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 And the New Advance Begins: TimeSaga D1 (All 5)

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PostSubject: And the New Advance Begins: TimeSaga D1 (All 5)   August 13th 2017, 9:51 pm

And the New Advance Begins
TimeSaga:  The Source Story One

Chapter One

It did help that I had stock in RayWeight Technologies.  Considering all the rich people who had invested in the company, most considered it insider privilege that had gained me the few shares I had.  Rich people would however find themselves in need of money, so in need to sell off some of their assets.  Others that had invested early in RayWeight felt their money could be better spent on another emerging company.  I grabbed what shares I could when I could, and that gave me enough clout to gain access to the corporate meeting of RayWeight Technologies.

I had thought that I would be watching an almost empty conference room with most observing from a remote location.  I however noticed the warm words between those coming to the table and knew from experience that many were good friends.  I could say that I had met a number of the board members myself, and found it unsurprising that most entered the conference room simply to be seen with others they felt were at least equally important as themselves.

The basic matters of the company were quickly dealt with.  All acted as if they had read the reports, so hurried certain topics with the attitude of wanting to skip formalities.  There were a few issues mentioned with some company business actually discussed, but they also were quickly dealt with as if they had already worked out the matters in private and simply needed to go on record concerning certain policies.

I had my own reasons for watching the proceedings.  Dr. Beyoncé had spoken about something before returning to Earth.  I had laughed at the time, and hearing one of the authorities I did not know make the statement during the proceedings almost had me laugh again.

“We will ask for Queen Debra to return FER-RON to us.  As the prototype, it would not benefit our future to lose it.”

Dr. Beyoncé stayed true to her word, and simply replied, “That won’t happen.”

I had to say that she looked good.  While she spoke to me of feeling the pains of old age, the lady who had actually discovered the science that had changed our world still displayed health.  She did not have the wrinkles visible in a couple other ladies and a number of the men, although admitted her hair stayed brown because she treated it.  She did not appear to be bothered by extra pounds.  I had to say she looked ready for a fight, even if it would be with friends.

The man replied, “What?  The PASSIONs are being manufactured.  We can send her two to take the place of FER-RON.”

“FER-RON belongs to Queen Debra, and I doubt will sell her.”

I saw the eyes of some I knew look to the camera as if knowing I was watching as the man I did not know sounded slightly angry as he asked, “When did she gain the ownership of our prototype?”

“RayWeight Technologies never owned FER-RON.  It was my own personal project that created her.  Queen Debra’s fiancé, boyfriend, was the one who primarily worked to develop the robot.  Queen Debra’s fiancé, boyfriend, was the one who was killed by the robot.  Queen Debra’s programming made FER-RON into the safe and beneficial robot she has proven herself to be.  That same programming has been purchased from Queen Debra, who is now an employee of RayWeight Technologies, but FER-RON was given to Queen Debra by me as a token of my support of what the technology cost her and as a bonus due to my pride in what she accomplished.”

Another dignitary I did not know personally asked, “You mean that our prototype is owned by someone else?”

“I would not say that.  Queen Debra is an employee of RayWeight Technologies.  Because she has willingly put her and her robot to the test in advancing through the portals, our company can claim our robots to be a tested product.  Because she has willingly put her and her robot to the test in advancing through the portals, our company is one of the first to gain access to certain alien technologies in order to decide if we will develop certain products.  FER-RON is not owned by someone else, but by a member of our company.  There will come a day when she will probably seek a place to store FER-RON, but every day she feels that robot is useful is another day we can claim the dependability of those PASSIONs and DARLINGs that come off the assembly line.”

“Can we ask her?”

There was some laughter before Dr. Beyoncé replied, “You most certainly can, but I would not.  Let me say that she is paid enough that she could afford a PASSION or a DARLING.  She is also with my daughter, who can also afford one of our robots or even an android of the Straw Sapien Corporation.  Neither one has placed such an order.  I would recommend that those here do not let it out that just one of our robots, of either kind, will be enough to satisfy our customers.”

One of the female corporate dignitaries asked, “Dr. Beyoncé, have you made an order for a PASSION or DARLING?”

“I will only answer that if the rest of those present will answer the question.”

“I only ask because this is all your technology, after all.”

“It might be my ideas, but not my technology.  The robots are from my concepts, and I do own some of the patents on their internal parts.  The actual technology however came from other sources that I merely funded.  The programming is far superior to anything I ever could have conceived.  The dedication to assuring a most excellent final product is not something I can claim.”

One person I knew on a personal level said, “You are again speaking about Queen Debra.”

“She is definitely one of those I consider a blessing to our company.”

I heard my phone ring as the person said, “Then I feel she should be invited to these meetings as well.”  I heard over my system as well as on my phone the person say, “Queen Debra, do you know that you own FER-RON?”

After muting the sound on my system, I said, “Clyde, I remember Dr. Beyoncé telling me before making the deal creating FER-RON Industries that she knew where I would be taking FER-RON and what I would be doing with her, so wanted it known that if I break her that I would be breaking my own robot.”

“And have you broken FER-RON?”

“I take no pride in what I have done with FER-RON.  What I brag about, what RayWeight Technologies should brag about, is that the korlocks, the okagaki, the verakiy, and alien planets have not broken FER-RON.”

I watched the monitor to see a number of positive reactions to my statement even as Clyde asked, “Queen Debra, are you going to purchase a PASSION or DARLING?”

