my robot, but in being able to manipulate it the resemblance was very apparent. Some discussed simultaneous evolutions as Mary and I sought to find the transmitting signal. I believe we both recognized the same thing at the same time. The signal for the speaker was not unusual, but simply a steady pulse without any irregularities that usually caught our interest due to possibly being a transfer of information.

As if what we learned eased his mind, Clyde asked, “Dame Mary, any reason I should not send someone on top of the wall?”

She replied, “I am not picking up any time distortion, but there could be other speakers inside.”

“Stockwell, didn’t you volunteer?”

The soldier named smiled as he answered, “That I did, Sir, and I brought rope.”

Displaying a degree of skill, a rope was sent up tied to a grapnel. The soldier then climbed the approximate twelve feet to the top of the wall. While he had maybe a foot of space to rest on, he showed no discomfort as he knelt to look over the community. Displaying some disgust at what he saw, he made a statement about the sight before him.

“Dame Mary, you can tell me that I am wrong, but I doubt we will have a problem moving through the community.”

Clyde asked, “Why is that, Stockwell?”

“Uh, Major, there must have been a lot of people here, but they are all now dust. Some however stayed near the wall, as I have physical remains of bodies beneath me.”

It was Corporal Namasaki that asked, “Why didn’t they flee the city?”

“To go where? They set up the speakers to keep the korlocks out. The monsters must have come in from the portal, so came from within the walls. They could not flee to the portal to go to a safer world, as korlocks would be blocking the way. Fleeing outside the city, beyond the walls, would also make them vulnerable to korlocks.”

I had to ask, “But if they knew sound would work, why didn’t they create weapons? Our first method of fighting the korlocks was by using sound.”

“I guess we humans are the only ones to think of sound as a weapon. The verakiy only used sound as a passive defense, and I guess these people also only thought of it as that.”

Clyde asked, “Stockwell, can you see a path to the gates?”

“I would feel safer coming down, then climbing up near the gates, Major.”

“That would have been my option. Let’s do that, Stockwell.”

We left the speaker. While we suffered no ill effect, we felt it best not to prolong our presence near the intense high-frequency tone. We stayed alert for korlocks or other disturbing wavelengths as we moved to the gates. Soon enough Stockwell left us to drop on the other side of the wall, then I felt we all showed relief when he pushed a gate panel open.

He reported, “They were not locked. Dead bodies up against it, but the people could have left.”

I stepped in, attempting to not disturb the corpses. What I saw appeared to be more of a regular suburb. While I had seen cities with all the buildings over seven stories in height, almost all the structures here were only two stories. They also were very elaborate with fancy ceramic projections and artistic details. I stopped hearing Corporal Namasaki make a comment I felt could be important.

“This looks like something my people would like.”

Clyde replied, “Honestly, these are probably places we would all like to look at. We can probably finally discover what all those pieces of furniture and odd devices actually are.”

Usually a comment like that would have started a large amount of chatter among us and those monitoring us. I wanted to say our silence was due to the immediate presence of those who died. Those of my team, the military, and the science agencies who were tracking us also did not speak, I hoped because they also realized the need to respect our situation.

It was none other than Dr. Beyonce who broke the silence to ask, “Mary, you are not picking up any sign of life?”

The pink-haired android replied, “No, Mommy. I am picking up various signals, but they seem to be wireless modems operating in some of the buildings. Just local networks that were never turned off, and have not degraded enough to be inoperable.”

Chu asked, “No time distortion signal either.”

I replied to that question. “I am actively watching things FER-RON is detecting, and I see no sign of it. We however know where to head, so am staying alert for coming into areas where the signal is present.”

Chu must have tried his own access of the data from FER-RON, as I heard her say, “I am not picking up anything associated with the time-processing signal, Chu. Let me say that previous experience has shown korlocks to be detected in such a manner when they pass through objects.”

Clyde replied, “We are watching for korlocks as well.”

Knowing the Roland was around the planet, it did not surprise me to hear Roy said, “You still have a distance to go. Be careful.”

