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 All Problems Have a Cause - Part 6 (31 - 35)

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PostSubject: All Problems Have a Cause - Part 6 (31 - 35)   September 22nd 2018, 7:56 am

All Problems Have a Cause
The Blue Flame

Chapter Thirty-One

Calliope was looking around not certain about her surroundings.  There were no bodies that she could see.  She also saw herself in the pale version of her own self, and not as any alien representation of Death.  It was the land that appeared devastated, but that was the job of Shetaile to handle.  Calliope looked around wondering if she should move on.

She heard the voice of Paradine, the persona of Hunt, say, “Calliope, can you sense anything of that mass right there?”

Calliope did try to associate things with what she knew.  Usually she had little trouble accepting certain common ground growths as grass, small more developed growths as bushes, and large growths as trees.  Around her the terrain appeared to have been devastated, so a number of odd things that Calliope accepted as once being a type of plant were massed in places.  A gel, or slime, did seem different, but attempting to associate it with a type of animal, or intelligent creature, failed.

All she could do was reply, “It did not call for me.”

Paradine did appear as a type of humanoid.  She did have a lean form that she felt Greg could admire.  Something about the short locks on the hair however told Calliope that they had not been cut.  There was what appeared to be hair around the eyeballs, and being alerted she noticed growths in some obvious places and others that she would have shaved.  Just wondering about Paradine, Calliope chanced asking a personal question.

“Do you do things that would make you attractive to men?”

Paradine asked, “Do you believe I do not want to associate with men?”

“No.  I only ask because there are things about how you appear that I would consider improper or gross.”

Calliope would have understood if Paradine became embarrassed or offended, so was glad when a simple response was returned, “I will not steal Greg from you.”

“Vefillaya, his wife, will grow old and die.  I was just wondering if I could send him to your people next.”

“Why do you worry about that?”

“Because he is in a good place.  He enjoys his life among us immortals, but he enjoys his life as well.  He is somewhere I would like to keep him.”

With a very human expression of amusement, Paradine said, “Our existences are not eternal.”

“Denidroe once told me that there were members of us that would go on through eternity.  It troubled me then that she included me in that number.  It actually eased my mind when Chisel died.”

“All of you are new.”

More than willing to converse with Paradine, Calliope said, “At least we seem to be a good group.  I am glad to associate with each of you.  From what I am hearing, those at the beginning were not good.  They were selfish and arrogant.”

“Yes.  I am told that.  Many of my homeland feared me when I gained the status of the persona of the Hunt.  They were scared of me taking their children,” she laughed then added, “and the men.”  After a moment of smiling, Paradine then asked, “You sense nothing from the mass?”

Calliope had to ask, “What should I sense?  I cannot be expected to be an expert on all the intelligent species out in the universe.  The captain of Greg’s ship is an amoeba-like creature, so I can accept this was once a living intelligent being.”

“No.  I don’t believe it was like us.  I believe it was non-physical.”  There was definitely something physical, but Calliope was glad Paradine said more.  “That was what was being hunted.  Something about what the people here were doing called me.  I took up the hunt leading them.  When it died, I however wondered about what I had done.  That was why I called you.”

Sorry that she could not help, Calliope suggested, “Maybe we can call Lexostat.”

“No.  Call Greg.  He can fly around and see if others like this are around here.”

“I’ll call both.”

Calliope had more than enough experience at this life to know how to summon her fellow immortals.  It did not surprise her to see either the persona of Eternity or Life appear.  Calliope watched as the floating spider-like being took an interest in the mass while Greg looked around then asked a question.

“There are people watching.  Should we become evident?”

Paradine replied, “I led them in the hunt.  Maybe they can see me.”

“But they are not claiming the kill?”

Lexostat said, “Yes, Greg and Paradine, go speak to the locals about their kill.”

Calliope watched as Greg took on a strange form, although looking at a distance should could tell that he had a body like that of a native.  Paradine went as she was.  While the locals were not exactly humanoid.  Their arms and legs were perpendicular to each other with the heads almost able to pivot freely.  Calliope watched as the two immortals related to the natives, and seemed to have a friendly conversation.

Returning, Greg said, “These creatures are known threats.  The hunt was not for food, but to protect their homes.”

Paradine supported the words by saying, “The hunt was for glory.  To claim to kill one of these creatures is a high honor.”

Lexostat asked, “You feared something else?”

“Yes.  With us now relating with the non-physical immortals, I felt worried that some action by us would spoil the building relationships.”

“Greg, is there a group of intelligent entities that might take offense at the loss of one of their creatures?”

Calliope saw Greg surround himself with the blue glow of his persona, then shoot up.  As if the sight removed the awe from what was happening, a number of locals showed up asking about Paradine’s concern for the creature they killed.  She assured them that there was glory in the hunt, but that the reason for the threat was the concern.  While there was a duty in protecting one’s home, and glory in a hunt to assure that peace would truly reign with one’s community, there was a larger picture that higher powers needed to consider.  The words were enough that the natives moved back when Greg returned.

He said, “I felt the entities were of the same type as Mekatyz, and they did speak of knowing him.  They said it would be the sick of the cabyxill that would come down and possibly trouble the natives here, as the animal would seek physical essence to help it purge, and that it usually worked.”

Paradine replied, “Thank you, Greg.  The natives did not speak of the hunt being unusual, although the strength of their fear in what they were doing did call to me.  For the reason stated, I was concerned upon realizing what I was involved in, then did.”

“It was said that they understood, and really asked for me to apologize to the natives for having to remove the threat.”

Calliope wished that she did not represent Death while watching Paradine and Greg speak to the natives.  The lady seemed to have a formula presentation, although he showed his diplomatic skills by easily adjusting to her words and actions to assure nothing troubled a positive message.  While Calliope wished she could have been a part of the performance, she understood that revealing her presence could have changed the attitude of the natives.