“I just lost almost my entire team supporting my actions with FER-RON.  When I sought replacements, I was told that there will be new personnel coming along with a number of PASSIONs along with a few DARLINGs.  I feel that what I will be evaluating is not the continued operation of FER-RON, but the qualities of these people I might have to trust to handle the maintenance of FER-RON.  If the personnel, much less the operation of the PASSIONs and DARLINGs, do not meet with my approval, you will know about it.”

One of the female dignitaries other than Dr. Beyoncé said, “Queen Debra, I believe that you still retain the Chattanooga series we gained from the Straw Sapien Corporation.”

While Clyde Fellington had set his phone down to act as a speaker, I had barely heard that, so turned up the sound on my system as I replied, “It was not recalled.  You can request it and I will have it sent where you desire.  At the moment I am using it to design any code for a proposed sexbot.”

“Do you feel that is necessary?”

“From what rumors I hear, yes, I do.  What we warned the Straw Sapien Corporation about is coming true.  What they are creating are real people with real rights, and the attachment with other real people is causing problems in our courts.  Having a robot, a real machine, fill that role will avoid most issues.  I actually set time to watch your meeting in order to see if you would discuss a timetable for a sexbot.”

A dignitary I knew well, Ted Chemill, said, “We have just gotten the production line for the PASSIONs and DARLINGs up and running.  We also have not come with a name for any sexbot.”

“The code should be ready when you do.”

The lady that had spoken previously asked, “Queen Debra, are you heading to other planets?”

“Yes.  We were given a mission by one of the remnant intelligences of the Nerisus Federation.  This mission agrees with our own need to cancel a certain transforming signal.  Right now I am on Lechinell working with those attempting to decipher the overwhelming amount of data we have gained.  While many here are speaking of years, if not lifetimes, of deciphering, I know that we cannot wait.  Until certain things are done, the human race and others in the universe are at risk.  Once certain things are figured out, I will be moving on.”

“Hopefully with others.”

Feeling that some in the room would not know certain details, I tried to give a full answer.  “Mary is with me along with Roy B2 and Perry.  I suspect my brother will continue to shadow me with a squad of military personnel.  Chu is with me to help train the others sent to assure proper maintenance of FER-RON and the other robots.  With him dating a lady with the Japanese Army who had herself assigned to Clyde’s squad, it is possible Chu will be pulled to handle assignments.  I expect Lenny to continue to follow me, but those you are sending will probably stay busy with the robots being sent.”

A number of voices spoke their agreement when Clyde said, “Keep us posted, Queen Debra.”

The phone call was terminated, but that just had me turn back up the sound on my system.  The conference had gone back to following their outline of company matters, but I had nothing else that I wanted to watch.  As I thought about what I might do while listening to the company dignitaries speak, I turned hearing my door open.

The one that entered appeared as a girl who was about to start the transformation into a woman.  That would however never happen with her.  However real she appeared, the pink hair was a clue that her composition was not entirely regular tissue.  Her bones were metal and a multitude of devices were incorporated into her form.  Since mechanical parts would not grow, the girl would never become a woman.

Mary said, “I was expecting them to acknowledge that they are seriously at work on a design for a sexbot.”

I replied, “They won’t do that until the legal problems with the Straw Sapien Corporation are handled.  While a robot will avoid almost all legal problems, no one at RayWeight actually wants the taint of producing a sexbot, however financially rewarding it might be.  I am writing my code as an expansion of that for the DARLINGs, as any sexbot at present will be just a quiet special accessory for that series.”

We probably would have continued speaking to each other, but Mary let me know that she had picked up a signal that she knew would interest me.  “Your brother is attempting to covertly speak to you.”

My phone rang.  It was not the tone for him however, but just the general signal of someone that had gained my number.  I probably would not have answered my phone, except that Mary had let me know who was on the other end.

As soon as I activated the connection, I heard my brother say, “Debra, prepare your group for action.  Just received something important.  My squad discovered it, but we need you to go after it.  Go about your usual routine tomorrow, but expect someone to offer to buy you an early lunch.”

The call terminated, so I looked to the one who usually could tell you a lot about what was actually happening in the world.  Mary closed her eyes, so I felt she was doing what she could to isolate certain covert transmissions.  Being on the planet, she could access almost every signal, and I trusted her training to discover what was happening that actually would involve us.

She finally said, “His squad is actually returning from a moon of a planet further out.  Why they went there I cannot say, and they are not speaking of having found anything.  We are just going to have to wait to be told.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   August 18th 2017, 1:50 pm

And the New Advance Begins
TimeSaga: The Source Story One

Chapter Two

I found it strange how many people thought my title of queen was one of nobility and not just a job designation. The man who Dr. Beyoncé chose to direct the building of her robot spoke of me as the programmer from the beginning, although also admitted that we had a long relationship with each other. At first it was just a proposal, but as I proved myself through my education Dr. Beyoncé came to accept that I could be everything Jimmy hoped I would become. When I finally started to work on FER-RON, everyone knew our relationship would be closer than just co-workers. We became to be called the king and queen of the FER-RON project. While the robot happened to kill her creator, as the queen of the project I took over to assure that the dream of the king would become a reality. In taking charge of building the robot, the title of nobility was never taken from me.

Mankind was not into space due to our own technology. We did have some amazing futuristic claims, one of which was the robot technology I had helped to develop, but we moved through space in the old method. We however jumped between worlds with a science we did not understand. We had come to learn that the aliens who developed the technology had made contact with our world, and probably intended to incorporate us into their federation, but then did something tragic to themselves that effectively removed them from the universe.

