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 And Evil Did Exist: TimeSagaD5 (Total of 6)

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PostSubject: And Evil Did Exist: TimeSagaD5 (Total of 6)   November 26th 2017, 2:20 pm

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga:  The Source Story Five

Chapter One

I turned as Sgt. Daniel Orange rushed up to grab a shoulder so he could whisper, “She said, ‘Yes.’  What do you think my chances are?”

As I did with my men, I gave an honest answer, “None.”

“Aw, Major. Is it because I’m military?”

“In a way.  My sister is rushing to Hell.  When she has reached it, converted those who will listen to her and destroyed the rest, then she will look around for what to do next.  You are going to have to be there to give her the option to make her life with you, and I can almost promise you that your military career will have you somewhere else.”

Freckles said, “Debra will not do anything more than dance with you.  If you try and keep other men from her, she will get mad at you.  If she said she will be with you, she will be with you, but that does not mean that she will allow herself to be shielded from others.  If you don’t trust her, she will dump you quick.”

Sgt. Orange said, “Well, yes, I have seen that.  Still, Queen Debra is a fine looking lady.”

“Marching to Hell, Dan.  Is that where you want to go?”

“I see the major going with her.”

I replied, “I think she will win.  It will be the greatest moment of my life to step back and watch as my sister gains her honor.  I will also want to congratulate the man that is there to claim the honor with her.”

“You don’t think she has enough credit from FER-RON?  Those PASSIONs and DARLINGs are something else.”

“Yet Debra has not stopped.  No, she is rushing to Hell, and I think Satan should be worried.”

“Uh, Major, you could assign me to go with you.”

I was waiting for that.  Up to that point Sgt. Orange was clearly not registering the facts I was relating to him.  I looked to Freckles, but he had been with me long enough that I knew what he would say.  I thus spoke wondering what another man would say.

“Kyle, you’re out and Dan is in.”

Lieutenant Kyle Childers said, “Really going to give Dan a chance, Major?”

“Any reason not to?”

“No.  I’ll stay with Mary and FER-RON.  I know those two will be there for Debra all the way, and I would rather be someone Debra comes to depend upon than thinks about as a companion.”

I had to admit, “Kyle is thinking right, Dan.  That is who I am putting my money on.  Not Kyle, but someone who is thinking like Kyle.”

Sgt. Orange asked, “Then who?”

“Not going to say, but I have been around my sister long enough to know a number of people she interacts with.  I have my opinion, but time will tell.  Pack up, Dan, it is about time for us to leave.”

As the men readied themselves, I stepped out the shuttle to hear something that did not surprise me.  Debra was with her robot along with another member of her team that had helped her complete that project.  My reports said that he had been reassigned, but it did not surprise me to find him still hanging around my sister.

Leonard Allen Dorchesky, called Lenny, said, “Of course the reboot routines worked, Queen.  They were originally written by Dr. Morgans, but they were simply resets due to the simplicity of his code.  I remember when you rewrote them, as we were beginning the tests of certain combat routines and you kept wanting me to rework certain actions without a full nanobot build.  Yes, we then never used them, but that was because we usually felt a need for some redesign of one of her components that had us needing to use the nanobots.”

The man had light brown hair just a shade darker than people would call blond.  If he worked out a little more, he would have a good figure.  He however would not show it off.  Honestly, I felt he probably did have a good body, but his nervousness kept him dressing conservatively and acting in a manner that did not display any manly strengths.

The lady he spoke to, my sister, had reddish-brown hair.  Had it all her life, so I knew it was naturally that color.  She stayed active, so would dress a little more daring than conservative.  She showed off her body just because she could not hide it, although no one chanced seeking to discover the parts of her she did not show.  Debra was not afraid of facing important people, so Lenny could find pleasure in the fact she took time to speak to him.

“Oh, yes, I remember now.  Okay, I guess I shouldn’t worry.  Still, when something happens in the field that I am unsure about, I feel a need to check it fully.”

“The PASSIONs and DARLINGs are not causing any problems, Queen, and none of them go through nanobot restructuring.  Still, I will be there with FER-RON.  She can play chess, you know.”

“I do not consider it playing chess when all she does is check a database for the best move to a given board configuration.”

“There’s a request to have the DARLINGs play poker.”  Lenny bent over rubbing his head in a sign of nervousness as he said, “I don’t believe they want us to teach them how to win.”

“If someone wants to see their DARLING naked, all they have to do is take her clothes off or command her to do it.  If you work on the routines, teach them to win.”

“Yes, Queen.”

Feeling the pair would both act nervous should they first see me, I went ahead and made it known I was present by talking before I went through a doorway.  “Teaching a DARLING to play poker; I might buy one if you taught them to play a good game of Spades.”

My sister replied, “I’ll let you know should we ever do that.”

“Oh, I assigned Sgt. Orange to go with us.  It seems that you told him you would go out with him.”

“He reminded me that I had danced with him, and I felt you would keep him in line, Clyde.”

“Oh, I told him that he did not have a chance at you, Debra.  He still took the initiative to ask to be assigned to the mission, and Lt. Childers really did not want to be around when the transforming signal, even a poor duplicate of it, went off.”

I saw my sister smile as she said, “It’s okay, Clyde.  Are you ready?”

I answered, “Yes,” then turned to handle what I felt was important business.  “Notice any problems with the PASSIONs that I should know about, Lenny?”

He replied, “No, Major Washington.  The military and police are treating the PASSIONs the way they were intended.  It is with the DARLINGs that I am getting reports, but those really are not problems.  People are just trying to have them do things they were not programmed for.”

“Like play poker?”

“Like be real women.  FER-RON has a wonderful personality, but she is still a robot.  The DARLINGs are like that.  Get one cleaning your house or doing things she was designed to do, and you would almost think she was real.  Start attempting to flirt with her, cuddle next to her as you watch television, or do things outside her programming, and she is not much fun.”

I looked at the robot Lenny and Debra were discussing.  FER-RON was a very attractive robot.  Her long blue hair actually pushed her beauty to the point of being gorgeous.  She had the right amount of feminine build and exotic features to have a man want to look at her.  I saw FER-RON look at me, and with a very business-like feminine voice she spoke to me.

“Major Clyde, I will be outside the simulation area.  I will do my best to keep any korlocks from bothering you, Debra, or the others with you.”

I had to reply, “Debra, I have been around your robot enough that you could have her just call me Clyde.”

My sister said, “I might out-rank you, Clyde, but I still respect our military.  I believe it is right to have my robot use your title.”

Knowing the robot could make decisions, I looked to her and gave her certain instructions, “FER-RON, you can just call me Clyde.”

She replied, “If we were in a less formal setting, I might do so.  You are about to go with a couple of your men into a potentially dangerous setting, so I will use your title.”

That response shocked me, so I turned back to my sister to ask, “You programmed that?”

“Of course,” Debra replied.  “I knew my robots would be interacting with military and non-military dignitaries.  I thus had them understand formal and informal settings.”

Lenny interjected, “Those with DARLINGs have really appreciated them understanding those differences.”

