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 Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 19

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PostSubject: Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 19   April 20th 2009, 7:48 am

Into the Land of Immortals
Chapter Nineteen

Part 1

Thaunya tried to keep from improperly smiling as she listened to the other lady say, "See your expression during that movement? That is the proper expression. My face is tight, but yours has a sense of relaxation that properly conveys the inner sense that the tragedy is inward and not outward."

"I see in myself someone that has done that dance thousands of times, so is comfortable in the movements. Your face shows the tension of having to keep in mind each coming step."

"You don't practice your expressions?"

"The audience will forgive a slight grimace or smile at the wrong time. They are much less gracious when you make a misstep."

The lady was one that would focus on every trivial detail. She had been a complete annoyance as a critic, but was more of bother after finally taking the dare to learn how to dance. In a strange way though, Thaunya found her to be more sociable now that she could truly understand the problems with a performance. While the conversations would often get irritating in their depth of minor aspects of dance, Thaunya did enjoy her occupation and actually preferred speaking with the lady more than the friendly chatter of her other students. Being interrupted by one of her staff however did sometimes provide her with relief.

The receptionist that kept a presence at the front of her studio during her working hours knocked on the open door before saying, "There are some people here to see you. They do not have an appointment, but they seem persistent and your next set of students should not arrive for another thirty minutes."

The lady suddenly came up with a reason that she needed to leave. Thaunya expected that it was fictional, but felt the social pressure to go ahead and maintain the lie. She thus comfortably played her part in ending the conversation and seeing the lady to the door before turning to those who rose upon her arrival in the lobby.

No one was old upon Davelda. Those that were not young when they gained their immortality found their bodies restored to full health that completely removed the signs of age. Having been in her late forties, Thunya considered the immortality procedure to have been the best beauty treatment ever invented. She however knew of certain traits of her age that had not completely disappeared. She looked to those around her, and wondered at their ages before becoming one of the immortals.

One of the group said, "Lady Thaunya, I don't know if you recognize any of us."

Truthfully, she did. "The one next to you is Doctor Ainzell. I read his psychology books and even attended the local university when he gave lectures." Her hand indicated another as she named him. "He is Bishop Normiwan of the Chelsthick Institute." She went ahead and attempted to identify a couple of others. "This is Doctor? Alichen, and that is Professor Wheordin."

The one that spoke said, "Very good," before identifying herself and the others. "We have come to ask a simple question, although you might want to put off answering it. We understand that you are busy, so may we treat you to supper tonight?"

Not considering any of those present as critics of her performances, Thaunya had to ask, "And what is the question?"

"What gods have you spoken to?"

Thaunya had her gaze move around to each member of the group as she remembered their names, and wondered why she had not considered the reason for their arrival. Her next thought however caused her to stifle the sudden eruption of a chuckle. A desire to memorize their names in order to turn them into candidates for adventure the next time the topic of other worlds and Terish Dozzrine became presented to her. While she worked to hide her expression of humor, she did go ahead and answer the question.

"You mean, other than Terdeskollit."

A slightly shocked expression crossed the features of the lady that had been speaking, but she quickly returned, "Yes, although we are interested in him as well."

"Well, my first journey with Terish was when he battled the Deadre after regaining his sanity. As the Deardre are beings considered close to being gods, there were some hints that gods were watching, but no direct confrontation occurred with deities on that adventure."

"Supper? Tonight?"

Thaunya turned to signal her receptionist to put the event on her schedule as she verbally gave her acceptance. "My husband will not be back from the castle for about another week. I thus have my evenings free."

"You don't mind?"

"Mind? No. I am truthfully glad that someone is interested. If there is one thing that I have learned, Terish is out there doing some fantastic things. I never understood why no one else of our world was out there with Straekin. Hopefully, the next time the council seeks to send out an emissary, they will find someone better qualified and interested than me."

One of the men in the group now spoke, "But, Thaunya, you did a wonderful job."

"Me? I was completely unprepared and unqualified. I barely knew Straekin and did not know Terish."

"All the more reason for us to admire what you accomplished."

Some of Thaunya's personal bitterness sounded with her retort, "All that I accomplished was ridiculed and censored by the council."

Another man said, "Not just your reports, but we believe that the council has been ridiculing and censoring other reports as well." Before Thaunya could question the statement, he explained, "There are other stories. These do not concern our empress, so do not have the public standing as have those in which Terish is involved. Before one can determine if they are seeing something, one needs to assure that there is something to be seen. We thus have gone to Prince Venicht, and now come to you. We need to know what we might be looking at before we can hope to recognize it."

