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 Search for Silent - Chpt 8

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PostSubject: Search for Silent - Chpt 8   September 17th 2009, 7:09 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Eight

Part 1

Stacy found herself knowing that Silent was not telling things that he knew. She had no idea how he knew certain things, but his demeanor declared to her his understanding of the things she felt that she had to tell him. Stacy however went through the motions hoping to find the detail that would cause Silent to start speaking.

Some satisfaction filled the lady as the young man examined the objects she had brought back, although felt unease when he changed the subject after being told that they did not know what they were used for. "Top Secret, you carried these?"

"I am not weak, Silent."

"Still, someone should have noticed."

"Notice what? That a lady needed help?"

Silent did not respond to that question, but moved the conversation along his own train of thought. "How many of these did you see, and how many total do you think exist?"

Stacy quickly ended the examination certain that Silent knew something that he was not telling. She did not consider looking at the objects that important anyway, as he needed to get settled into his new quarters. He and she would have enough time to speculate later, but at present felt a need to reopen some line of communication.

Silent took time to interview his staff, look over his office, then do the same with her people and work area. Stacy noticed that he did not plop into his desk chair to test it out, but stayed standing the entire time that he was in the building. She stood with him, but was glad when he finally relaxed his stance and spoke of finally being satisfied.

"Top Secret, I really could use a trip into town."

"I'll go with you, Silent."

There was a stop back at his office to check over what identities had been established for him. A couple of personas he created for his trips with the lady were now given better credentials. She noticed that he did show pleasure in seeing that the David Manner persona had been updated to also be a captain in the Army. He thus grabbed that wallet along with some money before leaving with the lady.

Stacy noticed that Silent did more to waste time than actually shop. She only tolerated his lack of activity because she felt that they both needed to get away from the stress for a time. The long meal at a Cantonese restaurant was enjoyable. Silent told some tales of his time at boot, while Stacy told of her trouble traveling with the UN delegation. The conversation did get quiet when a news broadcast mentioned that the UN ambassadors were still being held, but they both found topics that had them soon chatting again. When the meal was finally over, Stacy again put up with Silent meandering through the stores.

The lady expected her companion to mention some type of late activity, but as the sky grew dark he mentioned that he had done enough shopping. She looked at his bags curious about what he was going to do for supper, as he had not bought any groceries. Quietly, she drove him back to his apartment on the base.

Stacy entered Silent's room, but turned with surprise when he shut the door. He was smiling as he moved around her. She was really curious about his intentions as he tossed his packages on the bed.

"Okay, are you ready to do some snooping?"

The lady felt that the man did not understand that they were presently in friendly territory. "Silent, you're a captain and I am a colonel. This is an American base. We can go anywhere we want."

"I don't believe that we want anyone to know where we are going."

"And just where are we going?"

"I want to look at the nukes."

Stacy could not prevent herself from erupting with the question, "What?"

"I am going to get your objects, then head to the nukes."

Wondering what Silent might be thinking, Stacy moved to a phone as she said, "If you want to look at the nukes, Silent, I will get you permission to look at the nukes."

"Now, Top Secret, and with no attention. I could be wrong."

Stacy had no doubt that the reason Silent wanted to keep the matter secret was something besides a fear of being wrong. She had a private belief that he simply wanted to keep some sense of being covert. Stacy however knew that she would not be associating with the young man had he simply been someone loving the sensation of danger. He would take risks, but worked to keep any actual threats to a minimum. Stacy worked with Silent because he well understood the price of being wrong, and worked hard to keep either of them from ever having to pay. She thus trusted that he had something substantial to back up his desire to see nukes, and worked to make it happen.
She did not waste time going through any chain-of-command, but called the general of the base. She knew he had the proper authority to make an immediate decision. He really did not like the choice of time, but allowed himself to be acceded to the pleas of the lady. He however stated that he wanted to have first-hand knowledge of why something had to be done in such a manner, and told the colonel that he would watch over her himself.

As if they had been coordinating their movements, Stacy and Silent drove up to the proper building at the same time as the general. He looked at the large sack that the young man hefted from his vehicle, then told him to set it on the ground. The vehicles blocked the light from street lamps and security lights at the corner of the buildings, so a flashlight had to be taken from a vehicle to allow the general to perform his inspection. With only minimum conversation about what the objects were, the three looked over them together.