What the Nerisus Federation had done to themselves could hurt us as well, and one task for my robot had been to remove the special speakers before anyone advanced into a new location. Up to now we were at the mercy of wherever the portals took us. Even our technology to mimic the portals needed them to give us coordinates, as what we did could not be safely manipulated by us. We had finally gained a location where answers could be gained, and had stopped to learn what we could of the long dead Nerisus Federation.

A crowd had gathered at the portal. Considering I was to meet someone, I wondered who had their cover blown. A news reporter came to me for an interview and had me remember that the robots built from the designs of FER-RON were to be arriving. While speaking to the man in front of a camera, many others realized that the long-haired beauty with me was the actual prototype for the coming robots. Finding out that FER-RON could respond to most of their questions and statements, I found the crowd to hang around until the new robots finally walked through the portal.

The PASSIONs, Protect And Serve Single Interacting Offensive Neighbor, appeared stockier than FER-RON and with smaller breasts. They had white hair probably just as long since the length was determined by the range of signals the strands were to catch, although done up beneath protective helmets. They appeared as serious ladies one would not want to mess with. The DARLINGs, Domestic Approved Robot Living and Interacting Nicely with Guests, were almost a duplicate of FER-RON except with various colors of hair. Knowing some of the comments people made about my robot, I looked at the DARLINGs accepting that my code for sexbots would become used.

As they were introduced by a spokesman for RayWeight Technologies, I heard a voice I recognize ask, “Queen Debra, would you mind if we go get lunch now?”

I looked to see Linda Palmer, who had been the female mechanic to work with me in the final phases of FER-RON’s construction. She had a cute body a little shorter than me. She could drop her dark locks and wear makeup that would have men turning their heads, but would bundle her hair beneath a hat and put on dark colors to give her a gritty appearance when not interested in being bothered. Even when working with me she had been interested in weaponry, and was responsible for the device I used in combating korlocks. As my robot and the PASSIONs did use deadly force, Linda had been taken from me to handle the design and construction of serious firepower. Accepting that she could have gained permission to travel with the PASSIONs in order to train certain people in what the robots were capable of, I wondered what other orders she had as I directed her to a café.

As she marveled at how some people had taken advantage of what was probably once an eating place for aliens, she snuck in a question, “Queen Debra, how long before you believe you will be sent to another planet?”

I replied, “While we probably will need to go throughout the system known by the Nerisus Federation, the hope is that we can learn how to track down the transforming signal and get it destroyed. We need to do that.’

“What if I told you that will not happen?”

I repeated, “We need to do that.”

“Queen Debra, the human race has come a long way in a very short period of time. Many are calling for us to not only slow down, but stop. They are going to use what we have gained here on Lechinell to shut down our advance.”

“And how are they going to do that? Are they able to shut down the Irani? Those people are determined to find them a world they can claim completely for Allah. How about all the other Flags of Freedom ships out there? Are they able to stop the technology we have? Someone is going to figure out how to calibrate how our instruments work, and then the universe becomes open to them. There is also the threat of the korlocks.”

As we sat down with some hamburgers, she slid what I thought was her purse over to me. “Ted Chemill told me to give this to you. I probably could have looked inside, but I agreed with him that you would not hold back telling me what it is. I know one thing that is in there, as I gave it to him to put in there before he sealed it and handed the package to me.”

I recognized the thumbprint scanner, and as the locked released I asked, “I cannot and should not just blunder ahead, Linda.”

“Your place is fine, but if you know of a safer place to look the information over.”

“Linda, I don’t think you or Ted understands the lack of security we have around here.” I set out my phone on speaker, activated a number, then asked, “Mary, what type of information is contained in the box I have with me?”

From the speaker came the voice of the girl saying, “Someone thinks they have figured out the secret of the Nerisus Federation. They believe they know about the source of the transforming signal. What you actually have, Debra, is a plan on where we need to go to find some information. It will probably take you to determine whether the conclusions are valid, but from what I can correlate there is some credibility to the proposal.”

Linda said, “I was instructed to work this plan with you, Queen Debra. They believe there will be some special weapons used to protect it, and I am the expert in that field.”

Mary exclaimed, “Number One! Debra, this data was gained by Annapolis series number one. She has a note telling me that she is all right. They are taking care of her.”

I asked, “Does that mean I go to your place to study this information?”

“My place? Debra, we live – yes, come on over to my place.”

I looked to Linda to say, “We do not live in the same apartment, but simply across the hallway from each other. Do you want to see some alien furniture?”

Only one set of aliens that had been a part of the Nerisus Federation had a physique similar to the human body, and they would not have been able to disguise themselves as humans. When we came across alien furniture, it was strangely shaped with us unable to determine how it was used. What we saw of the monsters the aliens had become gave us few clues about how their physical bodies moved, slept, or did other things. Most of us humans discarded the furniture. Mary however had a small body that enjoyed squirming on an oddly shaped item, so had kept the furniture she found in her apartment. Mary showed Linda what the aliens left behind while explaining what we had learned of how it was once used. As our guest sought to test her human form on the furniture, I looked over the files Ted had sent to me.

I paused in my work to ask, “Mary, have you been going over this information?”

She turned in one of the oddest pieces of furniture, one I knew she really liked, to look at me as she replied, “I get too much constant new information to really devote myself to anything, Debra. If you want me to check on something, I can manage that.”