Thaunya asked about where they considered eating. All in the group admitted to not being local, so had her choose the restaurant. When she chose one of the better establishments, she felt unsurprised that they focused on the possible low amount of other patrons and not on the price of the final bill.

An inner eagerness to speak more with the people had to be contained for the rest of her working day. It was hard to restrain her frustration with the slowly moving clock, but centuries of instruction helped her manage. The opposite happened once her work day finally ended. The hands of the clock seemed to spin while she preformed even minor actions to prepare herself for an evening of socializing. When her doorbell sounded indicating that her visitors had arrived, she felt ready although wished there had been more time to assure certain details were complete.

Thaunya expected to recite her previous travels with Terish, although became surprised at what information the group knew. It was true that her actual reports had been stored in some non-government databases, but she had often wondered if anyone had read them. Having a husband that was a member of the council, most that Thaunya met only knew the edited version of her adventures. Those that were taking her out to eat quickly let her know that they knew of the details that the council had considered not worthy of being in their official documents.

One of the men began a rather deep probe of what he considered a relevant point. "Lady Thaunya, you don't know the reason that Terdeskollit bothered Terish previously?"

"No. He was wanting to confront Terish. The initial encounters were rather aggressive, but they slowly lessened in direct conflict. They became more challenges than life or death struggles. Exactly to what ends Terdeskollit was striving, he never revealed."

"But he did not know about Dirchein?"

Thaunya felt her face move oddly as she tried to follow the man's line of thought, although found herself only able to provide the answer. "No. He overheard the conversation as we camped one night. Ferrigote was looking for a lady of gold, and had gained some books from an inter-dimensional librarian named Galabur. One of those books was from Terish's world. It was due to Ferrigote determined to gain his dream of a lady of gold that we entered Terish's world."

"I don't understand. Where were you going? I mean, before you decided to enter Terish's world."

"To the place of the sleeping gods. Dathol and Terish visited it once. Dathol speaks of it often."

One of the ladies asked, "Could that be where they are going now?"

Thaunya turned to face the new speaker as she answered, "Considering that they were at Kingsport, it could be."

A man sitting close to Thaunya seemed to understand her expressions, as he tried to provide an explanation to the line of questioning. "Terish has never come to Davelda for answers. He just seemed to like it here. Even before he met our empress, he would freely visit with those of us on this world. Why?"

A lady across the table Thaunya added more details. "Terish has a prophesied encounter with a God. He thus seeks advice from Gods and gods. The first thing he and Ferrigote did upon their return was to visit Ferrigote's god. Terish then made friends with those of a world with rather active gods, and settled to make his home there. He took on the challenge of becoming a Deadre, which is a group of beings claimed to being one step short of a god. We have a God, well, a Goddess, yet Terish has not sought Munulva. What does our world provide to Terish?"

Thaunya did search her thoughts for an answer to the question. "Terish is rather paranoid. He will stay up for days if he does not feel safe. Ferrigote considers it a turning point in his relationship with the young Terish that he managed to get him to sleep in his presence."

"So, he comes here to rest? That does seem true, but why does he feel safe here?"

"I don't know."

The first man to speak again had something to say, "Yet, when Prince Venicht comes, suddenly Munulva ends her silence and begins to communicate with the lad. I believe that there is something that we, I mean all of us of Davelda, are not being told."

The lady across the table from Thaunya added, "Or it has been told, but the words were censored."

Thaunya could only think of one reply, "Have any of you asked Empress Straekin about this?"

A man said, "We are considering a journey to Thiminy, but at present we know that Terish and Straekin are not at their home. We are thus spending our time researching what we can."

The lady asked, "If we spoke to your husband, Lady Thaunya, what help could he provide?"

Thaunya replied, "He has worked to keep my reports, my unedited reports, available. He might know of others. I know that he sometimes complain about weird beliefs."

Another man said, "He refused us an interview. Claimed that we were not from his district."

"Well, you aren't , but that is strange. I can promise you that interview."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 2   April 25th 2009, 8:03 am

Into the Land of Immortals
Chapter Nineteen

Part 2

Giluchex stepped back on shore amazed that his clothes were dry. He truly found himself stunned by all that had transpired. There had been times in his past when he had felt himself in the presence of greatness, but never to the intensity of the meeting with those below. Giluchex however felt that he had seen grander displays of power in movies and video games. Seeing Vemishill moving about a table loaded with food, he decided to check on certain facts.