Seeing the natives leave, Greg turned to say, “Lexostat, I must say that Paradine’s concern is in response to the trouble caused by Kestay.  His annoying words have caused us to be bothered by things that usually would not disturb us.  Any advice?”

Paradine said, “Indeed, Lexostat.  Please.”

Lexostat replied, “I believe I am seeing the stronger mentality of the present set of immortals.  The fact that Paradine was concerned speaks for her.  The fact she felt able to call upon others, and accept the call for more, shows a trust in our council.  There is something here that is good, and I feel we need to hold onto it while doing what we can to have Kestay join us.”

Greg commented, “Just for the record, I believe discussions out here are far more beneficial than group meetings around a table.”

Calliope listened as Greg spoke of what he had found in the chambers off the room with the statues.  Neither Paradine nor Lexostat said anything of going there with Paradine admitting never even hearing about it.  Those words led to a discussion about how to even pass certain messages among the group of immortals.  Greg mentioned being willing to put a book of the pictures he was taking in the common room normally used, although also spoke that the other immortals could also simply go look.

Lexostat seemed to support those words as he said, “We are immortals, which means we should not be troubled by the passing of time.  Let’s however speak to each other, and encourage the others of our number to do the same.  Should time pass, those rooms will still be there.”

Greg replied, “Well, I want it said that what troubles me is that the architecture is not like the rest of Peace that I have seen.  There are actual doors, and the walls are not simply bare white.”

“What are you expecting to find, Greg?”

“What I should expect to find is the transition between that area and the area we know.  What I am expecting to find is something else, and I cannot say how I am going to respond to that.”

Calliope was glad that Lexostat kept up the discussion by asking, “Why is that?”

“Because in all the centuries, millennia, that Peace has existed, no one has found it.  What will bother me will be determined on whether I believe it was expected to be found, or whether it was something that was avoided early on.”

“I can understand that, Greg.  Keep us, me, informed.  Paradine, your concern speaks well of you.  Calliope, I hope one day we do learn to relate to one another.”

Seeing Lexostat disappear, Calliope felt the need to exchange some light-hearted chatter.  “Greg, I was wondering about you considering someone of Paradine’s people after Vefillaya has passed.”

He smiled and said, “The one thing that has spoiled me with the Suderling Union is their advanced technology.  While I will not deny the actions of Vefillaya, the truth is that I can relax in my apartment with her.  Paradine’s society lacks a lot of science achievements, and coming home to face a number of basic survival issues is not what I want.”

Paradine replied, “You did not answer the question, Greg.”

“Do you want me to answer the question, Paradine?”

Calliope really wondered about the two as they gazed at each other, although smiled when Paradine answered, “No.  What you said was sufficient.  Thank you for coming, Greg.”

Seeing her disappear, Calliope saw Greg turn to her to say, “A lot of things just went right in the Suderling Union.  Cannot say any of that will ever be repeated.  At present, I really cannot even speak of another interstellar federation.”

Calliope had to admit, “I don’t see you staying after Vefillaya.”

“Honestly, I cannot either.  Still, I will have fond memories.  Might however have to bunk in your room for a time.”

“I doubt I will be the wife Vefillaya is.  Not that I won’t be glad to have you in my life, but there is something in her commitment to you that I will not be able to match.”

“Maybe for another?”

His tone of voice was cheerful, but not playful, which had Calliope think about a real answer to the question.  “No.  There will be love in that relationship, and commitment, but my husband will be getting something other than Vefillaya.  Nothing against her, but she does not have my memories, my past.”

“If your husband thinks of you as anything less than a treasure, let me know when I check in on you.”

“People know about me.  When I finally step down to that life, I will not be a stranger.  When you show up, I expect other men to already be dealing with my husband.”

“I pity your husband.”

Calliope could not help but smile as she said, “And yet you are willing to be him.”

“You know, I wouldn’t for the very reason you are mentioning.  We need to tell our stories, and I don’t mean to each other.  Calliope make certain you marry a man who will listen to your stories.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Thirty-Two   September 27th 2018, 8:01 am

All Problems Have a Cause
The Blue Flame

Chapter Thirty-Two

Greg was still thinking of Calliope when he appeared in Peace. She was a lady he would be glad to have as a spouse, but he wondered if the two of them would truly get along. The fact that they presently did get along did not settle any arguments in his mind. Their lives now just had a completely different set of rules. He felt if the two of them were set together in a life without any escape, they might wear the other out attempting to do things as they felt correct. There would be love there, Greg had no doubt about that, but he felt Calliope and he shared things because they had no other option and not because they were truly compatible.

Those thoughts had him consider his life with Vefillaya. Again he had to accept there was love there. Like Calliope, Vefillaya was his wife because she had no other options. In a strange way, she was a gift. Somehow cosmic forces had acted to give him the right lady with the proper family background during the one circumstance that would make her the ideal wife. If that accident destroying her reproductive capabilities had not happened, she would never have considered going to be the wife of some alien. He wondered if Vefillaya had been given to him for the same reason he had told Calliope that they needed to marry other people, they needed to tell their stories. What he found Vefillaya doing was letting others know about her fantastic husband, and Greg had to consider if that had truly been the purpose for having her come into his life.

Coming to the top of the stairs, he looked at the three corridors. They were not exactly the same. While there were no pictures or statuary to differentiate the passages, the color of the covering on the walls did change hue as did the floor. Identifying the corridor that had a small dragon in the picture he took, Greg advanced to try the latch on a door.

Finding it locked puzzled him. None of the other doors in Peace prevented access. While a portal could be marked as private by having it go black, it did not stop anyone from passing through. He tried the latch again wondering what could be behind the door, but accepting it was locked he moved to another on the other side of the passage.