“You’ll know what I am doing, Mary. If something comes to mind, let me know.”

It helped that I had been with mankind as they advanced through the portals. While Mary kept her alien furniture, I discarded mine simply glad to finally know some things of the odd shapes. The architecture no longer seemed strange. Some of the language I actually understood. I read the report able to follow what the writer presented as evidence, and with the ability to check his facts against my memory of what was found through the portals as well other more dependable databases.

As I knew, Mary could not help but follow my reading of the report, and I smiled hearing her say, “We checked over Mission pretty well. I cannot believe that we missed that.”

I replied, “We checked over the outside. My team was shown the city when we arrived, but that was just a drive through the streets. Remember, we gained credit for certain discoveries because Chu tore through the floor to route some cables. No one up to then had wanted to destroy anything. Even the architects were simply doing drawings. I can well believe that we missed something like this.”

Linda said, “Yes. There were people wanting to reprimand us for what we did, but we had lights and hot water while they did not.”

I closed my computer while saying, “Let’s go check this out.”

Linda asked me, “Can we?”

“Come on, Linda. Things have not changed that much. Mary and I gained this building without anyone caring. On Mission there was just the one city, here there are cities all over this planet. Developed property is far from being claimed by anyone.”

“Oh, shouldn’t the team from RayWeight be coming here?”

“No. This building is for Mary and me. Chu is here, but that is only because FER-RON and her equipment is here. He is right now with the RayWeight people in the building for RayWeight, but everyone knew that Mary and I were rich enough to afford any future property taxes.”

Mary commented, “And I got to keep the furniture this way.”

I knew a couple more men who lived in the building, but instead of moving down floors I simply activated my phone and said, “Prepare yourselves for possible trouble, then come to Mary’s room.”

Roy asked, “Trouble?”

“We’ll be preparing ourselves, then heading down to move through the city. Would rather explain in person.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   August 23rd 2017, 4:25 pm

And the New Advance Begins
TimeSaga: The Source Story One

Chapter Three

The vehicle was actually a gift from the Solomon Foundation. When Roy made the decision to come down to Lechinell, his group allowed him to bring something capable of supporting Perry and moving furniture with him. While I really did not mind walking, it did help to have something to carry some supplies when going out to do some exploring. As the lad began the vehicle moving, he asked a question I suspected Perry wanted to ask as well.

“Why do we need to be covert about this, Debra?”

“My source is not worried about us being discovered. The concern is that someone does not want this discovered. We are merely going to look for evidence. If we do not find it then I will see what I can do to discredit the report.”

Mary said, “Clyde has some evidence to support this mission.”

Linda sought to support her by saying, “Ted Chemill seems to feel there is evidence for this already.”

I however countered, “But Ted has not been away from Earth. Clyde has, and I know I will need to have my own theory to face him. I thus need to check this out now, and wait to be nice.”

Perry asked, “What if we are discovered?”

“We use that as evidence. No one should care what we are doing. The worst that should happen is someone wants a copy of our report, which might get released anyway. If someone raises a stink, I will raise a stink in return watching to see what rats come out of their holes.”

“Debra, what reason did Clyde give for being covert?”

“He does not need a reason to be covert. He has been special ops almost his entire military career. Covert for him is standard procedure. I am just a good sister and willing to see what he has first, and check what little clues he does bother to pass on to me.”

Roy was a red-headed youth, but not like Mary. She had her body grown around a mechanical form. Roy was the product of a multitude of mutations to bring out psychic skills. While mental powers were still debated, it had been shown that the lad and his brothers could connect with the thought processes of the aliens. One brother, his twin, had gone insane in seeking to associate with the foreign mentalities. Another brother was close to being considered normal, but had his strange quirks as well. The way Roy regularly acted showed the best signs of having a stable mentality, although he worked with us advancing to the alien worlds which made him different in his own way.

Perry was a cyborg. The man he once had committed suicide with his body taken by an agency using laws that were no longer on the books. While he had been offered a better body than the mechanical form he now had, Perry felt a need to continue until the technology was further tested so he would not be a guinea pig for another set of experiments.

We suddenly turned hearing alarms, and it did not help my attitude when Mary said, “Okagaki.”

I quickly made an assumption, and gave the order, “Roy, get us to that building!”

He commented, “It’s really not safe to drive this thing faster,” even as Perry asked, “Are you certain, Debra?”

“Yes,” I replied. “This is not a coincidence. We still only have statements of friendship with the okagaki, so they should be bogged down in explaining things. While that happens, we can hopefully get in and find out what evidence there is.”

Mary said, “Yes. They are being challenged by all the ships in orbit, and those at duty stations in the city. We should have time.” Concerning her words, it surprised me to hear her issue a command, “Roy, turn off the lights.”

He did obey while commenting, “It’s really not safe to do that.”

“I’ll direct you.”

I believe we all looked up to see a couple of strange craft fly overhead. The okagaki had a type of independent vehicle that appeared as a very large type of humanoid. The aliens themselves did not appear very human, but trial and error had them develop a more humanoid type of vehicle to work in. With their worlds being less hospitable to life, even their own, they needed vehicles that could do more than simply get them to places. While the mechanical appearance of the craft did give the impression of them being strange life forms, they way they moved easily through the air let it be known they were being powered by something other than natural muscles and fuel.

I asked, “Mary, did they issue a challenge?”

She replied, “No, but I do believe they noticed us. You however are correct that they recognized a need to stay polite, as they are now speaking to those challenging them.”

