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 Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 6

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PostSubject: Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 6   November 21st 2008, 7:57 am

Into the Land of Immortals
Chapter Six
Part 1

Giluchex stared at the butler as he walked past the man towards the door to the main room. A desire to mention how it felt like old times was restrained, because the servant would quickly return how rude the councilman had been for several centuries. Giluchex considered every entrance to the quarters of the empress to have been merely him doing his duty, and would have today not thought of as anything different. While the butler had the authority to summon soldiers, he merely stared back as the councilman strode towards the front room of the living quarters.

The rapier appeared long and heavy in the hands of the young prince. He however held it steady with a concentrated expression of being its master. The one before him was not overly tall, but the powerful form managed to make the rapier in his hand look like little more than a knitting needle.

Giluchex stopped to look at the man realizing that one of his questions was being answered, but not by the words that were said, "Straekin is in the back."

"I must apologize, Emperor Ferrigote. I had no word that you were visiting."

"Yeah, I believe that was intentional. I am not directly named in any council edicts, but as a friend of Terish my presence here is not exactly welcomed."

"Some mention should have thus come to me as you entered the castle."

"Magic does work on this world, Giluchex. At least to a point. Terish made a couple of invisibility medallions for Straekin and me."

A voice spoke from one rising from the stool before the piano, "Ferrigote, I don't believe that I have been introduced."

Giluchex turned to the lady, then froze as he looked at her. The eyes were gold pools. The skin around the orbs was also of gold, although shades from cosmetics gave some color to her face. The tresses that poured from her head were gold. They had gem-inlaid silk ribbons managing their flow, but the wealth from the mass of precious metal had Giluchex consider that the ribbons might as well be of paper set with glass. The garments of the lady over her gold skin were of fine cloth and leather as it appeared to be a suit for travel and not the apparel for one of her station, although the wealth of the natural lady would have made any garment appear drab. Giluchex for once in his life considered himself unworthy of meeting another, and waited for the introduction.

Ferrigote moved from the prince to stand next to the lady of gold as he said, "Giluchex, this is my present, and hopefully permanent, wife, Dirchein. My lovely Dirchein, this is the councilman Giluchex."

Giluchex actually bowed before advancing to say, "I had read the reports, but most of the stories of your husband, and those of Terish, sound so fantastic."

"I almost believe it to be a dream as well."

The voice of the lady was of a feminine tone. It was not exactly of a high pitch, although a strange resonance to the sound added a musical quality to the speech. A charming tinkling as if of distant bells added a faint lyrical accompaniment to her words. A joke of Ferrigote gaining the perfect trophy wife caught in the throat of Giluchex as he did not want to stop the lady from speaking. The rough voice of the lady's husband however spoiled the spell being worked.

"Don’t let us hold you up, Giluchex. Go get your regular dose of having to eat your own words."

Giluchex kept his focus on the lady of gold. "That statement from your husband would usually grate upon me, but today I will go ahead and admit that they are appropriate. The declarations stating governmental disproval of Terish," eyes were lifted momentarily to look at the man, "and his friends, are about to be rescinded. I thus hope to have you visit more often, Empress."

"I do not know what reports you read, Sir Giluchex, but my loyalty to my husband, and his friends, is most extreme. I will only return if he does."

Anyone else would have been chastised for their improper use of a title, but Giluchex held back such words. The fact that she deigned to use any title he felt to be an honor. He worked to form a reply not to save face, but simply to continue to speak to the lady of gold.

"I do not know what your husband has told you, Empress Dirchein, but I do have the highest loyalty to my world and the people of my world. All that I do is for them."

The voice of another lady cut across the room, "Then there should be no regrets that I am leaving Davelda in your care."

Centuries of debating with this lady had Giluchex turn to face her. "But you cannot leave us now, Empress Straekin. You have wisdom that we need."

"No, Giluchex, I don't. Terish has the wisdom that you need. He however will tell you the same thing that I am telling you. You need to find the answers for yourself. Terish's library is available, Giluchex. It has always been available. You just have to go to Thiminy."

"But… we are… here."

"I am not here, Giluchex. I am tired of the council. Thiminy has its own bureaucracy, but I find it much more pleasant to work with."