The general finally rose as he said, "The hard part will be getting the clearance for your contraband."

Silent looked at the lady as he mumbled, "I told you that we should have done this on our own."

The superior officer wanted it understood that he heard that comment. "I don't believe that you would have made it."

"Listen, General, I could have shown Top Secret what I have found, but it would have only fired her curiosity to do this. We would need and do need an answer. There are people being held against their will, I believe because of these objects. This is a need-to-know situation."

The superior officer kept control over events by asking, "Do you need a live one, Silent?"

"No. If I were to act covertly, I would not have chosen a live one. Something close enough to prove a point would have sufficed."

"Well, Silent, if I am going to reprimand you, might as well make it worth the paperwork. Pick up your toys and follow me."

Some doors were easily opened with just an electronic passkey that the general possessed. Others required speaking to a guard. It was not a quick procedure, and Stacy could tell that it definitely was not as unnoticed as Silent would have liked, but slowly each little safeguard was overcome.

It was a cramped room that housed the nukes. The missiles were stacked as close together as was considered safe. While they were effectively entombed, special air systems helped keep them comfortable. While Stacy and Silent were able to see into the room, a lucky bomb was given some freedom from its confinement and brought out to meet them.

Both the general and the lady watched as Silent called over a guard to help him make the presentation. She gasped as the superior officer looked around to note just who was present. Stacy had looked over the objects from every angle, and studied their workings as well as possible without causing any harm. While she knew that they were for bombs, and possibly nuclear bombs, she had never considered what Silent demonstrated.

The special clips that had been noted on the bomber that Stacy had stolen with Silent had indeed been to hold bombs. She suspected that a new type of bomb was being developed, and had left the UN delegation to find that bomb. Stacy now felt lucky that she had found anything at all. What she had discovered had not been one of the factories to build the bombs, but probably the lone factory creating the objects for the bomber. There had been no doubt when the objects were first found, and the facts were fully verified later when checked, the objects fit into the special clips on the stolen bomber. Stacy had however thought that there was another factory building the bombs for the objects. She had never even considered the thought that the bombs already existed.

The general spoke before the lady could. "Silent, this brings up more questions and problems. Stacy, your team is no longer authorized in this matter. There is a team already existing to handle such situations, and I am going to leave here to summon them. I want both of you relaxing and doing paperwork until contacted."

The young man responded, "We need to move fast, General. I believe that the lives of some UN delegates are presently at risk because of this matter. We know that Top Secret left other objects behind, ignoring how many had already been made and shipped. Assuming that another bomber could exist, even more lives could be at risk."

"I fully understand the situation, Silent. I promise you that things will move fast, but what you said should allow you to understand that politics and not just secrecy will need to be performed."

"Okay, General. I will trust you to act properly."

"Trust the chain-of-command, Captain. I showed my support for you and Colonel Stacy by coming out here; now it is time for you to support me."

"Yes, Sir."

"Okay, take these objects back to where you got them. I will want both of you to stay there with them until I get some soldiers to stand guard. I won't move them without your authorization, but I am going to command the guards to not let you or anyone else even look at them without my say-so."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 2   September 22nd 2009, 7:13 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Eight

Part 2

After being relieved of their duty, Stacy and Silent both made comments about needing some sleep. The young man noticed that the drive was not to his apartment, but to a small house with a rather shaggy lawn. She noticed that he did not say anything, so she went ahead and clearly stated her intentions.

"Come on in, Simon."

"You have a house?"

"No, but I have other men that will do favors for me. I promised this one that I would help put his yard back into regulation."

He climbed out of the humvee while saying, "I would rather do that than paperwork at the office."

"That is what I thought."

Stacy saw the young man's eyes wander about the rooms, then lock on a feature. "Go ahead and fix yourself a drink, Simon. I have already made sure that the wet bar was properly stocked. We need something to eat, so I will be fixing that."

He did not move to the bar, even though he had clearly seen it, but followed her into the kitchen. She did not wait for him to speak, but opened the refrigerator to identify the ingredients for what she hoped to fix. Stacy had worked with the young man enough to know that he would not stay silent, but would talk to her. Turning from the refrigerator, that is what he did.

"I hope that you are not mad at me for not telling you, but I thought that you were dead. I really thought that you had died. I wanted to know what you had died for, Stacy. It thus risked a number of searches to get what facts I could."