"You, Sir, are a god?"

The hand of Vemishill waved to indicate for Giluchex to eat even as he answered, "I and Nehash are basically brothers. He formed complete and whole without any impurity while I formed from a mix of divine air, most say a sylph. I am a god, but not of the majesty of Nehash. Still, my formation gives me some instinctual powers that Nehash must work to duplicate."

Giluchex looked to the food for an example, and not to fill his stomach. "You made this?"

"No, Evinnell had the land produce this bounty. I just gathered it for you."

"Why? I thought we were commanded not to eat."

"Because you are not to eat. It will help your resolve not to eat if you enter the divine land not hungry."

Ferrigote came up to grab a fruit while asking, "What if we take some of this with us?"

Vemishill pointed to a bowl of some small fruits that could easily go in a pack while saying in return, "If you feel yourself unworthy of the divine realm, you should not go."

"I never said that I felt worthy, but I believe my presence will help my wife and my friend."

"You won't need any weapons."

"Terish and I are both dangerous even when unarmed."

Vemishill shifted his gaze as he spoke to another, "Terish, Deathguard stays here."

Giluchex saw a lengthy scabbard of jeweled black rock set on the table. The gilding on the shielded hilt glimmered amidst a decoration of ebony. A dark violet material that Giluchex could not recognize covered the handle where the hand would work the blade. His only memory of seeing the weapon that Terish used on his major battles had been pictures. While there had been a time when it was used and carried as a normal weapon, in order to have it continually present in all locations Terish had created a fold of interdimensional space in order to store the weapon beyond the ability of any detection equipment or natural abilities. Actually having the blade set before him, Giluchex found himself wanting to draw the weapon and test its edge and balance for himself. He however paused as Terish made a comment to Vemishill.

"I am going to change clothes to attire less threatening."

Ferrigote asked, "Kid, do you have any such clothes?"

"As you said, Gote, you and I are dangerous even when unarmed. Nehash and Evinnell should however have known that when they decided to give us the invite. I am only doing enough to give an impression of respect."

Giluchex interrupted any further comments to ask, "Terish, may I hold Deathguard?"

"Sure, but be very careful. It is dangerous. It was just a good weapon when I first gained it, but I have worked on it."

Giluchex found the weapon to be light. Seeing the presence of precious material he had thought to feel an amount of weight at least in the scabbard, but he easily picked up the shielded blade. He found the handle made for someone with a small hand. While Terish had a firm handshake, Giluchex looked to the young appearing man realizing that some acts of aging had not been able to affect him. Deathguard was slammed back into its scabbard as Giluchex became scared upon drawing the weapon. It flowed from its container with the bluish-black blade drawing energy chilling him, and fear of what it might do when released caused a reverse of the unsheathing. Giluchex laid the weapon back down while attempting a comment to save face.

"I have handled and seen in action some terrible weapons, but I can understand why the gods fear Deathguard."

Terish looked more to Vemishill as he said in return, "Well, the only god that I have used it upon is Terdeskollit. I however do encounter those that attempt to set themselves up as gods, and sometimes it takes a weapon as enchanted as Deathguard to be effective."

The deity said in return, "It and all your possessions will be waiting for you upon your return."

"Good, as I will be facing Terdeskollit again."

"And you will need Deathguard?"

"Yes, because if I am not threatening then Terdeskollit will not listen to me. Unarmed, I am not dangerous to Terdeskollit."

Vemishill moved the weapon to a place on the table where no fruit had been set, then said, "I believe that I now know why you were given permission."

Terish picked up a piece of fruit as he said, "Don't talk like that. Let me simply believe it was out of your kindness."

"You were sent away from your world with the instruction to learn."

Giluchex saw Terish turn to him to say, "Life does not ever stop. You had two people in your district commit suicide last year. Why didn't they know that they could not relax?"

A stern tone came to the reply, "Are you accusing me?"

"Don't you hold yourself accountable?"

"I didn't even know those people."

Giluchex suddenly felt the glare of a number of those around him. For once he wished that Terish would make one of his quips. The silence carried a strong tone of accusation that Giluchex found supported by the faces of others that looked at him. Seeing the unsmiling gaze of his empress, a need to somehow restore his standing began to fill him.

"My secretary keeps my messages going to my people, and she handles ALL," he made certain to stress that word, "incoming communications. If any of my constituents has a problem, I would look into it."

The slight smile that indicated that Terish had the upper hand showed as he asked, "Are you saying, Giluchex, that Ferrigote and I, two rulers that spend most of their time running around on adventures, are better rulers than you?"