I had to say, “Debra, she never uses your title.”

My sister replied, “I never use your title either.”

That response actually answered my question about the relationship between my sister and her robot.  Jokes were made about the devotion of Debra to FER-RON, but all were indeed praising the machines built from the prototype.  Debra had spent time assuring a number of minor details were handled in the design of FER-RON.  Because the original creators had not taken the effort, she had killed one of them, the one that happened to have been the love interest of Debra.  Most ladies would have fled from that reality, but my sister set herself to assuring that her loss would not happen to anyone else.  What resulted was one of the most complex precision pieces of equipment anyone could hope to own, and I did not doubt that Debra continued to stay devoted to FER-RON simply to find any flaw that would make another’s relationship with their robot into something frightening.

Mary arrived wearing a cute little outfit.  She appeared as just a little girl probably about ten years of age.  She however had a mind that could receive and translate almost any signal.  I knew the military had a group with the assignment of creating an encryption that she could not decipher.  Anything designed by man could be undone by man, and Mary had the mind of a real person.  As cute as she looked with her pink hair, blue dress with a short skirt, and bunny rabbit earrings, I knew she was someone not to treat as a child.

Roy approached looking not cute at all.  He also appeared as no older than ten, although there were no mechanical parts in him.  He had on a mostly red suit in the fashion of a ship captain.  On top of his red hair was a tri-corner hat.  Pistols were on his hips.  The lad was the product of genetic engineering, but due to his own efforts, luck, and situation managed to rise above any secondary status.  The fact that Roy hung around with my sister was not surprising, as the lad was determined to win at the game of life.

With him was a hulking monstrosity of metal with human parts.  The Pyramid program had taken advantage of various religious beliefs to gain their victims.  Barney Douglas committed suicide, and found himself as a cyborg thinking it to be just a first step of an eternity in Hell.  He now went by the name Perry, and spoke of Barney as dead.  I however wondered why the cyborg hung out with my sister, because I felt she would bring him right to Hell.  My belief was that he also expected Debra to win, which was supported in the exchange between him and Roy.

The lad said, “Hey, old man, why aren’t you coming with us?”

Perry replied, “Just as FER-RON is sitting out to assure Debra is protected, I will protect Mary.”

“I’ll protect Mary and Debra.”

“You will have other considerations.  We need to learn.  Debra is representing RayWeight.  Mary is present just because there might be information available but not presented.  Clyde and his two men are representing the governments in general, as he is officially with the U.N. now.  You are representing the Solomon Foundation.  I’m a mercenary, and my job is to work for Dr. Beyonce and protect her daughter.  I will do my job.  Do yours, Roy.”

“You got it, old man.”  The lad then looked to me as he asked, “Are we ready?”

“We’re here,” I replied, “so I am assuming that we are.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   December 1st 2017, 8:09 am

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga: The Source Story Five

Chapter Two

The Priest was a large being only humanoid in that he had a head, two arms, and two legs. The body was more limber than I felt such a large creature should be. The body was more tubular and would sway. His head and appendages appeared more spherical with conical tentacles. He really did not appear as something that would evolve in an environment similar to Earth, but he showed no discomfort in being with us.

As we moved to enter the simulator, he said, “I am better prepared for you now. Shame said that my program would work, but the presentation was more formalized. As you found out, it really did not handle certain responses too well. As before, the people will recognize you as not being a regular member of the Nerisus Federation, but accept you all the same. The language will be understood, as this effects your minds. Note that beyond a certain point you will only be observers, but the object of this is to have you gain some understanding of how we of the Nerisus Federation gained that point.”

Roy said, “At least this time we will know we are in a simulation.”

“Well, actually, that was how this program was designed. Before I had no idea who had invaded, so wanted to test your intentions. Now I see you as someone who needs to know this, so will do my best to make this a good presentation. I’m sorry that I have to show you this, but it is a teaching of our religion that confession is good for the soul.”

Debra replied, “We have that teaching as well.”

“And the purpose here is to prevent us from having other lessons in common. Really, humans, don’t do what we did.”

We stepped into a circular chamber with a metal panel closing behind us to complete the circumference. Above us was an opening in the ground where a church sanctuary had once been. The floor beneath us could actually lift with the Priest mentioning an opening lecture had been planned in the remains of the building. We had earlier experienced what would follow the words, and had now entered the chamber to see the rest of the demonstration.

We found ourselves at a cave opening with what I sensed was a young lady and elderly man of the same race of beings as the Priest. I saw signs of a large city beyond. It was the young lady that we found to speak to us.

“I really don’t know what was so bad about the speakers. They are wonderful! The usual announcements and music are much clearer in the poor acoustics of the mine. I am sorry that you had to witness the rebellion, but going against the government was a wrong thing to do.”

The elderly man then said, “It is our treat to give you access to Michtim, the home of our government. I ask that you not focus on the government buildings, as the business of our federation is boring. What you should visit is the tall building with the two jutting projections. It is that building responsible for the gratuity of the new speakers being shipped and installed throughout our civilization. The Legerion Institute has a fine reputation of working to benefit all people. Go meet the ones who are seeking to advance our technology even further into the future.”

Since it was her laughter at realizing a fault in the earlier presentation that brought us out of the simulation, I felt it proper that Debra set a good tone in replying. “Thank you. We intend to do that.”

“Yes. It is a good walk before the city proper, but enjoy the scenery. As you enter the city, speak to the people. We are all part of the federation, and you should feel free to relate to all.”

We all said something with the young lady and elderly man as we started our walk to the city. I made comments with the others about the plants around us. The planets we had discovered abandoned by the Nerisus Federation had abundant foliage. The botanists were having to develop all new categories due to what had evolved in other places. I preferred natural remedies to medicine, so saw plants as being beneficial. Debra made comments about the flowers, but the others simply said things as if glad to have something to talk about on the walk.

Suddenly, there was an explosion ahead of us. We safely advanced worried about the noise, smoke, and general commotion. As vehicles raced away, we saw some large trucks destroyed. The sound of sirens had us stay in a secluded position, and soon what could best be described as a police car flew onto the scene.

Those that got out were clearly in uniform, although I heard after a general inspection of the wrecks, “Damn, the okagaki again. It is curious however, as why would they target medical supplies?”

Another policeman said, “Are these supplies? What I see is gross.”

“The side of this vehicle clearly says medical supplies. The other appears as a security vehicle. Maybe the okagaki were targeting the security vehicle and just got the medical supply truck by accident.”

After calling in the incident and taking photos, we clearly heard, “All right, men, we are told this is not our problem. The situation with the okagaki is being worked on. The Legerion Institute says it will clean up the mess. You can move on after putting up markers to warn others moving on the road.”

As the police worked, Roy said, “Those were not okagaki.”

I replied, “No, but wasn’t the building we were directed to visit the one housing the Legerion Institute?”

Debra answered, “Yes, it was. Come on, let’s move on.”