“How far are we from the building?”

“Turn right, Roy. We should be there in just a couple of blocks.”

The lad replied, “Not at the front door.”

“According to what Clyde sent, we need to go in a window.” That response had me look to my computer to check the reports, and as I did so I heard Mary say, “I might have to quickly process the information I receive, but I do try to pay attention to things.”

I felt she just had the capabilities of checking certain details much faster than I did, but seeing things I had not really paid attention to earlier I said, “Listen to Mary, Roy.” I then had to mumble to myself, “Why didn’t we notice this?”

Perry suggested, “Maybe we did, but not consciously. We were looking for places to call home, so anything odd had us choose another building.”

Mary said, “I would have to agree. Roy, start slowing down.”

As the two youths discussed things about where to stop, I continued to study the material on the location of what we were going after and found myself having to conclude, “Where we go in should not be on the first floor. I however cannot determine what these instructions are. Mary, can you make sense of it?”

There was a pause I assumed for her to focus on what was active on my computer before saying, “There needs to be authorization from inside. Once we stop, Perry can come with me around to the front. You, Linda, Roy, and FER-RON wait here. No offense, Perry, but you might not be able to get up if you wait here.”

He replied, “The way this is sounding, you might need my protection, Mary.”


After stopping the vehicle, then having Mary and Perry rush off, Roy moved in an attempt to look at my computer screen while asking, “What is this about?”

I replied, “Not certain. We however know that the Nerisus Federation did what they did in a fear of the okagaki. Our interactions with them had us conclude that their fear was only paranoia, but maybe there was something that truly frightened them. I’m not certain what my brother found, but whoever discovered this for some reason did not feel it needed to be released as public knowledge. I know my brother will not directly release this material, but let us go see if we have people being paranoid of if there is really something to worry about.”

Linda said, “Whatever this is, it is believed to be protected. With Mary able to detect certain signals, I am sure we can keep ourselves safe as we seek to learn what it is. What I want to know is why we have to go to all this trouble if Mary can simply read things.”

“Because she cannot output it. Her father wanted her to interact with people, and not have them treat her as only a machine. My computer, your computer, FER-RON, and even Perry can be accessed to download things. Cannot do that with Mary.”

Roy said, “I guess I need a computer.”

I smiled while saying, “There is enough of us with computers. I am sure you will be happy enough just speaking with Mary and keeping her aware of things she might not be able to detect.”

“Yeah. I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t think I am getting older either. I lost something when Al died, and I mean more than feeling a second heartbeat. Nick is already taller than me, and I think going through some development. That’s not happening with me. It would worry me, but Mary will not grow up either.”

Linda said, “Some people just grow up a little slower. Give it time, Roy. Still, no reason not to be friends with Mary.”

We all stepped back seeing a section above us move out from the building. While during the day it could act to provide shade, its thickness had me think of a surface. Thinking of the humanoid vessels of the okagaki, I wondered if it was intended to be a landing pad. I also wondered about those of the Nerisus Federation as I saw no method of moving up the building to climb on the section.

Roy spoke a thanks to Allah in finding a rope ladder in the back of his vehicle. I had to allow a statement of gratitude to whatever the source of such an item being present. While the Nerisus Federation did have some large races forcing them to build a little higher than our human construction, from the top of the vehicle Linda and I were able to easily hook the rope ladder and give us all a relatively easy climb up.

While I saw what was before me, I checked the information on my computer before saying, “I am surprised this was not noticed or mentioned. It is lit up now, but it still should have been noticed.” There was however something missing in the report, which was probably why its writer could not have said more. “Mary, do we need to do two symbols?”

Over the speaker on my computer I heard the girl say, “Yes. It has the same type of security as most other keypads. I am sensing very tight security on this, so will have Perry send you what to enter.”

While Perry was probably only as much human as Mary, he was built to be a machine. The ones who cared for the cyborg needed ways of checking things about him, so he had regular interfaces. The message I received from Perry did not appear to have been written with a keypad, but the text still provided clear instructions.

I punched the appropriate symbols, then watched as the lower part of a window slid down to form a doorway. I moved up to look in, and found myself surprised to see a set of risers down. I signaled for those with me to descend even as I reported to assure a certain man understood he was in a good place.

“Perry, I doubt you could go down the steps.”

I heard his voice reply, “Most of those of the Nerisus Federation had big feet.”

“Yes, but the distance between the risers are rather high. I don’t believe your legs could manage it.”

“I will be there if you need me.”

I suddenly heard FER-RON take action as one of her arms switched to a powerful weapon, then the voice of Mary came over the a speaker saying, “Prepare yourselves, as I am picking up korlocks.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   August 28th 2017, 11:51 am

And the New Advance Begins
TimeSaga: The Source Story One

Chapter Four

The report that had me look for this special part of the city did not mention trouble. It however did speak of there being something of interest. My interpretation of the words used and manner of presentation had me feel that the one who discovered a place like this was just very observant with the luxury of many before him claiming all the obvious sites and forcing him to make a less than ideal decision. I did not doubt that long into the future people would still find interesting artifacts of the Nerisus Federation. My travels through various worlds had however caused me to have a more experienced view of what could be the purpose of alien construction, and I could not help but think we were going into trouble.

No sooner did FER-RON step in front of me with the reality of one arm being replaced with a strong energy weapon than I activated the new band on my wrist. Linda had brought a new device for me to use against korlocks. What looked like a shield appeared on my left arm, and while the controls seemed familiar I prepared for a much stronger blast from it.