Finally finding one that opened, Greg stepped back to examine the hallway. He noticed there were ten doors, five on each side. Making an assumption, he left to look at the passage on the other side. There were also ten doors. Curiosity had him then go look at the other corridor, which happened to be the one in the middle. He found it surprising that there were five doors to this hallway. Greg stepped up to the odd portal in the middle of the passage, and found the latch to work with a flight of stairs going up beyond.

Very suspicious about what he was discovering, he went back to the first hallway he had taken and the door that had opened to him. This time Greg pushed open the portal. While he did not enter, his first thought was that he would need to do so in order to close the door. Seeing a very large chamber elegantly furnished in a colorful array of padded furniture, he went ahead and stepped into the room.

To his left was a large desk While heavily carved to show butterflies, hummingbirds, and other creatures among flowers, it had been polished in a manner to preserve every detail. The top of the desk was bare except for a single large book.

Before him a few chairs were set in front of a large fireplace. Greg advanced to see on a small table a carafe of liquid. Goblets were on another table set near the wall. Thinking that this room provided its own parlor for personal contemplation, he looked back to see a grand bed and behind a curtain he felt would be a bathtub and other essentials for a complete life. Thinking the items to be specific to his requirements and desires as a human, he wondered if he was again being presented with a personal gift. Before advancing into the room, Greg stepped back into the hallway wondering what might be found behind the other doors.

Unsure what to do, he went back into the room. While everything appeared to be something to have him accept the room as his own, there was one thing he felt actually demanded his attention. Moving to the desk, Greg looked at the leather cover. Finding no title or other writing, he was unsure what to expect when he opened it.

If this is going to be your life then you should start keeping a journal.

Greg stared at the words for a moment, then began turning pages. Finding them all blank bothered him. He felt that somebody at some time in the multitude of ages the universe had existed should have made it to this place and claimed this room. Surely those immortals who frolicked in the pool and had people think of them as gods also knew about this side of the grand building of Peace. Feeling that something was wrong in only finding blank pages, Greg decided it was time he returned to his own life.

He saw things about the Apostle as he flew down to gain passage through the usual elevator door. Coming into the ship, he noticed certain lights active along with the military personnel in the hallway. While curious, Greg turned willing to discuss things with his wife and let those active in the Apostle stay about their business.

As if needing to verify the situation, a soldier said, “We can handle things, Prime Ambassador. Go on about your routine. As long as you enter and leave the ship in the manner you do, we have no concern about your identity or your intentions.”

With a strong desire to assure himself of his own decision, he replied, “This is still my ship. If there is a matter of urgency, I should be informed.”

“We are actually nowhere near any danger, Prime Ambassador. We are only on alert due to a general command, and nothing specific to us.”

“Then I will leave you do your assignment.”

Greg trudged to his room looking for Tertha or Hubrinostry to meet him. Greg accepted that he would have dealt with any issues they presented. He also felt the same would be true for Vefillaya, but that she would first seek to care for him. Greg trudged to his apartment actually wanting time of not having to be concerned with other things.

As expected, his wife only concerned herself with getting him to bed. Greg did hear her mention that the emperor was having administration problems. Hearing the ship was on alert merely due to government instability did not trouble him. The Suderling Union had survived a number of bad administrations and corrupt policies, so he trusted that they would overcome this situation as well. The problems were not those of diplomacy, so nothing that actually involved him. While the Apostle might be called in to help settle some local matters that also attempted to flare up in the midst of the larger crisis. Greg heard nothing in what Vefillaya said that kept him from enjoying her presence as she put him to bed.

Waking up, he put on a robe and stepped out of the bedroom. Vefillaya jumped up from the couch and asked him if he wanted to eat. Greg simply smiled and told her that he wanted her. She moved to him undoing the clasps on her gown with an expression of being willing, although finding it strange that he would make the request. He took his wife into their bedroom, and did his best to let her know that he enjoyed her as something more than just a fun activity before going to sleep.

Climbing off the bed, Vefillay asked, “Are you hungry now?”

Greg asked, “I assume we are on lockdown until the matter with the emperor is dealt with.”

“We’re not on lockdown, Greg, but just a suspension of duties. The ships near where the Offlantians were going to make their moves are probably on lockdown. For the moment, we are able to simply spend time together. If you want me again after getting something to eat, feel free. In fact, there is no reason to even put on clothes.”


Vefillaya looked at him strangely. It is not that she had not gone around without clothes, but he never requested that of her. She had always done it on her own. Sensing something strange in her husband, Vefillaya went to the bathroom while asking a question.

“What happened with you?”

He replied, “Are you certain you want to be naked while I tell you everything?”

“I had Labonchy increase my breast size to make my body more presentable. For a number of reasons, the size would help. The recipient however is truly you, Greg, and I do want you to enjoy them. I will gladly be naked while you are present.”

“I am not going to speak against you, Vefillaya. I however am going to watch you for your reaction to some things.”

“I would think these things to make my reactions more noticeable.”

Greg would not say that her breasts had actually increased that much in size, but there was a fullness to them. He would not speak against his wife being proud of her appearance, and was actually glad that she appreciated what had been done to her. More than willing to share in her joy of her breasts, Greg cleaned himself up then put on a robe before leaving the bedroom.

He spoke to his wife of Calliope asking him about Paradine. Vefillaya cooked a meal wearing only an apron while asking about the other woman. He thought about what he saw of her even as he described the lightly attired form of the persona of Hunt. Actually gaining a mental image of Paradine, he had to speak of what he saw before him.

“You are lovely, Vefillaya.”

As if recognizing that she won a contest with his comparison of features, she replied, “Thank you. How many races do you think might be out there that could satisfy you?”

He thought about it, then admitted, “I really don’t pay that much attention, but humans, in fact no real species type, is common.”

“You are not going to stay with us dumonistats, are you?”