We could see a tall building ahead of us, which I felt was our objective. It had the smooth, flowing structure of the buildings we had found in other cities. I could not help but think of it as a government building displaying the mindless, dominating presence of the ones that forced the population to be subjected to the transforming wave. While I could appreciate the Japanese wanting the houses for themselves, I found myself believing they would find a way to tear down the tall building in the center of the community.

It was Shion who said, “There aren’t any plants. All around the compound are thick plants, but none inside.”

Suddenly, I heard FER-RON yell, “Debra, something is wrong!”

There were lovely plants around us. I looked at colorful flowers attempting to recognize species I knew on Earth. The trees were tall with a thick covering of green either from their trunks or limbs or as the leaves as the woody growths that I knew. A variety of beings were present, most of which I only recognized as monsters that had threatened us. One of a type similar to humans in appearance, which I now knew to be a Neriprow, stepped forward and began speaking.

Mary supplied the translation, “Welcome to our community. This message is being played because you are not recognized by our system. As you noticed, you were not able to drive your vehicle past a point a block away. Walking is healthy for you, so is encouraged within the central part of our district. If you are in need of a personal vehicle, please keep them from disturbing the movement of others. Sorry, lodeggie, but aquatic arrangements have not been incorporated into this settlement. To our guests, please report to our civic administration and gain a proper clearance. Let me warn you that if you return without being recognized by this system, authorities will be called.”

Suddenly, the view of our surroundings switched back to what I considered reality, and I heard FER-RON say, “Debra, a situation like has happened before suddenly came over all of you. All you all right?”

I replied, “Yes, FER-RON. It was simply a recording welcoming us.”

Clyde was a little more forceful with his voice as he said, “Chaos, I thought adapting your computer systems to us was problematic. That came through real clear.”

Over our speakers the voice of our pilot replied, “Interactive simulations demand a lot more processing than a simple presentation.”

“Still, it shows that you did have the technology to make far more immersive experiences than our movies and games.”

I had to say, “But it also uses time manipulation. We should have been aware of it.”

Mary replied, “It however was not on any network. The device was still active, but had been taken off line in order to power the signal to the speakers. I believe if it had been on line, it would have transmitted information of us to the central network.”

Clyde asked, “So, we got lucky?”

“Yes, although if it had been on the central network, I would have detected it. Only those speakers connected to the source transmission will carry the transforming signal.”

“Well, let us know in plenty of time to avoid becoming korlocks.”

“I detect the signal, but not any speakers.”

“FER-RON, Sweetie, keep advancing in the lead.”

As we went back to moving, Shion moved to me to ask, “You programmed your robot to respond to ‘sweetie?’”

I replied, “Clyde is not the only man to use the word, and Dr. Beyonce made it clear that she wanted her robot to look and act as much of a woman as possible. Women need to be able to handle a man calling them sweetie.”

“I might have had her respond in a more physical fashion.”

Mary said, “Then my mother was right to have Debra program FER-RON, and not you.” I believe Shion or others might have made a comment, but then Mary said, “Uh-oh. Something activated.”

We went alert, then heard a number of sounds. Most were mechanical of metal gears turning and heavy objects moving. Seeing what appeared to be robots coming into view, I heard my brother give orders to his men. All I could think of was the wear and tear that would be done to my robot with these very physical threats, although had FER-RON go alert letting her know that she could be needed.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   July 19th 2017, 5:02 pm

Should God Open a Window
TimeSaga: The Society Story Eight

Chapter Five

Suddenly I had both of my male team members speaking to me. Chu was asking for good images to let us know how to render the robots inoperable. He spoke of having studied the almost pure metal robots of the okagaki, and having figured out how to disable them. Lenny was speaking of checking for the signals enabling the mechanical creatures to attack with some type of strategy, and either preventing the transmissions or altering the signal to have the robots work for us. I did not stop either of my male team members from talking, although I did pay attention to what my brother was instructing his soldiers to do.

It caught all of us by surprise when the mechanical units stopped and took a stance that clearly had their weapons pointed up. I did hear something, but I focused on watching the robots wondering about what they were doing. I believe it caught all of by surprise when Mary advanced letting us know what had been said.

“They simply told us to advance to the central civic building. I believe the robots were activated to fight korlocks.”

Clyde replied, “They did a horrible job of that.”

“Yes, but at least they still recognize what is not a korlock.”