Linda stepped up beside me with a similar weapon on her arm as she said, “This item can be ordered, but RayWeight is not certain about how persistent the korlock problem will be. At present they are reluctant to mass produce it.”

I saw one of the larger korlocks move into the passage along with a couple of the monsters that appeared as flying roaches with tentacles instead of feet. Linda and I both fired with our blasts going to each side of FER-RON even as she released energy at it. As the large korlock dispersed in what we considered its death, I found my robot backing up to slam me against a wall instead of aiming at one of the aerial creatures.

The passing of a large mass of metal could be felt before the sound of the report reached me. Shock registered on Linda’s face even as Roy touched the top of his head as if wondering if he still had his red hair. My quick appraisal had me believe FER-RON moved against me because the bullet would have hit me, and not simply because I was her owner. I knew that we had gone too far down the passage to run, so trusted my experience with combat to give appropriate orders.

“FER-RON, switch weapons to handle that robot. Linda and I can handle the korlocks.”

My robot did say, “Yes, Debra,” although I appreciated her doing as told.

Just as FER-RON had powerful energy weapons for taking on korlocks, she also had some serious regular firepower. I was please to see the improved blast that my new device sent toward the monsters, although the loud report from what my robot did was not that appreciated. The fact that she released multiple large missiles made the acoustics in the passage rather painful. Sound however was the first weapon we used against the insubstantial monsters, so I had to allow that the reports of the heavy weaponry helped disperse the remaining korlocks.

As the others moved on down the corridor to check on what had fired at us, I called for some information. “Mary, did anyone use a portal and is anyone complaining of korlocks?”

The voice of the girl replied, “The Achilles did use a portal to return to orbit around this planet. In-system portal jumps do not tend to bring korlocks.”

“Did you just say that no one is complaining about korlocks?”

“I detect no one complaining about korlocks.”

I heard Linda calling to me. Feeling that I had the information I needed from Mary, I went down to check on what weapon system my robot had destroyed. Expecting Linda to give a report, as she was the weapons expert, it surprised me to see her lifting some devices.

“Do you know what these are – were?”

Without instruments, all I could do was ask, “Mary, can you detect anything from these instruments?”

Again I heard the voice of the girl. “No, but I did register a time manipulation signal, although different than the usual ones associated with korlocks. Perry is wanting to come to you.”

I looked around as I replied, “Things are rather tight here. Not certain if we have room for him.” Not really caring who answered, I asked, “Can anyone give me an idea how not to have these security devices think we are unfriendly.”

Linda replied, “One would think typing in the proper code would have done that.”

“One would think typing in an improper code would not have had the passage open up.”

“One would think… Uh, Queen Debra, there are no motors down at the bottom of this weapon.” She was right, but I stayed quiet waiting for her to explain herself. “It didn’t aim, but only fired. Someone would have had to aim it, and reload it.”

Roy said, “Maybe those korlocks were supposed to do that.”

I replied, “Korlocks can pass through walls. Surely they did not stay here all this time.”

Seeing what appeared to be doors, I looked around for a method of opening a passage. Only seeing what appeared to be a push panel next to a rectangular groove, I warned people that I would see about opening another path. I could not tell what Mary detected, so spoke to describe what I was looking at.

“There is a flat glass-like plate with colored sections.”

The voice of Mary said, “I cannot detect any colors, but only two-five, one-seven, four-two, three-eleven, five-two.”

I pushed while saying, “That would be orange-blue, red-violet, green-orange, yellow-cyan, blue-orange.”

Seeing the door open, I cautiously peeked around the edge of the doorway ready to pull myself back. Nothing attacked or shot at me. All I saw was a large round room with a circular section on the floor identified with a strange symbol. I stepped through the doorway to take a picture for my records and to assure that Mary saw it.

Mary said, “Clyde has seen that symbol, although I don’t think he would like to know that I know that. He however opened up his system when he tried to contact you, Debra.”

I replied, “I won’t tell him. No, I will.” I activated his number on my phone, then said, “Clyde, you might want to speak to Mary and have her direct you.”

The voice of my brother said, “I actually do not need directions. The okagaki know where you are Debra. Coming down.”

“Don’t cause trouble. Whatever this is might involve them, but that does not mean it has to involve us.”

“I have already sent them word of that nature.”

I sent him the picture I just took, then asked, “What can you say about this?”

“Great minds think alike. I did not get anyone hurt. Do the same, Debra.”

Feeling where FER-RON had me slam into a wall, I asked, “How close did you come to getting someone hurt?”

“That question, dear sister, just obligated you to an evening of drinking and telling stories. See you as soon as I can.”

I had FER-RON move into the middle of the room. She did without going into attack mode, so I followed. I really saw nothing worth taking a picture of. As the others followed, I wondered what the room was about.

Mary told me to say something. I actually recognized the sound from my curiosity about the alien elevators. What she told me to say was ‘down’ in the dead language of the Nerisus Federation, but before I could repeat it I saw the room rush further and further above me. I could only guess that hearing Mary say the word was enough for whatever system operated the machinery.

I actually experienced an elevator of this type on an okagaki vessel. There was no sense of falling or being lifted. One just saw the world around them move. Things simply stopped as I saw now before me an oval room filled with consoles and instruments. I stepped off the elevator hoping nobody knew the world for ‘up.’