“I was thinking of you as a gift, Vefillaya. Everything about you is special.”

“I think of you the same way, Greg.”

Nodding with the acceptance of her words, he decided it was time to speak of what he found on Peace. He did his best not to just describe things, but to state his own thoughts as he found things. He felt she truly understood his words when she stated a conclusion.

“You’re not going to do it because of me.”

“That and the possibility of there actually being another lady in my future. I would rather have this life than some solitary existence.” Seeing her nod, then begin to prepare their plates, he added, “I however have to wonder why no one else claimed the room.”

“You made the right decision, Greg.”

“Well, I am still going up the stairs.”

She set the plates on the table, then said, “I trust you to continue to make good decisions, Greg.”

“Well, I sometimes wonder if I am making good decisions, or if those before me made better ones by making no decisions at all.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Thirty-Three   October 2nd 2018, 7:46 am

All Problems Have a Cause
The Blue Flame

Chapter Thirty-Three

There was a completely different attitude in Greg seeing her naked and the other times. Vefillaya actually appreciated having periods when her body did not need to be compressed in garments. The idea that a man was watching her gave her a sense of being indecent, but the fact she was with her husband made the time actually pleasant. She liked having Greg watch her, and found that while naked he seldom moved his eyes off her form.

Her experience with him easily had her understand that his change in attitude was not due to any problems with her nudity or the increase in her breasts. Something happened that altered his mood. The words he used to describe his experience made it clear that he did indeed treasure her. Vefillaya had no doubt that her activities while naked in his presence would never be forgotten. In a strange way that had her wonder about what decisions her husband might be facing that she did not know about. Accepting that she had no real way to understand his other life, she tried to imagine what might be affecting his attitude.

She did agree that it was a good thing those of the Suderling Union were rising up to stop the Offlantians. While Greg had been sought to end the threat of the aggressive race of beings, he did not believe it to be his place to continually stop their plans to advance through the galaxy. Once the threat of the Offlantians again seeking to spread their power had been shown to be real, those who should have prevented their previous illegal occupations rose up to not make the same mistake again.

There was also the calm feeling of no one on board the Apostle seeking to create problems where none existed. Hubrinostry and other notable ambassadors were not calling for meetings to discuss things with the main government in crisis. The military on board was not forcing any restrictions other than seeing them more often than usual. Even Tertha, who would usually be updating Greg on what was going on with the emperor, mentioned the pleasure in having time to spend with her children. Feeling that no one on board the Apostle would presently interrupt her time with her husband, Vefillaya continued to move about naked.

They did not practice dancing with others, although would work on steps with each other. While a number did encourage that, Vefillaya enjoyed just moving with her husband. He had brought some music from Earth, then worked with one of her nephews to compare the music with that of Dumonistat. Showing the diversity of the Suderling Union, the lad had mentioned music from a number of worlds. Greg then had his wife discuss things about the music as the two of them considered ways to dance in a more visibly entertaining manner.

They both laughed hearing a formal request from Feding for a time of dance practice. An agreement was made with even Greg admitting that he needed to get dressed. Moving to the bedroom, Vefillaya had to turn hearing her husband speak of plans in a manner of requesting her agreement.

“If I don’t get called before the end of our session, I am going to take off on the way back.”

She had to admit, “It is a good time. Go, get it handled. You can then speak about it with me, with my relatives, and maybe we can go speak about it with your mother.”

“It is getting that time.”

“She really wants to show me off, but she can’t.” Before Greg could say anything, Vefillaya went ahead and admitted, “She loves me too. I can tell that.” She then had to say, “But that is one thing that will be unique about me. I will know her. Whoever you have next will not be able to know anything directly of your family.”

Greg said, “No. I do not expect her to live so long, or for your time to pass so quickly.”

Vefillaya really said nothing in return. She felt any comment would reduce the true meaning of what words her husband had used. She simply smiled while turning to give her husband some final glimpses of her bare body before putting on certain garment, and seeing him smile with pleasure Vefillaya felt had him say enough.

She simply smiled as Greg waved and made encouraging remarks to the soldiers at stations along the route to the grand stateroom that provided plenty of room for movement. Greg had attended enough social functions to know the usual music, but having recently covered the topic with his wife he spoke of other options with the other couple. Vefillaya smiled as Feding and her husband further enlarged the musical knowledge of her husband along with speaking of certain steps that had not been presented previously.

There was no doubt in her mind that the call was real, and not Greg simply choosing a moment to make an exit. The way he twitched was a clear indication that something came to his attention. Vefillaya knew to stay and make some closing statements with the other couple as Greg rushed off to answer the call.

She did her best to provide advice when Feding and Ogdife spoke of starting their family. They both had comfortable lives. While Feding had some good experience, presently there was little opportunity to advance. Her husband also had little chance of improving his job, but wanted the ability to spend time with his family. Both spoke of gaining years of experience while raising young, then reevaluating their career opportunities. Vefillaya appreciated them speaking of the positive manner Greg and she had treated the cladastians, and was glad to know Feding and Ogdife considered their own family situation to also provide wonderful memories.

There were soldiers in the room, and they readied weapons as what could best be described as an electric sizzle sounded. Vefillaya turned to see the glowing feather-like entity that had been troubling her husband. While he appeared rather threatening, she felt honored to be a part of her husband’s other life. Signaling for the soldiers to lower their weapons, she approached the strange entity.

“Kestay, welcome.”

Vefillaya suddenly felt surrounded by the strange entity. She did not feel trapped or threatened. None of the immortals had ever hurt her. The worst that had happened was in the case of Labonchy, who had simply ignored her the first time she visited. She however came back willing to interact and even bestow the blessing that Greg had declined. Vefillaya wondered what Kestay was doing even as his presence surrounded her.

With those thoughts it surprised her to hear, “With your life on the line, maybe Greg will consider switching with me.”