"Do you know everyone in your kingdom?"

"Thiminy, yes. Fedrukin and Serussdal, I have spoken to them, although probably cannot call them by name. I have a trump card however in that I can claim to know many from the lands around me, including a number of those that simply patrol the desert beyond the border of my land."

The soft voice of Straekin carried from her position, "And those people live and die, Giluchex. Your constituents have been a part of your district now for over six hundred years."

The man felt that he could ignore Terish, but he had to respond to his empress. "I PROMISE that my lines are always open."

"But what message are you sending in return? I was showing my people that I want something better. I was not staying polite and charming in the castle. I moved about Davelda before Terish came into my life to show me other worlds. I sent Venicht to my people to let them know that I had truly gained something. I hope that your people are looking to me and not to you."

Giluchex took a step to the lady as he said, "But, I was happy."

He clenched his jaw expecting the usual lecture in return, but her words came softly. "Giluchex, you need to assure that your people are happy."

"What do you want me to do? Spend more time in my district?"

"Have you really spent the last few years in the castle?"

"It has the places that I like to go. I know the people."

Straekin had a quick mind. Giluchex often considered her the intellectual equal to Terish, if not actually smarter. If she set upon a line of attack, it was seldom that she paused to consider a reply. Giluchex thus heard the moment of silence feeling surprised that the lady was ending the accusations. Her words however simply showed an indirect accusation.

"What about your wife?"

"She visits."

"All I can say, Giluchex, is that I am glad that you did not win. Of course, it would not have mattered, as I would be dead."

"You had committed no acts of hostility. Your propaganda actually had positive messages. If we would have won, you would have been offered a place in leadership."

The lady walked up to him as she said, "I think about that at times. I believe that I would have accepted, but I would have still worked to make the immortality process available to all. I thus always conclude that I would have fallen into disfavor with you, and that I would be dead."

Giluchex turned to look at those watching him. He did not see glares of accusation, but interested expressions. He turned back to his empress understanding that they accepted Straekin as an equal, and would watch as she fought her own battles. While Giluchex would have stayed sharp and defiant to any of the others, however powerful they might be, he had already admitted defeat to Straekin several times and had no shame in doing so again.

"That is all that I hear from my constituents, Empress. They like living under your policies. All they want from me are certain concessions that speak to their particular needs. I push for more, but it is only a tactic to get what I truly want."

"Yes, well, that is where you are wrong, Giluchex. I talk to your constituents. I know what they are telling you. That is why I treat you as a failure, because each time you are only getting the minimum."

"Well, they have not put me out of office."

"Oh, no, because you are entertaining, Giluchex. Truthfully, it is nice having you around."

Terish chirped a quick laugh, then headed off to change clothes. Those that had not yet approached the table now moved up to get some fruit. Giluchex accepted that the debate had concluded, and that he lost, although looked to his empress with a smile coming to his face as she cheerfully came beside him.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 3   April 30th 2009, 7:57 am

Into the Land of Immortals
Chapter Nineteen

Part 3

Annalia watched as the program attempted to prove that the goddess Munulva had been active through centuries where it had been stated she had been quiet and uninvolved. Those making the report presented the stories of the recent activity with Venicht as factual evidence of her style. While the lad stated that he had interacted with the goddess, the production made it clear that no evidence verified her presence with the prince. Other historic claims of encountering the Goddess were then presented with most being declared to have the same basic format resulting in a conclusion that Munulva had not been silent or aloof to the actions of her people.

Venicht had come into the kitchen to get something to eat, then stayed watching the program. He became agitated when the topic changed from Munulva to the recent activity of his parents. Hearing the announcer speak of where the couple were now heading caused Venicht to make some soft comments. When the program concluded that the people of Davelda needed to support Terish, as in working to eventually face Terdeskollit he was presently working to ease a relationship with Munulva, Venicht finally raised his voice to ask a question.

"Father talks to gods?"

Annalia worked to keep her voice calm and even as she replied, "Some consider that he is a god. Your father is quite powerful, Venicht."

"But he is going to speak to gods?"

"That is what the program said. It basically confirms what I told you earlier. You did read the book?"

"It was boring. There was no fighting in it."

"Oh? I thought we were discussing Munulva? How much fighting were you expecting?"

"I also had my studies."

Annalia recognized the conclusion that Venicht did not want to say, so thought on a proper response. "Tell you what. You have a class coming up. Tonight I will start reading the book to you. I can read your father's writing, so can add in the liner notes as well to help your understanding."