We were coming to the edge of town as vehicles bearing the logo of the Legerion Institute rushed past. Not much further there was a raised section giving access to shops and regular pedestrians while the traffic moved below. Some people would stop us and provide some directions or information on the various shops. Children would mention some comments about the life in the city. There were police everywhere, and from those we heard of the fear of the okagaki. As we stopped to get our bearings on how to travel to the Legerion Institute, I was glad to hear my sister say something that I was thinking as well.

“I am tempted to speak to someone about gaining possible good relations with the okagaki.”

Roy must have overheard, because he said, “This is a simulation. What could happen?” He then moved to a man in uniform and said, “Hey, what type of diplomacy is being conducted with the okagaki?”

Debra chuckled as the lad received a lecture on the completely alien nature of the okagaki. While I heard a lot that I did not feel was accurate, I definitely gained an impression of the propaganda being spread about those who had evolved on a world vastly different than humanity or those of the Nerisus Federation. When the lecture was finished, Roy came back to my sister clearly noticing her amused expression.

“You knew that would happen, Debra?”

“The intended use of this simulation was for educational purposes, Roy.”

“Yes, but I think there is more to it.”

“I am certain there is, but right now we only know that it happened. Look about you, Roy. These people are going about what I assume is their normal lives. We were told this simulation goes up to the event. What I am seeing is that they did not know what was about to happen, which is what the evidence I have seen has stated.”

He looked about, then as if accepting what my sister said Roy asked, “So what can we learn?”

“I hope a lot, and I am not talking about meeting the people responsible. We are going to have to come here. This is where the source of the transforming signal is at. I plan on covering as much ground as possible so I will know my way when I come here in real life.”

I looked to Dan and said, “I told you my sister was going to Hell.”

She obviously overheard, as Debra turned to me and said, “This is it, Clyde. This is where we need to go. Humanity will not be safe until we shut this place down for real.”

Attempting to defend myself, I replied, “I also told Dan that you would win, Debra. I’ve been supporting you, and I will continue to support you.”

“So you are going to Hell as well.”

“Just to watch you win, Debra. I completely believe in you.”

Dan stood tall and saluted the lady while saying, “Queen Debra, I believe in you as well.”

She pointed her finger at both of us while saying, “Then you stay with me. We are not here to simply hear some prepared speeches. We learn as much we can of this place. We open doors, we check hallways, we do everything to learn everything. When we march into Hell, I want to feel like I know the place.”

I had to admit, “I’m not too certain how good or accurate this simulation is.”

“We know nothing, so we learn what we can.”

It was Roy that replied, “Yeah, Debra, we learn what we can. I’m with you.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about.”

“Ah, don’t be so hard on Clyde. He does try.”

I had to say, “Thank you, Roy.”

“Yes, but you need to pay attention as well. Those police are not regular cops, but government representatives. The Legerion Institute might be responsible, but they had government support.”

“You represent Iran and India, Roy.”

“I know, but that is why I am staying with your sister. She is working to stay above it. She is also doing all she can to learn the facts and not simply promote some propaganda. When I go on board the Roland, I hear a lot of stuff. When I am with Debra, I know that I am hearing the truth.”

My sister said, “You don’t hear it from me, Roy. You can hear it for yourself.”

“Well, I know I am not hearing it from others. Not hearing it here either.”

I had to say, “I can agree with that. Let’s continue on our way.”

Turning to move on, I stopped seeing my sister hold her position. She moved to a railing and looked down on the streets below. There was a little foot traffic, but mostly only vehicles. Debra saw me take a position next to her, and softly commented on what she was hoping to find.

“We’ve only found one group of people, Clyde. The Priest developed this simulation expecting remnants of his people to return. They never did. I am actually looking for evidence of his belief, but I am seeing the truth, which is that everyone is going to be transformed.”

I had to say, “I agree that I am seeing a society before its ultimate collapse.”

“This would not happen to humanity. We are too hard-headed and stubborn. There have always been those determined to go their own way, sometimes in spite of the evidence.”

“We were alone, Debra. Being the only race of people helped groups believe they were the only chosen society. The Nerisus Federation had a number of intelligent races, so they had a better sense of being fated to only being a part of a whole.”

I saw her smile as she asked, “That is your explanation?”

“For the moment.”

“At least you got one. I actually will not presently argue with it. Come on.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   December 6th 2017, 7:52 am

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga: The Source Story Five

Chapter Three

There was some comfort in speaking with the citizens of the Nerisus Federation. Considering that all of us had dealt with these beings as threatening monsters, it helped us to see them as regular people. While I cannot say that we learned anything useful in speaking with them, it did reinforce our attitude that the collapse of their civilization was a tragedy.

We all however began seeing an obvious problem. As we spoke with each person, we realized that they were committing a terrible wrong. Their society made an enemy of a race of people who meant them no harm. We had direct evidence of the okagaki not wanting anything of the Nerisus Federation. While I had seen movies where aliens wanted the resources of Earth, the okagaki had allowed the remains of the Nerisus Federation, including the planetary resources, to sit fallow for a number of centuries. I believe we all kept initiating conversations with the simulated people seeking some evidence substantiating their fear of the okagaki, but the problem became obvious that the trouble with the society was not with the aliens.

It did not surprise us to see the number of protective personnel increase as we approached the Legerion building. The regular pedestrian traffic we had been encountering did not turn toward this edifice. It appeared at twenty stories high with both sides having a taller projection of what I suspected from what buildings I had seen to be special offices or residences. Turning to enter the building we all wondered how much resistance we would have to endure.

When a guard asked for identification, Debra showed her RayWeight Technologies ID badge and heard the reply, “Yes, Ma’am, glad you came to pay a visit. The ones you assuredly want to meet are on the fourth floor.”

As we entered, Roy said, “Well, that surely simplified things.”

My sister replied, “The simulation had to let us in somehow.”

We stopped seeing a large visitor’s waiting area. That took us by surprise, as the lower floors of most buildings we knew only had corridors and rooms. I then remembered that we had entered from an elevated walkway, which had me wonder why we had not seen those in the cities we knew. There were places to sit on the right and left beyond a rectangular area manned by people taking calls or I assumed available to supply information. Ahead of us was however a large elevator with armed and armored security in front of it. I stopped from advancing to ask directions from one of those working in the rectangular areas as Roy advanced forward.

“I’m going to check out the elevator.”

Debra reached forward to stop him while saying, “That elevator only goes down.”

I had not noticed that, but hearing the words I saw things in the construction that indeed gave evidence of it going down, although Roy said, “I’m still interested in what the guard says.”

My sister let go, only to watch as two security personnel readied their weapons while one commanded, “Stop! This elevator is only for those with special clearances. Highly classified research toward protecting us from the okagaki is being done below. Trust that your government with the help of the Legerion Institute is at work to keep you safe.”

Roy might have said something in return, but stopped as a girl moved up to ask, “Where do you want to go?”

I stepped up to say, “We were told the one we would like to speak with is on the fourth floor.”

“That would be Dr. Betosdin. The elevator to meet him is in that direction. My mother is on the fifth floor.”

“Thank you. Let’s go, Roy.”

As we walked in the indicated direction, the lad said, “I would bet what we would like to see is down that elevator.”