Having spoken to a number of immortals, and heard her husband speak things about the issues being discussed, Vefillaya felt able to ask, “Could he?”


“Could you be Life?”

“Why couldn’t I?”

Vefillaya looked around her. She could not be certain, but something about the filaments she saw and how what appeared as sparks could be easily defined. While she was still young enough to enjoy her body, she heard others in her family speak of how their bodies began to show the passing of years. The crisp appearance of the filaments of energy around her had Vefillaya make an assumption.

“You’re young, aren’t you?”


The tone in the question had Vefillaya assume her guess was correct. “It’s all right. Calliope is young as well. Greg was not that old when he gained his status, but spent years in study. Mentally, he is not young. As for Calliope, she might have trouble actually relating to young people. I saw her as an elder when she was here, but I have learned that she is physically still very young.”

Kestay replied, “That is not what this is about.”

“Of course it is. If you were older, you would not be doing what you are doing.”

Suddenly she was cast away from Kestay. Vefillaya had not felt abducted. While she did react as if physically pushed, she felt her muscles simply reacted from an energy surge. Having soldiers come around her, she pushed them back while giving advice.

“Back away! You cannot help with this.” Turning to prove her point, she took a step toward Kestay then said, “I know how to stop you.”

From the glowing feather-like being came the usual response, “What?”

“I worked with Calliope and Greg to take the status of Death from Bo Drell and return it to Calliope. I do know things. While I cannot imagine what you are going through, or want to go through, do not think I am stupid.”

It was the voice of Feding that said, “Or unwilling to act. She has gained her honor by doing what was necessary to stay working with Prime Ambassador Greg.”

Kestay asked, “You can stop me?”

Vefillaya replied, “Think about what you are. Think about how you gained your status. There was no selection. There was no test. You just gained your status. Maybe you knew something, or were at work at a certain task, but there was no way to truly affect why you were chosen.”

“And yet you can undo it.”

“And yet I can see that it can be undone. Bo Drell was a horrible Death. His time was coming anyway. All we had to do was force him to take a step further causing things to happen on our timetable. It seems that you are a horrible Energy. All I have to do is force you to take a step further. Honestly, you were probably about to do it anyway, but I would rather assure that your time as an immortal comes to an end at a proper moment.”

“I’ve done what I would do to you to others.”

Having discussed the previous occasion with her husband, Vefillaya easily replied, “No. You were learning, seeking to understand. This is not that. You know what you are doing, and what will result. My husband and other immortals agree that once you begin to learn the rules, you will be held accountable to the rules. No, what you are claiming to do with me will not be the same.”

“I shouldn’t be Death.”

“Greg works with your kind. Have you learned anything about working with our kind?”


Vefillaya tried not to smile, but the youth of Kestay clearly revealed itself in the lack of quality of its responses. Greg and the other ambassadors worked hard not just to determine good tactics for forcing certain parties to agree to a compromise, but to determine what counters might result and how to prepare for them. Vefillaya gained a clear opinion that Kestay did not have the mental capabilities of anticipating alternate lines of thought.

“Greg mostly works with those of the physical realm. He sets bones, cleanses systems, and even handles things of a more intimate nature. Can you do that?”

“I can learn.”

“No.” Vefillaya took a couple more steps toward Kestay as she said, “I will not force the universe to again go years without a Life. Greg is helping people, all kinds of people. He is doing good, and I am willing to keep him active.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“I told you, I am going to have you take a step further,” Vefillaya declared before rushing forward.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Thirty-Four   October 7th 2018, 8:00 am

All Problems Have a Cause
The Blue Flame

Chapter Thirty-Four

Greg did not understand the scene. He was before a large tent where people squirmed on the ground. The speakers blared out a positive message, but the torment in the faces, voices, and actions of those before him had him not understand what to do.

“Come on! We can overcome! This is our god testing us. I did not poison this water. I’m here suffering like you are. We can survive this! Now, say this prayer along with me.”

Greg had never considered himself as an agent for the divine. He did recognize his position, and those of the immortals, as a guideline, a standard, for certain philosophies. Because Calliope was a good, caring, Death, there was a general acceptance of the end of one’s life. Labonchy, as non-human as she truly was, set an attitude for all females. However, Greg did not really know how his behavior as Life affected anything, but accepting that he had his place, and these people really wanted to live, he set to work negating the poison in their bodies.

It brought him some comfort to learn that the agent was a bacteria in the water, and the discomfort was not permanent. The words of the one Greg assumed to be the preacher indicated a concern that someone had contaminated the drink. He however felt that the preparations for the beverage had simply not been careful enough to prevent the impurity. Greg never did reveal himself as he worked to ease the discomfort in the people, but felt nothing wrong in them giving the glory to the divine.

The next call had him working with someone who spoke as if he was a policeman who was determined to continue after a serious criminal. Greg simply smiled as he heard himself called a helpful citizen, as the way the man talked sounded like how certain superheroes would speak. The man definitely had the attitude to keep on going even though suffering serious damage. Greg did what he could to repair the man’s internal systems, although worried about his future as he rushed off to again confront the criminal.

Since he had told Vefillaya that he would, Greg left for Peace. For a moment he considered going and getting the camera, but decided he was beyond any desire to inform others. The question he had was why others had not left the information for him. He could not believe the things he was seeing were not common knowledge. Simply wanting to discover what he could of Peace, Greg left for the rooms with the statues.

He rushed up the stairs, then headed to the corridor with the odd set of doors. Wondering what he would find, he stepped through the doorway. Without hesitation he headed up the stairs, although had to stop seeing himself coming into a room with no hallway or foyer.