FER-RON stepped ahead of me in attack mode. I did not see any korlocks, so activated certain programs on my computer. The time manipulation signal that had transformed those of the Nerisus Federation was strong, but I did not hear the associated tones. Noticing that I could not contact Mary, I wondered how long it would be before a rescue party came for me. I had the others step off the elevator, then after checking all my readings I let them know what I felt we had found.

“This is a local generator of the transformation signal. The instruments here are controlling something going on in the next room. Be careful. FER-RON, stay alert.”

My robot replied, “Of course, Debra, and you do the same.”

We really had not found many computer systems. It was assumed that they had personal devices, but only a few monitors we assumed were for regular entertainment had been discovered. Almost everything we found was dedicated for specific tasks, and not general products capable of a variety of uses even if only used for one. Seeing computer consoles around me had me wish that I had a decent knowledge of their language, but I did what I could to determine what their purpose was.

Being a programmer myself, I had studied what others learned of the alien computer systems. They did not use binary, and their command structure was nothing like the one we had developed. I still felt they had worked to simplify their routines, and had developed my own theories about how the programs worked. My studies had taught me some things about the alien language, and I felt some relief when I began turning things off.

We noticed when the elevator went back up. Something else however had our attention. When the elevator came back down, I went toward those who arrived not feeling good that an okagaki was with my brother and a few of his men.

I said, “It seems that those of the Nerisus Federation were trying to turn you into korlocks.”

Okagaki could not live in our atmosphere, but what I saw of its face through its environmental suit seemed to have a kindly expression. “We still do not know why we were not changed. You humans however are continuing to show yourselves as friendly. Thank you for allowing one of my kind to come.”

“Those are your dead in the room beyond. Any way that we could help you?”

“We would like to claim them, although will admit that we will probably do some tests on them before cremating them. Would you like the report?”

I shook my head while explaining myself, “I believe we will find more.”

“Continue to let us know. Also, share your reports with us.”

I looked to my brother to say, “Clyde, someone found something like this on Mission. Having Mary with me, I was able to do more with the report than just read it.”

He replied, “An observational unit on the Achilles picked up a time manipulation signal, and we went out to check on it. I once again have to accept that you are in-the-know, so will let you read what we found.”

“And discuss it, assuming the evening of drinking and telling stories is still on.”

The okagaki said, “I would like to invite myself to that.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   September 2nd 2017, 2:51 pm

And the New Advance Begins
TimeSaga: The Source Story One

Chapter Five

We knew that the reason the Nerisus Federation worked the transformation on their entire culture had something to do with the okagaki. I had personally done some work in the midst of a group of derelict spaceships around an okagaki world. The Nerisus Federation considered them a threat, but not being able to eradicate them they ended up eradicating themselves.

Exactly the reason for an entire culture to be transformed into monsters was unknown. Some evidence spoke of them not knowing. While we had not come across any actual music from the Nerisus Federation, they produced marvelous speakers. Reliable methods of reproducing very high and powerful frequencies were common, so having the installation of new devices also able to work other affects probably did not trouble the regular citizens of the Nerisus Federation. One reason for the entire culture to be wiped out could have well been their ignorance of what the higher powers had in mind.

I had seen evidence suggesting that the leaders of the Nerisus Federation felt the okagaki would eradicate them. While the Nerisus Federation did have powerful weaponry, what we had found could be matched with what we of the human race had or could gain. What I had seen of the okagaki did suggest they could win should we force them to go to war against us. The evidence I had gained suggested that those in charge of the Nerisus Federation felt the only way to assure dominance was to have their society advance to a higher state of existence.

It was now centuries after those of the Nerisus Federation made it to Earth. They had found our planet, made contact with some natives in India and possibly other ancient civilizations, then their whole society disappeared. People were now looking at ancient sites on Earth with a serious attitude of wonder about whether aliens were actually involved in the culture or not, although only the site in India had surviving technology. It was a credit to the quality of their skills that many of their things still survived in working order, although as we advanced upon worlds where those of the Nerisus Federation thrived we found ourselves having to decipher things alien that had eroded and decayed.

The okagaki really could not help us. They had chanced upon the Nerisus Federation, and really had not made serious contact with them before finding the invaders no longer living. Further, it was now centuries later, and what facts the okagaki had were covered with centuries of fables and their own poor understanding of this alien culture.

Seeing evidence of just how serious those of the Nerisus Federation were to overcoming the newly found race of fellow interstellar travelers did not sit well with the okagaki. While we of the human race admitted our own horrible faults, the okagaki did not trouble us. They did not live on the planets we found compatible. They did not eat our food, drink our liquids, or want what we wanted. The evidence we found was that the okagaki were not a race of beings that would bring out any hard feelings from us humans.

Of course there was the possibility that the Nerisus Federation had a real fear from the okagaki. There were groups of humans who maintained the argument that the okagaki would seek to annihilate us. Having met with and spoken with members of the okagaki race, I found them strange and very curious. They had shown no evidence of being a threatening species. Further, what evidence I had seen clearly stated those of the Nerisus Federation caused their own destruction with no destructive action by the okagaki then or in the centuries before our arrival.

Unlike many human racial groups, none of the okagaki presented legal claims to the bodies. Those that showed up to oversee the reclamation of their ancient dead made no fuss about how we humans treated the corpses. Of course we did our best to show respect to the remains. When a couple of groups arrived to say a prayer for the souls who were once housed in the bodies, the okagaki allowed the rites without complaint.

After the bodies was put on a shuttle, one of the okagaki did ask, “Now, Major Clyde Washington, did you find any of our remains?”