“Possibly, but the Priest probably was not able to find that information out.”

Mary said, “There is a lower section. How we get to it I however cannot presently say.”

“Well, for the moment let us see what the simulation will show us.”

The elevators of the Nerisus Federation were a lot better than those of Earth. Without feeling any effect, which I knew was correct for their actual elevators, the doors opened back up to us being on the fourth floor. There were people standing around supposedly talking, although they freely told us where to find Dr. Betosdin. I noted that security personnel were still present, although none stopped us from moving through the common area to a hallway. Wondering how much better life was here than on Earth, I went with the others to the assigned room.

We entered an office with a number of terminals, and a man turned to say, “I don’t need gawkers, but someone that actually knows what they are doing.”

Debra stepped up to say, “I can tell that you are correlating various cell types to possibly work on a graft.”

“Close enough. You’re selected.”

Debra was put to work pushing various buttons while we listened to a lecture on using sound to realign tissues. The words presented a message of the new speakers being installed having the benefit of assuring the health of all citizens of the Nerisus Federation. Simply by listening to music one could have illnesses cured and bones strengthened. All of us eyed each other as if not believing a word of it, although were entertained by the various things Debra had to do during the lecture.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Betosdin turned to my sister to say, “You did very well. How about moving to the next room down and getting an employment application?”

I expected her to decline the offer, but she surprised me by thanking the man. Without anything better to do, we moved to the next room. Here we gained a lecture on the okagaki. The young man was dressed in a military uniform, and spoke of actually being in a battle with the aliens. I listened as he spoke of the cruel nature of okagaki, and how their existence threatened the lives of everyone in the Nerisus Federation. Again Debra was given things to do, but this time she surprised me by reacting to something said.

“When did relations with the okagaki break down?”

The military figure turned to ask, “Excuse me?”

“They did not come out firing upon you. Surely you tried to communicate.”

“No. They would not talk to us. They merely fired upon us.”


I expected the simulation to break down again, but the military figure stayed solid as he again replied, “Excuse me?”

“Why did they fire on you?”

“Because they are evil.”

At this point we received an additional lecture on the cruel mindset of the okagaki. I saw my sister roll her eyes during this presentation. While the okagaki had shown themselves to be completely unlike humans, they had been willing to relate to us. We knew they observed us, but all interactions had been positive. What I gained from this lecture was that the regular citizen of the Nerisus Federation had been fed lies and not anything true of the okagaki.

As we left the room, Debra said, “That was a waste of time.”

“No,” I replied. “We actually needed to hear that. We certainly assumed something like that happened, but now we have actual evidence.”

Roy said, “What he said is nothing like the okagaki I know.”

“What is important is that he stated no facts. He did claim to have battled the okagaki, but showed no documents supporting those claims. I am also no judge of this race of people, but I felt he was a little young to be a veteran.”

Debra asked, “An actor in a simulation?”

“I was led to believe that this would have a degree of accuracy. I feel that Dr. Betosdin was accurately presented. That lad was also intended to represent someone.”

Reaching the elevator, I was surprised when my sister gave the command for it go to the fifth floor. Interested, I did not say anything. In looking around, I understood my sister’s reason for going up when a little girl came up to my sister.

“Would you like to go with me to my mother’s room?”

Debra replied, “I certainly would. Did she have an accident?”

“She’s sick, bad sick. My father is a doctor, and is with my mother. He told me to stay out, but if you go in I will go with you.”

“Then let’s go.”

We went down the hall to enter a room with a single bed. While this race of beings were much larger than humans, they built their rooms and hallways much larger as well. Humans considered the buildings left to be quite spacious in construction. More people could have had beds in the room, but sensing the room was for a demonstration those of our group came in as Debra stepped up with the girl.

A man beside the bed asked, “Eyelma, what are you doing here?”

“This lady wanted to check on mother, and I wanted to do so as well.”

Debra asked, “What is wrong with your wife?”

The man replied, “It doesn’t much matter. See those speakers in each corner of the room? They are going to emit a special signal that will adjust her body and make it all better again.”

“Are you a doctor?”

“Well, yes. I was very concerned when my wife came down with this illness, but as luck would have it a most wonderful cure is now available.”

“And have you seen this cure work?”

As if not concerned with the tone of my sister’s voice, the man said, “I am work right here in the Legerion Institute. I have seen with my own eyes the wonders this company has brought into being.”

“Yes, yes, but this is your wife. Have you seen evidence of the cure these speakers will supposedly perform?”

“I am quite cer –“

“THIS IS YOUR WIFE! Have you seen evidence of what these speakers will do?”

With a tone of complete resolution, the man said, “I fully trust in the capabilities of these speakers.”

Debra lowered her voice as she said, “Say goodbye to your mother, Eyelma.”

The man seemed surprise by those words, although quickly mumbled, “Yes, Eyelma. Make it quick. Your mother is still very ill.”

After the girl said some words to the one in the bed, she turned to my sister to say, “Can you take me outside and let me gather some flowers.”

“What?” I saw the face of Debra contort as if preventing herself from crying as she asked, “What did you say?”

“I would like to pick some flowers for my mother.”

“Come on.”

It was a little difficult keeping up with my sister and the girl. They moved down the hallway to the elevator at a fast pace. They did not drop down to the lobby, but all the way to the first floor. As with the buildings we had found, here there was just a corridor leading past some doors to the way out. I followed my sister and the girl as they exited the building.

The youngster pointed to a patch of ground while saying, “My father allowed me to grow some –“

“NO! No, no, no.”

Suddenly Debra collapsed as she began heavily crying. The next thing I knew a part of the reality around us broke up as Lenny rushed in to hug my sister. She wrapped her arms around him and wailed. The simulation shut down with us all worrying about the reason Debra was crying.

Finally, she wiped her eyes to say, “That is what I did. I could not go into my mother’s room, so I would stay outside where I worked at growing some flowers.”

Priest asked, “You mean you could have been that girl?”

“No. I mean I was that little girl. My father was a doctor and cared for my mother. Her mother is going to die, or be changed into a korlock. My mother died.”

“I thought it was a cute little addition. I did not mean it to trouble you.”

Debra shook her head as if to say it had not been his fault, although actually said, “It was also where I met Jimmy.”


Lenny answered, “Our king. Jimmy was the one who is responsible for the creation of FER-RON. He was the king of our project, and Debra was the queen.” In a soft voice, he admitted, “FER-RON killed him.”

Priest said, “I am so sorry for causing you heartbreak.”

Debra said, “No, it’s all right. I probably needed to get this out of my system. Still, give me some time.”

“Of course.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   December 11th 2017, 7:46 am

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga: The Source Story Five

Chapter Four

When Debra returned to Priest, she was back to being her usual self. I could not claim to have been very much a part of Debra’s young life, as those years had me establishing myself in the military. I would call, and write, but I was not home very often. I did visit her and father enough to be accepted by her, but I really was not there for her. As for the death of Jimmy and father, I remember Debra doing some grieving, but at that time she was establishing herself in her occupation. Seeing her break down, I felt some comfort that she had finally allowed some of her emotions to finally come out. I however wondered what more she was keeping contained as she went back to Priest to continue the simulation.