The voice of Nuverd spoke from the doorway, "There still will not be any fighting in it, Prince Venicht."

The lady tried to make the book not sound so bad as she stated, "Terish did go there seeking information about a problem. The book is actually about that situation. I believe it is more stealth and magic, but the second half of the book does have some active parts."

Venicht quickly voiced his decision, "Yes, Annalia, I want you to read it to me."

The staff came down right before Nuverd declared, "Then it is decided. Right now, however, Prince Venicht, you have to prepare for your coming class."

The lad turned to the man to say, "It is history. Will my instructor speak about this program?"

Annalia answered, "I doubt it, because the points of the program will need to be challenged. You are not yet to the level where you can debate with any degree of authority. I promise however to let you know if any programs are presented that further debate the topic."

"Well, it shouldn't be the council."


"They are not a religious institution. It is not their place to speak on the activities of Munulva."

Annalia was quite surprised at the accuracy of the lad's words, although worked to have him understand why things did not follow his reasoning. "They are supposedly the leaders of our world, Venicht. Whatever concerns the people might have, the council feels is their obligation to speak upon. I can almost assure you that they will speak on this program. If for no other reason than they have been debating the standing of your father in our world."

"They do not like my father."

"No, because he is not of our world. They didn't like your mother privately spending time with your father. They didn't like your mother traveling with your father. I believe, Venicht, that you have heard many say that those of the council would have made any criminal of Davelda a hero should they have gained the favor of Empress Straekin, but they instead made a criminal of a hero because he was not of Davelda."

"Is that why they like me? Because I am from Davelda?"

Annalia really did not like the question, because she imagined that it could lead to some rather discomforting conclusions. She thus tried to reason out some ways to turn the conversation, but understood that the quick mental capabilities of the lad would not have him wait for long. The lady thus considered she had no choice but to supply a straight answer.

"Yes, Venicht. You are our prince. However much anyone might detest your father, your mother is a citizen of Davelda, which makes you a citizen of Davelda."

"Is that why Munulva likes me?"

"I will not speak for the Goddess. I however believe that your being from her world does make Munulva have some connection with you."

"But if she did not like my father, then she might not like me."

Annalia finally felt she had the opening to keep the conversation positive. "There is no evidence saying that Munulva ever disapproved of your father."

"So the council should approve of my father."

"The difference between your father and the lowest criminal is that your father is a recognized leader. If your mother had married a criminal, he could have been easily reconciled to simply being the husband of the empress. Your father however has standing as someone that has restored the integrity of many a people and country, as well as securing a good future for a kingdom of his own. If your mother had married a criminal, his presence in the council chamber could simply be a moment of levity. Your father entering the council chamber however is an intrusion of an alien monarch. The council does not like having their leadership threatened."

Annalia could tell that the lad had difficulty with the amount of information, although his reply was on topic. "But my father does not try to rule over the council."

"But they know that your mother does listen to your father. That is what bothered the council from the start of your mother associating with your father. They knew that she saw him as a source of advice. They thus considered themselves to be indirectly under his control."

"But the people of Thiminy do not complain about mother ruling over them."

Annalia smiled as she related a fact that she knew well, "Your mother often comments about the people of Thiminy being wiser than those of Davelda."

"But mother sent me here to learn."

"Because you are from Davelda, Venicht. You are not from Thiminy. Your mother is not from Thiminy, and your father is not from Thiminy. They both love Thiminy, and guide it with a determination to have it be its best. They claim Thiminy with pride. They will not mind any of you children declaring Thiminy as your home as all of you were born there, but they will want all of you to know your past. You are here to learn, Venicht, just as your father was sent to learn. He started his life facing a ghost, then facing vampires with Ferrigote. Your father started his learning in not the best of places, and maybe you will consider the same of your life."

Annalia stayed quiet as the lad pondered the words, and waited for him to speak. "I would like Davelda, if it had children."

"You have the honor of being the first child in a long, long time. If there are to be children, you need to pave the path for them to come."

Nuverd finally felt a need to speak, "Whatever your decision, Prince Venicht, you still have an instructor about to show up for your lesson."

Annalia supported the words, "Yes, Venicht, we can speak further tonight after I read to you."

The lad began moving to the door, but turned to ask, "Annalia, do you believe that there will be children here to play with my sisters?"

"I don't believe that things will occur that fast, Venicht, but you have been doing some good things. Keep working, and maybe you will find the future to be a lot better."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 19   

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Into the Land of Immortals - Chpt 19
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