"I feel confident that my voice is not alone in asking you to stay."

"Oh, well you might want to check with your constituents. You know, the people that you supposedly represent. The words that I am hearing are of those glad that I have found happiness."

Giluchex could not help but glance to the camera in the room as he said, "Maybe, now you will hear other words."

Straekin kept her eyes focused on the man as she returned, "Maybe they will accept that they have heard mine."

~^~^~ ^~^~^ ~^~^~

Chorrik smiled as he acknowledged the presence of the butler. The servant was as much a citizen of the planet as anyone else, so had every right to consider himself an equal. Chorrik did not feel any desire to get into an argument, so had allowed for the butler to introduce him properly. The door to the front room had been opened, but the words spoken were only a soft admittance that Giluchex had preceded him.

The scene that confronted Chorrik was as much a surprise as a usual sight. The confident pose of Empress Straekin as she put Giluchex in his place was one that everyone expected to be reflected in Venicht within a few years. The presence of Ferrigote and Dirchein was unusual, although Chorrik felt some pleasure in having them in attendance.

Giluchex turned to the door with a tense expression on his face, although it relaxed as he said, "If you have come to plead for our empress to stay, I believe that you will find that she has grown deaf."

Chorrik wanted to make a witty remark, although had to admit that he seldom thought quickly as he only replied, "But, of course."

The normally proud stance of Giluchex slumped, and he moved out of the room. As he passed Chorrik, the eyes lifted as if to ask a question, but then strode to the door beyond him. The butler quickly stepped to open the door to the outer hallway, and Chorrik turned his gaze back to the room.

Straekin understood that she had an audience, so tried to sound friendly, "And what brings you to my apartment?"

"Pardon, Empress, but you said that all citizens of Davelda should feel free to speak to you. If you do not mind, I would desire a moment of your time."

Chorrik understood that the lady was not mocking him, but simply playing to the audience as she chirped, "But, of course."

He moved into the room to shake the hand of Ferrigote and hug Dirchein. He had met the golden lady previously as the couple came to his house to again thank Thaunya for her help on the adventure that had freed the lady. Chorrik took time to speak to Venicht. After the formalities, he approached Straekin simply with a gesture to move into the back non-public rooms.

She did step into a private parlor, but Chorrik was not surprised to have her simply face him once they passed through the doorway. "You are not one to bother me without cause, Chorrik."

"No, Empress, so I hope that you understand the weight of my fear. My wife, Thaunya, has left for Merkinnist. Whatever answers she gains there, I should be there with her."

"The route is not that difficult, Chorrik."

"I have no experience riding a horse. I also have never traveled between dimensions."

A hand reached for the hand of the man as the lady stepped past him while saying, "I happen to know something about your wife, Chorrik. So come with me."

He allowed himself to be led to Straekin's bedroom. A couple of ladies were present getting the room into shape after years of being vacant. Chorrik felt that he recognized both ladies, although kept his eyes on Straekin as she moved to a set of saddlebags set within a closet. He waited for her to speak as she returned to him holding a large item of jewelry set with a large dark gem.

"I believe that all of you members of the council forgot who taught us about traveling beyond our reality. Those who train our inter-dimensional steeds however greatly respect the one that taught them. Terish was thus freely told about your wife hiring one of their mounts."

"Excuse me, Empress, but I tipped him to not speak to fellow council members. I never mentioned the name of Terish."

The lady shrugged as she said, "Well, let us see what type of report Terish gives."

Chorrik watched as Straekin rubbed the item while mumbling some type of chant. Disappointment showed on his face as no strange light, aura, or other response came to her efforts. The lady however continued to work with her face brightening when a voice suddenly sounded in their midst.

"Hello, Straek. How are things going?"

"I am managing well enough, Terish. I am calling to ask about Thaunya."

"Well, she had a meeting with Terdeskollit. I arrived a day late, but found her surviving. Dathol is doing his best to give the lady advice."

The eyes of the lady glanced at the man to assess his reaction to the news, and he felt his stoic expression gave her the confidence to calmly put her focus back on her distant husband. "Chorrik is with me, Terish. He wants to go to her."