I came in behind her to hear her say, “We know so little, even the propaganda is important to us.”

The large being replied, “I will admit the scene with the girl was added, but I am attempting to present a true history.”

“Yes, but we need to shut the source of the transforming wave pattern down. We need to know something about what we are going to be facing. Mary says that the lower levels do exist in the simulation.”

“Of course. I used some historic architectural plans for the building along with some construction orders to reconstruct it. I cannot say how much is conjecture, but there should be enough to give you some accurate knowledge of the building. You are correct, if you are going to shut down the signal, you will need to go there.”

“Then that is where I want to go.”

Priest activated some controls on a console as he said, “You don’t go down the elevator. That will raise every alarm and put you up against some serious resistance. The truth is that our government got very protective of what it was doing. Our faith in the government had us not be concerned. You will need to head out of town to a maintenance entrance. It will also be protected, but you should be able to bluff your way through.”

I had to step up to ask, “No simulated accepting of credentials?”

“Uh, well, not presently. You have to understand that this is not simply an educational tool for me. This is the destruction of my civilization. The lectures are present simply because I wanted to assure that certain people gained their recognition. They were not evil. I will even say that they did not intend evil. Evil was however there. I did it to find the evil. I haven’t found it. It’s there in the simulation, but the source is still unknown. I want it said that I am willing to show you everything, but what I have is incomplete. Evil can take many forms, and as of yet it has evaded me.”

“Then, what you are saying is that where we are going now is just an accurate representation – I mean as accurate as possible.”

“Yes. You have to understand that I have had plenty of time. I was transformed, but not fully. While I am not in a state as Shame or the others you met, I am like them enough that time has not affected me. Shame says I am like the Programmer. I guess I am, since I have also been programming. Still, the databases I could access are not complete for our purposes. The government kept a lot of their final activities highly classified. I can verify who was active in the project, but that is only because their records are highly classified as well.”

I turned to my sister to say, “When you are ready, Debra.”

She activated a communicator while saying, “I’ll check on the others.”

Almost everyone asked Debra if she was ready. Her reply was that she was at the church, so they needed to be. The only one who did not ask about my sister was one who should have known.

Roy replied, “I’ve been in contact with Dr. Beyonce, Debra. She was the one who discovered this place. I actually liked listening to her lectures, so had her speak of how she found this place. Tell Priest that I did not completely trust his motives, but it seems that I should.”

My sister admitted, “He is here, and heard you say it.”

“Well, let me say that this place was a coding origin used by the Nerisus Federation. Our codes of course used Earth. The Nerisus Federation used this place. What I believe neither of us knew, that Dr. Beyonce discovered in following the equations, was that there is an absolute coordinate system that the science used. That is why our portals could match their portals. Anyway, it seems that Dr. Beyonce verified that this place could well be what Priest said it was, and he should be who he said he was.”

“Shame has not said otherwise, and I have found her trustworthy.”

“We are still dealing with unknowns, Debra. I spent time checking what I could. Also, I like Dr. Beyonce.”

I stepped up to assure the lad could hear me say, “I like her as well, Roy, and agree with what you did. Now, get your butt over here.”

“On my way, Debra, Major Washington.”

It was not long before our squad had again assembled. Priest did not show any animosity with what Roy said, although the large native did point out that in both of our previous simulations the episodes were cut short when things broke down. He however did mention that some combat could result, and suggested we actually hold fake weapons. Our concern was korlocks, and not any simulated opponents, so we did not disarm ourselves. We however did remove physical rounds to assure pulling the trigger would not result in any real damage. With everyone accepting that we would learn what we could, our squad told Priest that he could again start the simulation.

This time we again found ourselves in the woods, but there was a man with us who said, “Like I said, they did not make the road easy to see. The trees are not cut back, and they painted the pavement green and brown. Still, it is there.” I did thank the man, but then he added, “You won’t get in.”

Having a history of covert actions, I easily replied, “Well, the hope is that we can learn something.”

I had our little group wander along the road until I saw the man stride around a bend, then I had them take to the woods. The comments from the others spoke of them appreciating the details of the simulation with some wondering about the invasive species of the Nerisus Federation as the plants did not seem that diverse from world to world. I had them hush as I saw us get to where we could see the entrance into our objective.

Freckles said, “That’s a well defended back entrance, Major.”

What appeared to be rusted metal I could tell was actually painted shielding. The road bed went down to a set of thick doors. What I did not see was a guard house, or soldiers patrolling, so found myself believing that we could actually get in.

I asked, “Mary, how would a truck gain authorization to enter?”

She answered, “There is a panel, but I cannot tell you more than that. However, there are a couple of cameras.”

“Will that panel enable authorization, or is it just a communicator to a guard inside who actually has controls to the door?”

“That panel will authorize the doors to open.”

“Dan, take out those cameras.”

The sergeant answered, “With these things?”

“As far as this simulation is concerned, you have a fully functioning rifle with armor piercing bullets on your person. I would move up a little, but you do have a marksman rating.”

“Yes, Sir.”

There was no need to tell the others with me to stay still and quiet. They did want to watch Dan, but they understood not to bring attention to themselves or do something that would trouble the sergeant. He did not rush, but stealthily found a position that gave him a clear view of his targets. It surprised me to hear reports, although it helped me accept that the simulation could duplicate regular arms without us actually needing them. No sooner did Mary tell us that the cameras were no longer functioning than I began moving forward while giving directions.

“Mary, we need those doors opened.”

She replied, “It’s a scanner, but if you open it there are a couple of wires that will close the circuit on the motor to open the door. Perry or FER-RON could easily open the panel.”

“Freckles, you and Dan open that panel.”

We continued to advance as my large man called over to my sergeant to perform an act of destruction. With both of them having worked with me, they understood what to do. I thought it strange that Dan pulled a screwdriver. He displayed some trouble making his tool fit the head of the screws, but I found myself accepting that those of the Nerisus Federation needed ways of accessing the internal workings of equipment. In a short time the panel was opened without any destruction, and they were looking for the wires Mary had mentioned.

She took the screwdriver from Dan, then worked it while saying, “The Nerisus Federation did not use wires like ours, but what they did served the same purpose.”

Roy cheered when the doors started opening, but the rest of us prepared for combat. Both of my men quickly went through when enough of a crack opened. Debra followed them, and I heard her issue some orders. When I came through with Mary, I saw another set of doors opening.

I had to ask, “Mary, did an alarm sound?”

The girl answered, “No, but there are some guards –“

Again my two men slipped through as soon as a wide enough crack was made. I rushed forward hearing reports. Debra must have made some statement, because I arrived to hear Freckles give a response.

“This is just a simulation, Queen Debra.”

“I don’t care,” she replied. “There are aliens watching, and this is being recorded. Not only do we need to keep the moral high ground to assure that we are seen as good people, but to assure that those of our own in the future see that we were good people.”

Before another statement could be made, I asked, “Freckles, do you see me winning arguments with my sister?”