“What keeps them from thinking that we are different type of threat?”

One of the soldiers, the large black man called Freckles, replied, “Our good looks, Major.”

“God help us.”

I had to ask, “How would they recognize a korlock? Mary, you and FER-RON recognize them by their disruption of the time signature.”

She replied, “They had the technology, Debra. They did not use it as we did, but they did use it. I however believe those robots simply identified them by sight. Let me add that they will probably consider us a threat if we do not proceed to the central building.”

Clyde said, “Well, I guess, but since we know that is a source of one of our troubles – Debra, I want you to have your team continue to try and find those signals and disable them.”

Mary started into a discussion with Chu and Li. It seems that they had already recognized part of the signal, so only needed some help in figuring out how to lock on it. Mary had been created to receive a grand amount of information, then trained on how to decipher it. She managed to help them gain a good consistent read of the transmission operating the robots, but then all discussed things about the signals and the language of the Nerisus Federation in order to translate it.

It did help our mentality not to see the robots react to us. While we did head in the indicated direction, I still expected some command to speed up. Another concern was what they would do if we had to fight korlocks. Luckily, we approached the central building without seeing the monsters, although again worried about how the robots would act when we did not immediately go inside.

I heard a sound from Mary, so asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Uh, no,” she answered. “My only problem is that all our experience says that the device should not be on the ground floor. The buildings on Mission have their common room on the third floor or higher. The portal we found on Mission was beneath ground level. The other portals we found were not in easily accessed areas. I am reading that this portal and transmission is however –“ she moved in order to point through a window, “through those double doors.”

“FER-RON, you should know what to do. Note that we are watching monitors and other signals, so should you have problems we can direct you.”

My robot replied, “Yes, Debra,” before heading into the building.

We watched as she shot about the front room to disable speakers. As Mary had pointed out, this building had a large room directly behind their front doors. The buildings we knew only had a hallway possibly with a guard station where those entering could be check and directed. The furniture I saw through windows and the cameras on FER-RON had been moved about with some I believe having suffered damage, but the impression was of a usual friendly welcoming station. We however turned our attention away from the monitors as we suddenly heard a mass of mechanical movement toward us as FER-RON moved from the front room.

Mary exclaimed, “The robots have been instructed to protect the signal!”

Chu said, “I believe this is where they were before we entered the compound. That is why everyone died. They could not fight the korlocks or their own robots. The people could neither turn off the signal or save themselves from the monsters the signal created.”

Clyde asked, “So we fight them?”

I answered by saying, “FER-RON cannot fight all of them. At least not without suffering some damage.”

Mary said, “Debra, tell FER-RON to do her job. There is a door to her right, and I can instruct her from there.”

Over the speakers I heard Li say, “Honestly, if she shuts down the transmission she might also stop the signals to the robots.”

“That is true. I believe they are on the same unit.”

While I did listen to the talk, I kept my focus on what FER-RON was doing. It helped my concentration upon seeing things that were familiar. I gave commands to FER-RON to enable me to have a closer view of some equipment, then authorized the destruction of a device I felt certain was the source of the transmission.

I at first worried hearing some stressed statements, but found relief hearing Mary say, “FER-RON shut down the transmission. The robots are working off of their own internal programming.”

Clyde had to ask, “So, we should?”

“Go on into the building and see about gaining some authorization. Considering there should be some method of assuring identity even in crises, we need to see if we can find badges or something.”

A soldier asked, “Couldn’t we go look on the bodies?”

“They would probably be assigned to the person, and the robots could well react to not recognizing us as that person. There should at least be guest badges we can use.”

We did find guest badges. Not having a full understanding of the language, we did not feel able to make our own badges even though we found a number of blanks near a machine we felt could process something the robots would completely recognize. Li and Lenny ended up working up some understanding of the signals to the robots to prevent them from reacting when we had a team come in to send a probe through the portal. As those of us staying in the building gave up our badges so others could safely move about, I found myself interested when Mary worked my console to enable me to hear a private transmission with Chu.

Shion asked, “Chu, will you be taking Fran to your room with you?”

