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Monthly Writing Prompt
For this month's writing prompt write a scene using the following sentence to start;

The streets were deserted. Where was everyone? Where had they all gone?

Writing Tip
Our monthly writing tips are written by our very own TerishD. You can read more in Terish's Blog located in "The Abstractions" area of the forum.

Look Back

When not able to write ahead, it helps to look back. In my case I had written a paragraph ahead of the story. What I needed to do was add a section of exposition (talking) presenting some facts. In going back, I realized that I could insert a section where a 'tour' of the surroundings could be done. This allowed for character interaction, story development, and other things that enabled me to present the facts in an entertaining manner.

One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Heya there

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Registration date : 2009-03-07

PostSubject: Heya there   March 7th 2009, 10:29 pm

Hey there. I'm Sparky. I got invited to this site, so I figured I'd give it a look. Besides, I've got nothing else to do right this moment. :-)

I mainly write stories, because my poetry and lyrics largely suck. I'm a self-proclaimed Grammar Hammer, so look out. I like vampires, werewolved, centaurs, and most of all, dragons. Mythology buff here, as you can tell.

And, this smilie is awesome. Evil

See you all around.
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PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 7th 2009, 10:59 pm

Hey Sparky and welcome to Scribbles.

So I take it that your stories have a lot of vampires, dragons etc. involved? Cool. Looking forward to reading your work.

I've seen you already posted. That's great! Keep the posts and challenge entries coming!

Have fun on the board and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Btw, I like your avatar. The quote sure has something very true in it!

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Number of posts : 5
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Registration date : 2009-03-07

PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 7th 2009, 11:21 pm


And fickle me has already changed her avatar again, for the information of anyone else who sees this thread Smile
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Registration date : 2008-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 7th 2009, 11:57 pm

Welcome to the board.
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PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 8th 2009, 5:20 am

Well we are glad to have you here at Scribbles, can't wait to read more.

Easy reading is damn hard writing! I love you

Write Up!
Risque' Ramblings
Kelly's Facebook
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Number of posts : 400
Registration date : 2009-01-17

PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 8th 2009, 1:11 pm

the goblin showed, regally welcomed SparkyLT to scribbles, and then had the bad habit of losing himself looking across the bistro floor at a child propped in a babychair who in turn, and in big eyed baby sort of way, was looking back at the goblin, "...her trick..." the goblin started, somehow guessing that it had to be a little girl here, since a little girl inter reacted with people more than a little boy who would being trying to escape from the babychair by now, but the goblin just continued "...is to drop the toy on the floor for someone to pick up, to which someone naturally picks it up, placing it in her hand with some "aren't you cute" uttering and a smile...", to which moments later and after she has licked the toy clean again, she looks around to see if her next target, in this case the typing goblin here, is game, and just extends her arm in that slow deliberate way letting the toy slip from her fingers, only to notice that the goblin is smiling, of course he'll pick it up for her in a moment he knows but not before typing this, saying "....you see in writing, if you do what is expected, as and when it is expected of you too, you will not be noticed..." and with that the goblin welcomed sparkLT once more
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PostSubject: Re: Heya there   March 9th 2009, 9:47 pm

Hello and welcome to the Forums!
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PostSubject: Re: Heya there   

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Heya there
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