There were no chairs, but the room did appear as a grand office. The floor was a covered by a soft, thick golden-brown carpet. The walls were covered in what appeared as large panels of some dark blue ceramic. While no lights were present, the white ceiling had a soft glow. Before him was a large desk with what appeared to be other desks carved into the material. Again he saw a book set on top of the piece of furniture. The tome did not truly appear out of place however, as there were small podiums about the perimeter of the room with books on top. Counting twenty stands, Greg made an assumption about the purpose of the office.

He moved around the desk not to open the book, but to wonder about who was supposed to manage the office. Actually, he was scared to go opening the tomes. Greg actually believed the words that once they knew the rules, they would be held accountable. He did not mind being held to some standards, but he felt certain that if he became aware of some minor point in how he should behave that he would fail due to it being something he did not consider proper. Wondering if there was a twenty-first position, someone to act as a leader and mediator of the twenty, he checked the desk for drawers that might reveal some clues about who was supposed to have authority.

There was nothing in the wide center drawer beneath the middle of the piece of furniture. In the space to the right he found some sheets of what appeared to be bleached sheets of leather, quills, bottles of ink, and a large knife. He took the blade wondering if it was to be nothing more than a serious looking letter opener. While it fit comfortable in his hand, the size of the item and the sharpness of the edge had him wonder about its purpose. He set it in the wide center drawer simply wondering if he would find it moved later, then left the room feeling a need to speak with others about what he found.

Wondering what his wife would say about some of the dance moves they had practiced, Greg returned to the Apostle. Knowing about the situation in the Suderling Union, it did not surprise him to see certain lights active. Coming through the elevator doors, he however found himself worried about his wife when soldiers rushed to him with an officer giving him a command.

“Prime Ambassador, to the South-East Gala Room! NOW, SIR!”

Wanting to show his trust in the military, Greg took off as directed. Rushing through the corridors he saw monitors showing his wife throwing items at Kestay. Accepting that the military felt unable to handle the situation he raced to his wife.

A soldier opened the door, so he could have run on in. He however slowed his pace to simply stride into the room. Vefillaya yelled his name and took off from near the wall where she was about to throw another chair. Kestay suddenly moved to her, but Greg showed his constant contact with his immortal self by rushing to his wife at a fantastic rate of speed. Having Vefillaya in his arms, he let the other immortal know a fact.

“We can affect each other, but just won’t be seriously hurt. Still, it does relieve some tension.”

Kestay said, “I did not hurt your wife.”

Vefillaya declared, “He would not have stopped. If he would have taken me, he would not have stopped.”

“That is not true!”

“IT IS!” Vefillaya broke from her husband to face the glowing feather-like being defiantly. “You don’t understand what you are doing!”

Greg had to ask, “What was it with the chairs?”

His wife spun to say, “He attacked me! He threatened me!”

Kestay interrupted to counter, “I did not!”

Greg had to admit, “This is a public room, Kestay. Everything that happened in here was recorded. We can check the record.” Hearing silence, he felt a need to prove his point. “I assume we already have people processing these events. Can you play the section where any threat by Kestay was made?”

Almost immediately the section of one wall with the capabilities of acting as a grand monitor lit up. Greg found his wife to return to him and bury her head in a shoulder as a scene was shown. While glad that Vefillaya was safe, he felt that he would need be the one who put her mind at peace seeing what was shown on the grand monitor.

Kestay admitted, “My people do not have that capability.”

Greg had to reply, “So you can get away with lying to your people? You clearly did make a move to gain control of my wife.”

Clearly not conceding to having done anything wrong, Kestay said, “We can assure the intent of our words. We can use certain words, then have our actions and the result of our actions speak for themselves.”

“Yes, we will need to determine that.” Greg then had a hand move through the thick white locks of his wife while asking, “And what was it with the chairs?”

She moved her face away from him just enough to answer. “They’re self-grounding. It’s for the protection of the people. Those using energy weapons will find the charges drained. Since he is Energy, I felt they would affect him.”

Kestay admitted, “They were bothersome.”

Those words troubled Greg. While he was glad to find Vefillaya unharmed, the fact was that Kestay was still here. Whatever his purpose for coming, the obvious objectives had either not been achieved or were not attempted. That meant another scheme had brought Kestay here, and attempting to rationalize it had Greg consider who else might be threatened. Thinking on things, Greg could not help but chuckle with a thought.

Seeing his wife lift her gaze to look at his face, he explained, “Kestay still thinks he can make his plan work.”

Kestay boldly asked, “How can you know what my plans are?”

“You did not actually harm my wife. Even when she acted to try and harm you, which she should have well known was not possible, you did not attack her. That was good, however there is no explanation on why you did threaten her. The fact that you stayed means that your move on her was merely an initial trial, something you hoped would have worked, but that you did have other plans.”

Suddenly, Greg had an idea. If this had been his own quarters, he could not have assured it would work. However, being in a public place with the cameras active, Greg felt he could fight two battles instead of just one.

“You see, Kestay, I am presently dealing with the same situation. There is a race of beings in this galaxy that once had me need to destroy their evil plans to dominate. I haven’t gone away, but they are trying again. Even got one of our political parties to support them. The question is why? The answer is they want to gain support. They are not fighting to actually claim territory, but to spread their influence. That is what you are trying to do, Kestay. You want to influence those of us who should know better to support something that everyone knows from the start will be a failure. While there is no immediate payoff, the hope is to gain some position that will eventually enable you to achieve your goals when things in the present situation change.”

As if understanding, Vefillaya said, “He’s young, Greg.”

“Yes. I can agree. He thought I would react rashly, because he would have. He did not actually harm you, because he knew that would put him in the wrong. He was hoping I would run in here and do something that would put me in the wrong. At present, he is still hoping to do so, or at least gain some resolution.

Kestay demanded, “How do you know?”

“How do I know what? I just told you my reasoning. You can challenge it. Go ahead.”