"I find that interesting, but probably a good thing. Dathol told me that Thaunya should stay in Merkinnist and wait for Chorrik, although mentioned that I could move on. I was going to Thiminy with a stop at the Tinggick tribe."

"I want to go to you, Terish, so wait for me among the Tinggick. Ferrigote and Dirchein are here, and I will see if they will escort Chorrik to Merkinnist."

"Well, waiting among the centaurs will probably force me to deal with the humans of their world, but I guess after what you went through that you consider that problem minor. How is Venicht?"

A smile came to her face as she replied, "Our son is doing very well, Terish. I am very proud of him, and my people."

"I have more to tell you, but I will wait for you to arrive."

"I will have things to tell you as well."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 2   November 26th 2008, 8:41 am

Into the Land of Immortals
Chapter Six
Part 2

After exchanging words of how they loved each other, and allowing Chorrik to send a message of love to his wife, Straekin made some motions then dropped her hand holding the amulet indicating that the communication had ended. His eyes traveled with the device, then they moved to look over the lady. She appeared in good health with good clothes. The world of Thiminy did not have the technology of Davelda, but magic was a much more viable force. Whatever the differences in the worlds, the lady radiated an appearance of not suffering and having access to numerous conveniences. Chorrik found himself wondering if he would see the pleasant side of life on other worlds. His eyes finally lifted to see the violet orbs of Straekin looking back at him, and he felt a need to explain.

"I heard what was said, and I am committed to doing what I need to do. I however am still afraid."

"I am not going to tell you to not be afraid. I believe that you heard Terdeskollit's name being mentioned just as I did. Beyond that, you have had a good life here, and I am certain want your wife to return and live another six hundred years with you. I have traveled with Thaunya, and know that she wants that as well. Let me say that being with the one you love brings a happiness that is not dependent upon location. Go to Thaunya, Chorrik, and work with her to make the next six thousand years worth living."

"Thank you, Empress."

"Good, that sounds like the right attitude. Now, Eneffia, go fetch Ferrigote." Straekin waited for the attendant to leave, then said, "Whatever you have heard or read about Ferrigote, he is a very good man. Remember, he raised Terish. Traveling and battling monsters might not be considered a proper method of raising a boy, but the success of his methods is very evident. Take everything he says with a grain of salt, but obey any command that he gives you. Understood?"

"Yes, Empress."

No sooner had he said those words than he heard a door shut. Ferrigote entered the room without any sounds accompanying him. His powerful form was clothed in thick cloth and equally thick leather coverings with metal ornaments and weapons being a part of his attire, but he moved gracefully with his steps barely registering on the carpet. Chorrik did not know if magic was involved, but as one that had a wife who danced, he could tell that Ferrigote had complete control of his form.

A rough voice asked, "What trouble did this one bring you, Straekin?"

"Surely you recognize him, Ferrigote? This is Chorrik, the husband of Thaunya."

"Yes, I recognized him. Had to compliment the man about his wife once. He is still a member of your esteemed council."

"He is still the husband of Thaunya, Ferrigote. Remember that Thaunya received the same blessing that I did. She and Chorrik had their children long ago, and Chorrik was not blessed, so the couple have not had any additional children. The coming of Venicht however scared Thaunya that she would be put on the spot, so she left for Merkinnist. Chorrik feels ready to follow his wife, but has no experience moving through the omniverse."

"He can hire a guide."

Irritation filled the lady's voice as she asked, "What are your plans, Ferrigote?"

The man's statement declared that he felt annoyed as he returned, "You want me to take him?"

"Terdeskollit is moving, Ferrigote. Thaunya had some run-in with him. We had a situation here. Yes, I want you to take him."

"Well, Dirchein and I were going to challenge the desert of Negraugoll. Terish and I were unable to plunder it completely when we were there. He got what he went for, and I achieved my own reason for going there, but that is about all we could do. Anyway, I felt my golden lady in a city of gold to be a good idea."

"You will need supplies for that, Ferrigote. Merkinnist is the place to get rations that do not spoil."

The man grunted as he turned to look at Chorrik, then asked, "Are you ready for travel?"

"I doubt it, but I need to go."

"You will be sleeping on the ground under the stars. It could get cold, and it could get wet."