Dan giggled as my larger sergeant answered, “No, Major.”

“Then just listen to her, and we can discuss things later. As she said, this is being watched and we can watch the video later for our own appraisal of what we did. Understood?”

“Yes, Major.”

Wanting to understand the comments, I then asked, “Didn’t want to kill them, Debra?”

She replied, “This is not war. These should be regular security guards. Some discussion along with allowing them to eventually go home to their families should have been possible.”

“I agree, however I do not want us to get bogged down in involving ourselves with squabbling.”


“Yes, Debra, with simulated personalities.”

I was actually impressed to see her turn to my men and say, “We still go in taking the moral high ground. We can quickly determine the attitude of our resistance, and do what we must.”

To assure the orders, I said, “And my sister out-ranks me. She’s a queen while I am a lowly major.”

Both my men saluted my sister. She responded in the proper manner of giving them orders to move on. I could not help but smile when Debra turned to me, and when she told me to follow I saluted her as well.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   December 16th 2017, 7:54 am

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga: The Source Story Five

Chapter Five

There was a good length of roadway. I had not noticed any mass transport, especially subway, but the passage did go down to what I assumed was a safe distance beneath the city. It did not surprise me to see us approaching a warehouse. Debra gave my men good orders, and they moved on up the roadway without looking to me for authorization.

It seemed that there were some animals in the warehouse. I however moved up after hearing gunfire relieved not to hear my sister berating my men for shooting. Another however also heard the reports, and that man was bound instead of killed. It seemed that he took notice of the animals being killed, as he provided information rather freely giving us some clues about where to go.

We however all turned our heads as the subdued man asked during our discussion of things, “What are you looking for?”

Debra replied, “Something evil is about to happen, and we need to discover its cause.”

“Something evil?”

“Your whole civilization is doomed.”

“No. They have captured okagaki. They are going to figure out how to stop them.”

“What?” Debra exclaimed. “Your federation is composed of various races. Surely you have learned that there can be peace with those alien to you. The okagaki should be nothing more than the latest foreign species to come into contact with you. What have the okagaki done that has you think of them as such a vile enemy?”

With the previous two emotional displays from my sister having broken us out of the simulation, I expected to return to reality once again. This time everything around us seemed to gain in substance. As if actually having his own personality, the one bound replied.

“There must be something. I do not hear them speaking of having any positive communications with the okagaki below.”

I quickly said, “Come on, Debra. I believe that has to be our destination.”

She replied, “Yes, as we need answers. Mary, can you help?”

The girl had a puzzled look as she said, “Something has changed. I am picking up an alert, as if from the outside, indicating a hidden passage.”


“Yes. Wait, they are opening up the channels to the signal. I don’t know how long we have.”

Debra asked for directions, and Mary provided what she could. The one bound verified where she had described to have once been a separate research lab, but recently sealed. Not being able to supply any more information than that, we left in the direction Mary indicated hoping the simulation would stall enabling us to learn what we could before having us witness the end of the Nerisus Federation.

Going back into the warehouse, I noticed that the supplies appeared different. Coming into the expansive chamber I considered it partially filled with basic containers with some type of markings. There were now a variety of things. Beside a wide assortment of boxes, bin, and other containers, I could made out groups of equipment, bound lots of supplies, and other loads of stuff a large company would purchase in bulk. As if reading my mind, Roy turned back to ask about what I noticed.

I replied, “It might sound strange, but I feel everything is more real.”

“Yeah. Priest gave me the impression that this section would not be that detailed.”

“How many video games did you play?”

Roy pulled his pistols and twirled them as he answered, “I preferred actually doing things.”

“Well, help me watch out for things. We will need to debrief each other after this, to assure that we have as complete a record as possible.”

“Sure, but let’s hurry. Debra is not slowing down.”

I turned to see that the others had moved on, so picked up my pace to catch back up with them. There was a platform that had a mechanical lift for moving large loads and machinery to a higher level. As I came close, I almost stopped in order to catch what my sister asked the girl with her.

“Mary, just how much better are your ears?”

She replied, “Daddy always stressed that I needed to learn to listen like all girls.”

I saw disappointment on the face of my sister as she turned to me to say, “Clyde, I believe we are going to need to take those two out, quietly.”

Looking up I could make out a large set of doors with a guard set to each side. I signaled each of my men as I looked at the situation. Both were in uniforms, although I saw the bulk of protective undergarments. The doors were not regular access enabling easy movement back and forth, but sealed panels probably needing more than simple permission to pass through. Not being able to make out an easy solution, I came up with a plan.

“Debra, I am going to move up. My problem is that it might take the guards announcing an authorized agent for the doors to open.”

My sister replied, “Mary can usually determine that.”

The girl said, “I cannot detect anything from here. I believe there is a panel behind the guard on the right.”

I suggested, “Mary, do you want to come with me? Your information could help.”

“Will it be safe?”

After exchanging glances with my men, I answered, “For you, yes.”

Mary adjusted her hat. I wondered just how cute the large creatures thought the girl to be. We had been working well with them, but we had some experience in dealing with the alien culture while we were an unknown race to those of the Nerisus Federation. Hearing Mary whisper that she was ready, I held her hand as we started up the stairs.

Neither guard spoke as we advanced. Having experience in dealing with a multitude of security personnel, I made a decision. Trusting my men to act as the situation demanded, I spoke hoping my sister would appreciate the decision I made.

“Just wanting to see. Something important is supposed to be happening, so the girl and I thought we would chance taking a look.”

I had moved to the guard on the left in order for Mary to see behind the guard on the right, although he made that easy as he turned to reply, “And what are the two of you doing here?”

There was a brief sensation of wind as a bullet moved past me to put a hole in the head of the one I was facing. Dan had obviously moved back, as the report came a second later and was almost drowned by the expanse of the warehouse. There was a scuffle from my right. I put myself between the action and Mary, although watched as Freckles soon had the other guard gagged and bound.

He looked up at me while saying, “I have been studying these guys, Major. I think I got them figured out.”

I was about to comment upon Freckles’ study of alien anatomy, but Mary stepped up to stick a hand in a pocket of the one bound. She pulled out a white shimmering piece of plastic. Freckles and I watched as she then moved up to insert the card into a panel.

Hearing a definite release, Debra moved up to push the door open just a crack. She then signaled us to enter. There was a step having us move upon a metal grating making up a walkway around the room. I expected a laboratory, but the room had a number of electronic panels and computer stations set against the railing as if it was the wall of the room. There were people working. Debra moved behind some tall electronic devices while pointing out other security personnel on the walkway about the room. I gained a sense of them considering our presence of some importance, but held their position near a couple of people, one of the Bulecko, the larger race of the Nerisus Federation we had been dealing with in this simulation, and one of the race closest to humans, called Neriprow, who were in the middle of an argument.

“That is insane, Lergemon!” the larger creature was obviously frustrated in how the conversation had been going. “There is no rush. We can perfect this process.”

“Let me say again, Vemahy, that the okagaki are not a developing race of beings. They are technologically advanced more than us. They are a threat, but we can rise above them. We now have the ability to transcend our bodies. This is our future.”