My brother replied, “No, although it is possible we found remnants of ancient tissue samples. Our knowledge of the races of the Nerisus Federation is so limited that we really are not certain what we did find. However, what I can say with conviction is that there were plans to go to war with your race. Once again our knowledge is limited, as we really have no idea where these worlds we are traveling to are actually found in the universe. Still, we believe we have a type of map of the universe with worlds of the Nerisus Federation marked along with those of the okagaki. There are also details of your type of ships with their structural weak points marked.”

“And do you plan on using those plans as a foundation for warring with us?”

“Listen to my sister. She is doing everything she can to keep us as the peaceful aliens. Her robots are very safe, even as they are highly dangerous. Her interactions with your race and with the verakiy has been very positive. Please be as understanding of any evil in our society as we promise you we will be of yours. However, I can assure you that we humans will not be as distant as it seems the Nerisus Federation was. We have a grand variety of needs and desires, so will surely be in contact with those of your world to find manners of trade. What I hope to promise you is that you will see us at our best and our worst, but I hope that will also enable those of the okagaki to understand that we humans are not a singular type of people, so will not cause anything one of us do to have you consider needing to respond to the whole of us.”

“You have allowed us in here. Will you allow us to see what you found, Major Clyde Washington?”

The pause did not surprise me, as Clyde had spent his life in the military handling covert operations, but in coming to work with him I was finding myself pleased with his ability to be diplomatic. “I will not prevent it. However, you must understand our own need for information. I am not going to say that you will be prevented from the site, but at present I want some of my own people to look over what I have found. The reason I would refuse an okagaki request is that I actually do not consider any of you able to help with the evidence. After all the centuries of knowing about the Nerisus Federation, you really cannot tell us anything, so I will not see you as a source of information or a group what would actually desire to investigate at any depth.”

“I will need to bring that response back to my superiors. Thank you for your words, Major Clyde Washington. Queen Debra, please stay in the lead of advancing your people. I agree with your brother that you are doing a wonderful job of presenting the better side of the human race. Thank you all.”

As the okagaki loaded into their craft then lifted off, Clyde turned to me ask, “Okay, Debra, what did I do wrong?”

I replied, “You did nothing wrong, Clyde. There is nothing wrong with honesty.”

“Well, good. Let me then be honest and say that I am very tired. I know I obligated you to an evening of drinking and exchanging information, but can I put it off?”

“I’m tired as well, Clyde. Come on over to my building when you are ready. No reason we cannot have our own party. Mary and I own a whole building, so can provide room for however large of a gathering you want to have.”

“Sounds like a date. Listen, that reminds me, there are men interested in you. Yes, they are military, but can I just give you some basic facts about who has been asking me about you?”

I really did not mind, except that I felt I was not the one who needed a relationship at the moment. “What about you, Clyde?”

“Yes, Debra, I can let you know about some ladies who are showing interest in me.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

Roy said, “Wow. Sounds like this could be an interesting social. Tell me I am invited.”

I replied, “You are staying in my building, so if you don’t walk up the stairs to drop in it will be your own fault.”

Thinking of who my brother might be bringing, I thought of a problem that could develop. I then considered another that would be allowed to drop in on the gathering. Thinking that to be an answer to my problem, I moved to find Perry.

Seeing me walk up to him, he said, “Is there anything else for us to do?”

“I don’t believe so,” I answered. “However, there is something I would like for you to do when we get back to my building.”

“And what is that?”

“Take Fran and have her do whatever you can think for her to do.”

“I am sorry to say that I have no use for her."

I really hoped that I would be helping him as I replied, “Yes, you do. You could have her oil your joints or whatever basic maintenance Charcoal would do to your body. If you let her do it while naked, it would probably be all she needs.” Hoping to settle the issue, I added, “I really do not want her around when Clyde shows up with the men from his squad.”

“Oh.” Most of Perry’s head was still that of his original body, so I could tell that he thought about what I said. “I was worried that you might have made the suggestion to get me thinking a certain way. You however were worried about Fran thinking a certain way.”

“Yes, Perry. While the Straw Sapien Corporation is not able to actually control the thoughts of their androids, they can control how certain organs produce hormones and are stimulated. Fran also has a rather positive attitude about certain things, so it is best just to keep her away from certain situations.”

“I have been around her, so she should know me. I however have not spent any time with her.”

I had him walk away from others, as I noticed some eavesdropping, then softly said, “She’s actually very immature, whatever you see of her body. She will obey. Just be kind to her while you give her things to do. Give her the instructions, not the freedom but the instructions, to do the chores in the privacy of your room while wearing no clothes, and you probably will find her a pleasant companion.”

“What can I talk to her about?”

“She needs to learn. Talk about whatever interests you. I can almost promise you that she knows nothing about it, but it will help her to learn about it. Also, if you show a real interest in it, she will do what she can to become interested just to keep you happy.”

“I was hoping to drop in on your social.”

I tried to stress the friendship between us as I replied, “Listen, I expect you at the social. Just tell Fran that to stay naked in your room, and you will bring her back some food. The Chattanooga series was not built to be wives, but extra lovers. Bring her back some food and show her some attention, and she should stay happy with you.”

“I will try and see how we get along.”

“Thank you, Perry. I will send her to your room when we get back to my building.”

I looked around, then said, “Which I guess we can do. We already had a lot to think about, but now we have more.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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And the New Advance Begins: TimeSaga D1 (All 5)
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