"Thaunya took the stuff that she acquired on her journeys. I will buy it when I can. Just get me to Merkinnist alive, Emperor."

"I ain't your emperor. I also took over Gaeskow by force, so am no more respectable than Terish, and you don't call him king, much less emperor even though he married your empress." The man turned back to the lady as he said, "Okay, the attitude is good. When do you want me to leave?"

"I believe the sooner the better for all of us. I plan on going to join Terish. We will both be moving back to Thiminy. I have had years of traveling with Terish, but we have children to raise. Enjoy being with your wife, Ferrigote."

He turned back to Chorrik. "Okay, we will leave in the morning, early. Dirchein and I have our horses and gear at the stables outside of town. I will call and have them ready something for you. Go, get some sleep. If I haven't called you by the time you wake up, even to go to the bathroom, then consider yourself lucky and call for me here as you put on your clothes."

Chorrik thanked both, then left. Walking down the hall, he thought to pause in the outer room to speak to Dirchein one more time. He stopped upon again entering the front room, as the golden lady fenced with Venicht. Both displayed fantastic speed, if not the best of form. Chorrik remembered that the lady was a creation of Terish's people that had somehow survived in a watery niche near a dimensional portal. Wondering exactly what type of change Straekin had brought to her people, Chorrik moved forward with the acceptance that he would find out for himself.

~^~^~ ^~^~^ ~^~^~

Giluchex stared at his phone as he again heard the message from Thaunya. He thought about leaving an honest reply on the recorder, but then wondered about the truthfulness of what he was hearing. Thaunya had been forced by manipulations of the council to travel with Straekin twice before. In wondering about doing it to the lady again, Giluchex suddenly considered that just as Straekin had out-maneuvered his plans, that others were gaining positions before him as well. He switched off one line even as he activated another.

"Cheshine, check on the where-abouts of Councilman Chorrik."

"Councilman Chorrik has just given notice that he will be absent. His lieutenant will be voting for him, although Councilman Chorrik went on record as being in favor of Empress Straekin, Terish, and his friends."

"Cheshine, I just saw Chorrik a little over an hour ago going to speak to the empress. I want you to… NO! Damn! Listen, Cheshine, I will be gone. I don't know how long."

By the time that he had grabbed a coat and made certain that his cell phone was in a pocket, his secretary was barreling through the door. "What in the world caused you to speak to me in that manner?"

"Listen, tell my wife I love her. I plan on telling her myself, but things are getting a little extreme. If I suddenly disappear, make certain that my lieutenant knows to stall things until my return."

"I don't understand."

Giluchex felt that the lady could handle his business, but one recent duty he considered needed a statement from him. "Listen, apologize to Prince Venicht about me not being able to teach him. I however believe that I have things to learn myself."

"I still don't understand."

"I love you too, Cheshine."

He kissed her. It was not prolonged, but it was a clear sign of affection. As the lady moved her hands to hold onto Giluchex, he moved away and out the door.

The cell phone was removed from a pocket and the display fingered to call up a variety of numbers. Giluchex raced up castle stairs and down hallways. He hoped for a direct confrontation, but if that did not happen then he would surprise a number of people with a display of how well he could manage the phone lines without the help of his staff.

Just as he had moved past Straekin's butler, Giluchx stepped forward into the foyer without waiting for any invite. He however recognized that he did not have a history of being rude to this man, so turned to him. Seeing the servant stand proud with arms crossed, it was recognized that some explanation was necessary.

"Listen, I don't care what you tell me. I won't believe Councilman Chorrik is gone until I search this apartment."

"Councilman Chorrik is preparing for bed, Councilman Giluchex."

"Okay, then get him, or I will barge in on him."

"I will ask that you remain here."

A door beyond the foyer opened, and Chorrik stepped into the room. Beneath a robe there appeared a normal shirt, but no tie or other accessory could be seen. His feet stuck in slippers were bare as were the legs above them. Chorrik spoke quickly to assure no confrontation.

"I will speak to Councilman Giluchex, Benacht. I am used to his rude behavior."

Giluchex did not give the servant time to move, but launched a pointed finger at Chorrik as he asked, "Where is your wife?"

"Someplace that you cannot command her, Giluchex."