The calm reply seemed to help the other man control his own emotions as he replied, “This is death.”

“This is not death. Nothing we have seen has declared it to be death.”

“I would not call that life.”

“Because it is beyond you. What we are offering is a higher state of being – no, it is the higher state of being. I am not simply saving our federation from war, but enabling them to gain an existence beyond even the concept of war.”

I watched as the one called Vemahy looked about the room, then he said, “I have to admit that you must believe in what you are saying. You are going to be transformed as well, Lergemon.”

The smaller one turned back to a large console that gave the impression of being more than just a computer station as he said, “I am looking forward to it.”

“Show me.”

“NO!” Debra yelled while moving to an opening in the railing where she could advance to the conversation. “Show me! Prove it to me!”

The larger one asked, “Who are you?”

“Does it matter who I am? Won’t I be transformed with the rest? Don’t I have a right to know? If you can convince each other, why do you think I won’t be convinced?”

“You should already be convinced. We could not have even reached this stage without approval. The task of finding a solution to the okagaki threat has been authorized.”

“There is resistance. I know about a group of miners, but surely they are not the only ones.”

It was the smaller one that replied, “There are always those that attempt to prevent the future. They however always find themselves comforted by advances. They should again.”

Debra did not allow herself to be distracted, but forced her own change of topic. “Let me see the okagaki.”

Both men responded with surprise. “What?”

“I know you have okagaki. Let me see them. I don’t believe they are a threat. The federation is not made up of only one type of being. Obviously you have survived the process of encountering other life forms. What is it about the okagaki that scares you?”

The smaller one replied, “You don’t have the clearance.”

“The clearance? I, everyone, is going to be transformed. This is going to happen because of some grand fear of the okagaki. Well, show me what you are scared of.” Before either man could say something else, my sister continued. “I don’t believe you are scared of the okagaki. I believe you are just determined to advance your own research. I believe this is some personal dream that is being forced upon the public.”

Debra had the attention of everyone in the room. The two that had been arguing simply stared with neither showing any indication of knowing how to respond. Proving herself able to handle being the center of attention, Debra looked about proclaiming her words to others in the room.

“You are on the edge of being evil. Maybe not in your hearts, but in the minds of others. The future does judge those that make certain decisions. Those in days to come will not only know the results of what you do, but a clearer picture of why you did it. The facts you are unwilling to reveal, possibly unwilling to face, will come to light. Maybe you cannot believe yourselves to be evil right now, but I would like proof that you are certain of a future that will not judge you as having been evil.”

Lergemon said, “Those are good words.”

Vemahy kept his focus on his console as he replied, “It does not matter. Let her go on down. That is your research down there anyway, Lergemon.”

“Ah, yes.” I saw the smaller man look to us, then he put his focus on my sister as he asked, “And who are you?”

My sister answered, “Queen Debra. I’m a human, as are my companions. We are a new race to the federation. A portal was established between our home planet and Confullate. We are being accepted while we hear of the okagaki being feared. I simply want to understand the reason for your decisions. Why would a society so diverse not take the risk on furthering its diversity?”

“Well, when you put it that way, I can understand your questions. Come with me, dear lady. You can bring the others as well. I will do what I can to explain.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   December 21st 2017, 7:37 am

And Evil Did Exist
TimeSaga: The Source Story Five

Chapter Six

The man asked us our names as we went down a hallway. I thought that odd, as it was the first time that had happened in a simulation other than when dealing with the entities who survived the transformation. That caused me to again notice certain details around me. Accepting that this was a mission to learn things, I decided to ask the man a question of my own.

“What had you come up with your idea?”

“With me it was obvious. We captured an okagaki, and the best way of learning an enemy is to learn from an enemy. Usually some coercion is required, but once a barrier to speak is broken you can learn a lot. With the okagaki it was quite different, as they are most bizarre. It was decided to try and duplicate their science, and from that Dr. Vemahy got his inspiration for the transforming signal. Why he then gained the bulk of our research money and the support of the government, I cannot say.”

Debra asked, “So, you are saying that to find the true source of corruption we will need to study your government figures?”

“Well, Vemahy is a very influential man. He also has the credentials. He comes from a medical background, and I believe was already working on something like what he is now using. While I am simply following the science, Vemahy already had an established theory and investors.”

“So with him it was simply going with a sure thing.”

Dr. Lergemon displayed some pleasure as he replied, “Yes, however horrendous his science might be, there was already some faith in gaining some results. I just took what he had to a much greater degree. What benefits one should benefit all.”

Suddenly, alarms sounded. Dr. Lergemon has us move quickly to another hallway, then had us stop at a flat metallic offset easily identified to be an elevator. He mentioned the possibility of rebels striking here, but that we did not need to be bothered with such distractions. We however all became alarmed when a blue mist developed around us.

We prepared weapons as a maniacal laughter sounded before the words, “Oh, no, I cannot just have you shown. That would be too easy.”

Roy declared, “You’re the one that drove Al insane!”

“Ah, so you are the strong one. I however did nothing to cause his insanity. He was like you in wanting answers. I was like me in making him work for it.”

Dr. Lergemon sat down in a corner visibly scared. While his actions were probably understandable, there was still some humor in seeing such a being cowering. I kept my focus and noticed signs of combat beyond the walls around me. I appreciated the programming of the simulation in having Dr. Lergemon act as he did, whether it was true for the actual person or not, as it kept him out of our way of making any shot.

We only made a few attacks, but could tell that those outside the simulation were handling the eruption of korlocks. Debra gave some words of praise to her robot. I had my men with me, so only whispered to them. The blue mist however stayed around us, and I believe was disappointed to see so little influence on us in the simulation.

As his maniacal laughter changed into whines of not having things go as desired, Debra said, “Why would you try and stop us? Surely you cannot desire the evil to continue?”

“Evil? This isn’t evil. This is… is – well, evil is not the word for it.”

We turned seeing a rush of soldiers. While they had weapons, they seemed disturbed by the blue mist moving toward them. Having the sound of Instigator, the name we had for the blue mist, come from behind them caused Dr. Lergemon to rise from his place on the floor.

The voice of Instigator came to sound like Dr. Vemahy as it said, “It’s not. It’s not. IT WAS NOT – well, I guess there was a determination to force it upon others. It was not good, but ‘better’ I would say was the proper word. Yes, better was what I wanted for people. I intended to make their lives better, whether they wanted it better or not.”

I had to reply, “My sister warned you that history would see your actions in a different light.”

Dr. Vemahy was one of the larger aliens, but managed to push his way through the guards as he said, “Oh, don’t tell me that you do not see the potential in what I was doing. The science was good. It was proven to be a wonderful line of possibilities. Maybe I should have taken more time studying it, but my investors were demanding results.”

Dr. Lergemon asked, “So… so you were in favor of using the science on such a large scale? You kept arguing for a less expansive use of the science.”