He asked in return, “Should it concern me whether I do or not? Listen, I am in too stressful of an occupation to play games with you. While I have no problem with getting to know you, if you are going to play games with me because of some animosity with me spending time with a Chattanooga unit, let’s just call it now. There are right now plans for me to work with further developments with robots, which could well include sexbots. If that troubles you, I understand.”

“I am speaking with you now because in all the activity today, I did not hear any mention of the Chattanooga series.”

“No, as I did not need the distraction. She was given duties cleaning our rooms and doing our laundry.”

There was pause, then Shion asked, “Would I be a distraction?”

“Ask Clyde, or your own superior officer, if someone of the opposite sex can be a distraction.”

Again there was a period of silence before Shion asked, “Can I ask that you put away your sexual toy?”

“Fran is not my toy. She is a product belonging to my company. I will thank my company for allowing me the use of their android, but I am willing to commit myself to a hopefully more compatible and enduring relationship. Will that be your intention with me?”

“How will Fran feel about that?”

“I guess I can amend my report on Fran with observations on how she responds to no longer having my after-hours companionship.”

“Can I read your reports on Fran?”

I expected Chu to now go silent, but he quickly replied, “They are open company records. Queen Debra was very harsh about how she would treat our involvement with Fran, and she held to her statements. All you need do is ask. She might have an issue on you not being part of our company, but I would say she has been informed of certain things between our families. While she might speak to me first, I very much believe she would send you a copy of my reports.”

“Consider me still interested in you, Chu, although I do want to read the reports before any further development between us.”

Since I had listened in on the conversation, it did not surprise me when Shion came to me. I really had nothing to do except check on FER-RON. Mary was with me. I was ready to inform Shion of the pink-haired girl listening in whether she was in the room or not, although Shion actually indicated she wanted Mary present.

“Queen Debra, what are your thoughts on the Chattanooga series?”

I replied, “They are real people. I feel what is being done is wrong, but I am hoping their presence will seal the fate of others in the future just as the Pyramid program sealed the fate of anyone being transformed into cyborgs. Just for your information, I like Fran. She is not the horny bitch I expected.”

Mary chirped a laugh at my last line, but Shion kept her features blank as she asked, “What would you think of a man who has spent time with one?”

I tried to support Chu by keeping my answer a little evasive. “I cannot think of any man or woman who has not been a little free with themselves. The question with any relationship that you hope to develop is whether the other will also commit. I would say that anyone that has purchased, or otherwise come to own, a sexbot of any type has made a commitment. Chu does not own Fran, and has not asked to own her. While he enjoys her presence, I would not say that he has committed to her.”

“Chu said that you made him submit reports on his involvement with Fran.”

I punched some commands, then said, “They have been sent to you.”

“Anything bad in them?”

“Only complete honesty. Remember that not only do I work with Chu, but we basically live together. Nothing improper, but our time beyond Earth has been a little inconvenient at times. I feel that I have spoken with him enough, and know him enough, to trust what he has written.”

She nodded, so I expected to get use to having Shion in my life as she asked, “Will you keep me informed of things with Chu?”

“No, but if you think Chu is not keeping you informed, you may certainly ask me about him.”

“Thank you.”

“Listen, take things slow. Not just to satisfy yourself about Chu, but simply to allow the both of you to come to an understanding of your own situations. Chu is being requested to change his employment, as FER-RON is considered a finished assignment. Your own association with the Japanese military as they work to protect their immigrating citizens could well cause you some disruption. No decision should be made until both of you have some assurance of your own lives, but hopefully when that happens you can claim to have some assurance of staying together.”

Mary interrupted to say, “Debra, we need to put FER-RON into action. This probe entered a large area that others are considering a major terminal. This could be our central command system that could provide a lot of worlds and our path to completely stopping the signal. Clyde wants to move, but is requesting FER-RON to make it safe first.”

I nodded to the girl, but spoke to the lady. “Shion, us moving forward means Chu will need to follow. Spend some time with him and start seeing if you are really willing to commit to each other.”

She assured me that she would try and do as I suggested. I told Mary to come with me to help me notice anything peculiar in where FER-RON would go or other things about her situation. With all of us acknowledging that we needed to work, we assured each other that we would speak again.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Should God Open a Window: TimeSaga C8 (All 5)
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