"Okay, I am getting the picture, but I don't understand."

"Let me say that I don't understand either. My wife and I however need to find some answers, and come to terms with them. We are obeying the commands of our empress and seeking our answers, Giluchex."

Giluchex surprised himself by having the words flow without any hesitation, "Then I am coming with you."

"I don't know if you can."

"Hell, if I can't. I can buy a damn horse, and buy a guide."

"I will be traveling with Ferrigote and Dirchein."

Those words actually scared Giluchex, but he held his resolve as he asked, "Where is Thaunya?"

"She is presently in Merkinnist. It is the holy grounds of the God Sanver. That is where the holy man known as Dathol lives. My wife went there for answers. I believe that I need answers as well, at least I need to be present to support my wife."

"Okay, Merkinnist is not someplace completely strange. I believe that I can manage."

"It will be two or three days of hard travel. You will need to sleep on the ground."

Giluchex wanted it known that minor problems would not influence him. "I can buy a sleeping bag and tent."

"I did not purchase a tent for my wife, or for me. I however did assure plenty of water and food."

"When are you leaving?"

"I was told early."

"No need to wait. I will be waiting for you."

Giluchex turned not wanting to second-guess his reasoning. He felt himself losing, and decided it would best for him to join the other team for a change. He made some phone calls as he left the castle, then continued to handle certain arrangements as he drove towards his destiny.

His first stop was at a bar where they had a certain item of entertainment. It took some haggling for him to gain possession, but after promising free rides to all those who felt they had privileges with the machine they conceded to allowing Giluchex to have fun with them. He watched those who had experience staying on the mechanical animal, but often asserted his authority to attempt to use what knowledge that he thought he had gained.

After almost two hours of attempting to master the machine, Giluchex was glad to see Cheshine enter the establishment with a number of bags. Denying his body any rest was not unusual for him, but forcing it to endure punishment caused him to suffer physical complaints that he had no experience in handling. Relief in having some proper medication had him jump from his seat to hug his secretary.

She saw him guzzle some pills with the remnants of a mixed drink, so advised, "Take what you can now, but the physics of some worlds do not support our chemistry."

"You weren't supposed to get anything sophisticated."

"We are not a backwards world, Giluchex. We have the best, and make the best."

Giluchex looked at the bottle as he replied, "I am not the only fool doing things like this. Surely there are some acceptable medications."

"If you are wanting me to use my experience, Giluchex, then listen as I tell you this stunt is foolish."

The eyes of the man turned to lock on the lady as he declared, "No, Cheshine, no longer. I am as tired of the fight as is Straekin. After a few years of peace and quiet, I found myself not wanting to return to the usual grand-standing. Straekin used to be a manageable opponent, but she has come back side-stepping every action that I could think to take. She had on that sheet of parchment written the words, 'I have not forgotten.' Forgotten? Hell, I KNOW! It is time for the war to be completely in our past, Cheshine."

"You are scaring me, Giluchex."

"Scaring you? Listen, Cheshine, answer me. What if I return with an answer? A real answer. What if my wife refuses it? Would you stay in my life?"

"It depends upon what answer you found."

Giluchex would not allow the lady to avoid his question. "Don’t you realize what Straekin did? She committed herself to Terish way back at the start. That man has put her through hell, but look at what she has."

"Are you certain that she is truly happy?"

Giluchex again refused to allow the lady to change the subject. "What are you scared of, Cheshine? Do you really want to spend an eternity as my secretary?"

"I am scared of going into eternity as less than your secretary."

"Oh, hell, Cheshine, you have nothing if all you have is that stupid job. I am going to find you an answer Cheshine. That is what Terish does, he helps others. You are one of my constituents. I am going to go out there and help you."

"You don't know what I want, Giluchex."

"Yes, well, call it arrogance, but I believe that I know what you want more than I know what I want."

Cheshine grabbed his head, then held it as she planted a long kiss on his lips. She then turned and fled the establishment as she cried. Giluchex dropped his gaze to assure that the bags she brought in were on the floor. As he reached for them, he loudly ordered a round of drinks for everyone, then told a serving lady to warn those on the mechanical animal that he would be riding it when he returned.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 6
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