“If it failed, I saw you as taking the blame. You also put in so much work to assure it would work. It was my science, but you made it your dream. You had me believe in you. Yes, I saw what the people became, but I also listened to your interpretation of my science. I found myself believing with you that some good would result.”

“But no good did.”

Debra said, “And you are evil if you force us to suffer from your work.”

Dr. Vemahy began to sound more like Instigator as he said, “You don’t – you don’t – where you’re going is not part of my research!”

I said, “I believe we are rather familiar with what you did. I however believe that what we might learn is that your true evil was in not allowing another, possibly actually good, project to go forward.”

“His was evil as well.”

Dr. Lergemon said, “Yes, well, I am willing to show them.”

Dr. Vemahy dissolved with the blue mist fading from our presence, causing the soldiers more distress than our company. Dr. Lergemon ordered them away, saying that he would take responsibility for us. As the soldiers left, Debra turned to our escort to ask a couple of questions.

“Dr. Vemahy is who we know as Instigator? Can I ask if you are truly Dr. Vemahy?”

“No. Fates do not always choose the mighty. I worked with Dr. Vemahy, but only as one of the mechanics on what you will see. When I transformed, I somehow retained my identity, but became lost in the cosmos. The one known as History found me in her own search for information. Learning of what you were about, I believe through her own involvement with you –“

I interjected, “Yes, in the identity of Chaos. In that form History is one of my pilots.”

“Well, History came to me. It would not surprise me to have her also responsible for the return of Dr. Vemahy.”

“I have noticed a clarity in the simulation.”

“There are some benefits to what we now are, although I would not say we are better.”

Debra said, “Well, we are glad for some wisdom. While some surely would have studied your works, having actual presences to guide us does help provide us with some knowledge that might have been overlooked if ever discovered at all.”

“Yes. Let me say that while it does help me know that you understand I am not responsible for what you are about to see, I was part of its creation. I was proud of what I was doing.”

Mary said, “Well, we need to see. There are others watching, and I feel you need to do it for them if not us.”

“Of course. On the elevator. I know the codes, as I worked below.”

Mary commented about the two button combination as the elevator started. That had the one in the form of Dr. Lergemon speak about security. Mary spoke of things that were similar in their keypad operation and those we humans built, and I listened as the two discussed things of a technical nature while riding the elevator down.

Hearing Roy make an exclamation had us all look over the railing at a very large robot, which had Dr. Lergemon speak of the grand designs in which he was involved. “We captured a few okagaki, and wanted to do more than simply duplicate their technology. We did not need to match them, but gain superiority over them. The size was partially the fact that some of our people were larger than the okagaki, but the actual Dr. Lergemon and his supporters wanted to show off the true might of our federation.”

Debra said, “I have seen one of these elsewhere.”

“Yes, there were other labs working from our designs. Unlike Dr. Vemahy, our grants were not so trusting of what we were discovering. They demanded verification. This place however had the actual okagaki to reference.”

“We found a pilot.”

I believe Dr. Lergemon waited for my sister to say more, but then he replied, “They were going to use immersive systems to have the pilot feel he was a part of the robot. I have worked on the various parts, but the amount of data one would need to operate this vehicle was far more than operating any usual machine.”

“They were turning him into a cyborg.”

“I heard that mentioned, but never let the news trouble me.” I believe recognizing something in the body language of my sister had Dr. Lergemon say, “Really, whatever they did to the pilot, one of us, I’m sorry to hear, but do not feel responsible.”

Coming to a walkway that I could tell would be the end of our elevator ride, I heard my sister ask, “Well, can I ask you about things you possibly do feel responsible?”

I detected amazement in Dr. Lergemon as he found Debra able to ask some very probing questions of the grand robot before us. While not actually interested in the technical discussion, I found myself appreciating the level of knowledge she had come to possess. While I did stay in contact with my sister over the years, I could not help but accept my own secrecy had prevented me from truly knowing about the fields she had claimed as her own. What I heard from Dr. Lergemon also proved him to have the knowledge of a mechanic, and not the inner understanding that the true person he represented should have had.

Finally, I saw Debra look around, then ask, “What do you have to show us?”

I saw Dr. Lergemon look up, as if feeling some pride in the great construct, then he turned to say, “It is behind some sealed doors over here.”

The bulkheads were impressive, even as their presence was obvious. Dr. Lergemon easily punched in the codes, and I heard definite sounds of gas being regulated as the metal seals moved. After sealing the doors behind us, he then began moving across a distance to another bulkhead as he spoke of the machines against the wall.

“After being brought here, we were never allowed to move the okagaki past this point. The sensors of the okagaki are very sensitive, and we really did not want them to know we had them.”

Freckles said, “I don’t see any medical devices.”

“No, as we really did not care about them. We wanted their technology. I was part of the discussions in figuring out how to deactivate some things so we could study it. You’ll see.”

Behind the next bulkhead came a sensation of extreme cold. There was a large metal area with a control panel at the far end. Beyond was a large area with a number of sealed sections in the floor covered by metal hatches. Walking up to the panel I saw controls for opening the containers and moving a crane to retrieve objects from in them or put them in. As I fought the very chilling temperature to advance for a better look, Dr. Lergemon stood at the open bulkhead while making a confession.

“I will not prevent you from operating the equipment, but remember this is only a simulation. Just the fact this place exists should be damaging enough.”

Debra replied, “We are not here to cause damage, but to prevent it, if not allow healing.”

“I believe others might have their own thoughts on this place.”

Mary said, “The okagaki have sent us a thanks for having this place revealed. They only want to know where it is.”

Dr. Lergemon turned to her to say, “Don’t tell them. Not that they should not know, but what is here is not the true evil. I understand that the okagaki might see it otherwise, but this is not our true evil. It might have become that. There were definite factions wanting to go to war against the okagaki, and I would have been a part of that. This however is not the evil. War is universal, and it is possible that good people can war with good people. What we did to ourselves was evil. You, humans, lead the advance to the source, to this place, and come here to stop what we have done. After that, yes, allow the okagaki to claim their own.”

“The okagaki acknowledged what you said, although said that they would continue to observe.”

“Then, I feel my job is over.”

The one that represented Dr. Lergemon suddenly dispersed. I then noticed the walls disappear to reveal the panels of the simulation chamber. Beside those expected, I saw the feminine form of History. Being familiar with both of the incarnations of Saprello, I asked her about Dr. Lergemon.

“Not everyone who survived has a form?”

History replied, “The transformation was to free us from physical concerns. What it does to one is to completely disrupt our bodies. Most however only know the physical form, and lose their identity, one could say their soul, with the loss of their body. The bulk, as you have found, became monsters not fully free of their corporal forms although not fully aware either. Those that actually managed to pass into an existence without any connection to the physical, are an extreme minority with very, very few staying where they could be found.”

“If you see him, thank him.”

“I will. Now, your time at this place is fulfilled.”

Debra said, “We do need to know where that place is.”

“It is there in the data you have gained. You know I work with your brother, and as Chaos you may petition me should you find problems in your search.”

“I will then put my focus there. Mary, are you ready?”

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And Evil Did Exist: TimeSagaD5 (Total of 6)
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