Greg sighed, and was pleased to have his wife bury her head back in his should to hide a chuckle. “You cannot just say I was wrong. That would be bickering. Me saying, ‘Yes,’ and you saying, ‘No,’ would not accomplish anything. I explained myself. It is now time for you to explain yourself.”

“I don’t have to do that.”

Vefillaya allowed herself to be moved behind Greg as he advanced while boldly asking, “Then what are you going to do?”

“I came because I am better than you.”

“State your case.”


Greg had to sigh again before pointing out, “There are at least four cameras in this room. You have an audience. Go ahead, explain why you are better than me.”

It was hard to tell body language in something as exotic as a glowing feather, but there was some adjustment before Kestay let loose some energy. None of the blasts affected those on the floor. Seeing them instead strike the ceiling Greg assumed the reason for the attack, which was verified by what Kestay said.

“I’m surprised the cameras still work.”

Greg replied, “This might be a diplomatic vessel, but the reason for diplomacy is generally due to a threat or presence of hostility. For that reason, certain safeguards were designed into the vessel. Just like the chairs, protective circuits were designed into the cameras. After all, a record of things does help assure a proper understanding of history.”

Kestay suddenly grew brighter and larger in size as he declared, “Then the record will show that you did not stop me.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Thirty-Five   October 12th 2018, 7:57 am

All Problems Have a Cause
The Blue Flame

Chapter Thirty-Five

Greg called up the Flame, then found himself wanting to laugh. It was not that he considered the situation funny. He fully understood the seriousness of the threat. What he found funny was thinking he could prove himself stronger than Kestay. An idea of being a high school champion setting himself to overcome a classroom bully just did not seem to put the conflict in the proper light. Calling up the Flame, he however gained the impression that he could do what would be required, but the effort would not be a laughing matter.

He sensed the range of Kestay as alarms sounded. The persona he represented was Energy. All of the immortals had something to do with life, so Kestay had nothing to do with powering machines or anything else do with technology. What he did was enable those beings who had no physical organs, tissues, or other degrading system gain a release in a way Calliope could not. She had agreed to perform an experiment where her abilities were tested on a being that could not be called an organism, and Greg knew of the situation where Kestay had used his powers on lifeforms those around him could identify with. Detecting alarms all through the ship, there was no doubt of the range of power that would be displayed.

Greg however felt that he could do it. His powers worked on physical forms, while Kestay did not truly understand them or had powers that were designed for organisms. He however had shown his powers to have an effect on physical creatures. With that knowledge he felt able to make his presence known on all in the vessel. It would be a major act of extermination, but Greg felt he could match whatever was attempted in that he actually had some knowledge with the abilities actually to work on the life forms.

His only problem was in not knowing just how strong Kestay actually was. Just the fact he was young could mean that he would pull an amount of power a more rational being would not risk. Greg however knew the amount of power he had managed. He had been the agent for starting life, for causing adaptations, and he flew through space at tremendous velocities. Greg set himself to perform as needed. Feeling a presence behind him he accepted that there was at least one who would work to restore him after he saved everyone, and he trusted his wife to again assure his recovery however much the feat would cost him.

While it had actually just been a fear, Greg felt the power of his immortal persona overwhelm him when Kestay did actually begin to work his influence on all in the vessel. The power that flowed was strong, but Greg had the capacity to understand how to counter the spreading destructive presence. Having the ability to actually work with life forms in a positive way, he sustained each in a manner that would protect them from the influence of Kestay.

Greg felt it, but being cautious he did not immediately react to recall the activities of the Flame. The range he had stretched his powers enabled him to quickly determine what had happened, but not wanting to be found at fault he checked again. No cries of suffering came to him, and no sense of deathly influence could be detected. Finally feeling that the threat of Kestay was truly gone, he pulled the Flame back.

Slumping to the floor he felt Vefillaya hug him, and while she kissed him he had to ask, “What happened? Could you tell?”

She replied, “He just disappeared.”

A voice he recognized, that of Lexostat, said, “He’s gone, lost his status. Expect another Energy.”

Greg had to admit, “I did not think I would be wrong, but I knew I would be wrong if I did nothing.”

“I can’t say that. I am here because I felt a disturbance in the working of the universe. Kestay was committed to doing something that he knew he should not. You could have probably gone on the faith that he would not have succeeded. He knew what he was doing would be wrong, so simply the intent to perform the act should have been enough to remove him from his position. Still, Greg, it helps my opinion of you to know that you would have done what you could.”

“This is my home. I honestly felt I would have been wrong not to have taken action.”

“Considering the time you have served, and what you have done, I will not challenge that belief. Come talk to me later, Greg.”

After failing an attempt to rise, he wanted to say because Vefillaya continued to cling to him, he simply said, “Yes, Lexostat, we need to talk. I also have to tell you some things.”

It was Feding’s husband who helped Vefillaya lift Greg to his feet with the man saying, “That was intense. Who’s Lexostat?”

“You know Chisel, the one who showed up and died?” When a nod was given, Greg said, “Well, Lexostat is the new Eternity.”

“This one is odder.”

“He seems to be a good person in his own way. I’m starting to like him.”

Greg found that he could walk on his own. Of course his wife stayed at his side, but he did not mind. Walking out the door of the room, he however was stopped by the presence of Hubinostry.

“Good work, Greg. Working your argument to that immortal so that it could also apply to our situation with the Offlantians was a wonderful stunt.”

Greg replied, “Just doing what I was taught. Set up the moment to gain everyone’s attention, then make the best presentation possible.”

“It really was your words and not your deeds. Really. What you said made sense. Why people were not talking sense already, I cannot say. The information I was getting said that the public had turned completely against any political appeasement of the Offlantians, but we were not getting any turning of the government. What you did is producing the effect of having everyone wanting to look realistically at certain policies. With us already in contact with the other diplomatic vessels, it is felt a united voice of reason will be heard.”

“Glad to be seen performing my duties. However, Hubrinostry, if you don’t mind, give me time to rest before loading up my schedule.”

Hubrinostry chucked, then signaled Vefillaya to return to moving her husband to their apartment while saying, “I will certainly do all I can to support you.”

Greg did not allow Tertha to stop him, but expected her to walk with him, which she did while saying, “Greg, the emperor has lost his support. Things are being put into motion to assign the next one.”

“And who is it that you see us having to hate this time?”

“Honestly, if it plays out the way I expect, might actually gain someone I like.”

“I don’t believe you will stay fun to hang around with, Tertha.”

The tri-sectional form of Tertha was sometimes hard to read, but Greg had been a friend with the lady for a number of years. He could tell that she simply grinned. He had topics that he enjoyed, but accepted that she enjoyed the politics. While she could complain, Greg actually felt her tirades were educational. Tertha was also a friend, so he would tolerate her whatever her mood.

She stayed with him until entering his apartment. Anyone else Vefillaya might have turned away at the door. The cladastians were however friends with Greg before he became married, so had a level of trust that would not be refused. Tertha waited until the door was closed, then understanding the apartment being a very private place she asked the question she had held.

“Greg, what is it you want to tell Lexostat?”

He accepted the level of friendship and work relations put Tertha in a position where she would gain an answer. “I found the rules for us. Not that I read them, but that is what they must be. What troubles me is that there is a desk in the center of the room with a book on it.”

Jirdan made a conclusion, and had the personality where he voiced it. “You didn’t read it either.”

“Nope. There is no record of any of this. Nothing I have heard about speaks about what I am finding. There is something very wrong with this.”

Vefillaya checked what she knew with what she was hearing. “This was at the top of the stairs?”

“Yes. No door after the one in the hallway. No foyer. I just walked in. This grand desk with a tome on top of it. Twenty podiums with books on them about the room.”

Tertha was the one with the mentality to ask, “What were you looking for, Greg?”

“Peace. This is my home, but it is as well. However, while the longer I stay here the more it feels like home, Peace seems to be something else. Outside seems like it should be from the stories I am told. Looking at the grand building, there are spatial problems with the known rooms. I have yet to find stairs. What however keeps everyone accepting the place is that it does provide a place to relax, to spend time in comfort. At a really basic level, it actually deserves to be called Peace.”

Knowing he had taken pictures, Greg felt those listening would understand what he had to say. “Well, this section where I am now going has stairs. The doors inside Peace are just glowing ovals. There are doors in this section, and locked doors. This section is more institutional. I get a feeling of business, structure, and administration. It does not seem peaceful at all.”

He signaled Vefillaya to have them settle down. He needed something to drink, but would not deny any of the others. Vefillaya made certain he did not have any problems sitting on the couch, saw the cladastians moving over chairs they would find comfortable, then left to get all some refreshments.

Greg would not speak on the topic while his wife was gone. He instead activated his grand monitor and checked the news. He was trading notes on things with Tertha when Vefillaya returned. As his wife, she stayed involved in the activities of the vessel, so had her own comments on some things. Finding a story about her actions in the presence of the strange entity, they celebrated her own moment of fame. With the signal of a communication, Greg felt certain his wife would still be the topic of conversation on realizing it was her brother.

Activating the link to put the call on the main monitor, Tebel acted as if he was being put on the spot as he accepted the conversation was not completely private. “I was just going to let my sister know that I am proud of her.”

Greg replied, “And you should be. I promise you that I will continue to do what I can to make her happy.”

Vefillaya said, “Just because you will ask – no, Tebel, I was not scared. I was worried Calliope would show up, but I did all I could not let my mind go to where it would call to her. I don’t want her to come to me in that fashion.”

Tebel replied, “And you are married to Life.”

“I am married to a good friend of Calliope. If she had showed up, I felt confident I could fend off Kestay until Greg returned.”

“Greg, what is the chance of getting another immortal like that? Bo Drell, and now Kestay, it is not like you have the most reputable hiring system.”

Greg replied, “I have no way of knowing. The whole problem with what I am experiencing is that there is no history. Honestly, we have a good group of immortals, and from what I hear from Calliope are tales of relatively decent people before us. Whether that is a fluke, or Kestay was the fluke, there is no way to determine.”

“You took a picture of Kestay’s statue. I assume there will be a new statue now.”

“Yes, but it should still be a type of non-physical entity. Working with and relating to this one might not be easy. Still, I will try.” Since he probably would talk about the topic with Tertha anyway, Greg went ahead and asked, “Tebel, do you think our uncle took the advice he was given?”

“I can already tell you that your warning had him on alert when certain alarms were triggered. He lost money, but not nearly as much as was possible. All right, Greg. I see you with Tertha and Jirdan, so I suspect you are discussing things about what happened.”

“Who do you expect to be the next emperor?”

“Actually, Konorchu. He should have been designated last time.”

Tertha said, “That is my belief as well.”

“Well, I love you, Vefillaya. Greg, you got someone special, although I still believe you are the only one who was right for her.”

When the monitor blinked off, Greg said, “Tertha, what I fear is that something is at work to assign permanent immortals. I am not interested, because of what I have here. I have a lady that truly loves me. I have good friends, and a wonderful job. Basically, I have life. Still, Peace has been there for millennia. Why is all this being found now? There is nothing special in me finding it. All I have done is look.”

Jirdan said, “Well, we’re here for you Greg. Staying in our lives means sharing it with us. Keep taking pictures.”

Tertha added, “Some of the images do look interesting.”

Greg found Vefillaya close to him, then realized he had nodded off. “Okay. Sounds like something to keep in mind. Right now I am about done with my thoughts. I need some rest.”

Vefillaya said, “I do too. Throwing chairs is hard work.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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All Problems Have a Cause - Part 6 (31 - 35)
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