"I am not angry at you, Simon. I like surprises. It was slightly uncomfortable waiting, but the revelation was worth the amount of suspense."

"I got to hold you this morning, Stacy." He looked at a clock, and she smiled with him as they understood that it had been a long day. "It was not enough. I mean, I am glad that you are alive." The face of the man started to tear up as he said, "I have been wanting all day to simply tell you that I am so pleased that you are alive."

She came around the refrigerator door to hold the man. He did not cry while hugging her, but his face cleared. Stacy kissed him to assure that the emotion of her revelation this morning had left, then made the contact more personal to start other feelings to begin moving through his form. The young man did not suddenly start smiling, and he did not suddenly rush off to make them drinks, but he moved to check the cabinets for certain items as he continued to speak to the lady.

"I knew what you were trying to find, so I began speculating on what type of bombs could possibly be so important to cause a different type of connection, in fact a completely new type of bomber to carry them. I remembered being bothered during boot by a message that was supposedly from you, but I instantly recognized that it was simply a ploy to get me to reveal myself. That made me more suspicious. If the mouse is not in the room, why worry about your cheese? The only answer that came was that the room was not supposed to exist, because there was not supposed to be any cheese to put in it."

"Go make our drinks."

Stacy saw the man move at the command, but he kept looking at her. She really did not want to discuss work. She could tell that he wanted to finish explaining his thoughts to her, so followed him to assure him that she was listening. While she would work to end the topic, Stacy did not want Simon thinking that his words would be forgotten. She thus spoke a leading statement.

"But you had never seen the objects, Simon."

"But I had studied bombs, Stacy. I knew the plane. I flew the plane. I also know why you went back into the country. I thus studied bombs to know what type of connections to look for. Your objects fit exactly into what I had proposed."

She took her drink, then headed back into the kitchen to start cooking as she said, "You also knew to keep the information secret."

"The UN delegation is historically kicked back out of the country, not kept as secluded guests. They would not be needed as leverage if they thought there was nothing important to be gained by it."

Stacy accepted that Simon would be concerned for the other people, so allowed herself to speak more on the topic. "Well, I have to admit that I had my team attempting to visualize what type of bomb we might be looking for. That strange connection really had us stumped. Oh, get out of your uniform, Simon. There are some jeans and tee-shirts laying on the chair in the master bedroom."

"Sounds like you have been waiting for me."

The lady felt relief in having a question that was not about work, and quickly replied to keep the conversation on less stressful topics. "I have. I don't have a family, Simon. You are not the only man in my life, but you are a man in my life, and the one that I knew would be presently around me."

"The apartment was thus to keep up pretenses?"

"No, the apartment is for you. You need to go chasing other girls, Simon. I promised your father that I would get you married. When another man in my life comes back, like the one that owns this house, you go back to simply being a friend. I hope that someone else comes along to share your bed, because I am hoping for someone else to share mine. Not that I mind you, Simon, but there is an age difference. You should be expecting something from a woman that I am unable to give."

"I know that my parents are expecting children."

"Glad that you brought them up, Simon. Go refill my drink. When you return, you might want to call your father."

He walked back to the bar while asking, "You believe that he needs to be informed?"

"I believe the general will have your head if you do. Just talk to your father, Simon. He has been keeping quiet, but he does deserve to hear from you."

Stacy felt good to have a few minutes of peace. While she completely enjoyed speaking with the young man, there were some touches to the meal that she wanted to focus upon. There would be time coming when he would be given control over her, but for the moment she wanted some control over events.

When the young man returned, he had shaved as well as changed out of his uniform. Stacy went to him in a fashion to let him know that she appreciated his attention to details. When they finally parted, he graciously told her that he would watch over the food while she changed clothes. She kissed him and went off the bedroom anxious to finish the preparations she felt would put the young man completely in her control. When Stacy returned, her long hair hung free to almost completely cover her back, although very little was present to hide the view of her front.

After again hugging and kissing the lady, the young man said, "I am definitely not complaining, Stacy, but I never remember you being so frisky around me."

"Every time we were together before, Simon, I considered myself in the arena. There was a tension there. We have a job to do, but we are not in enemy territory. I can relax."

"I like the way you relax. Seeing you however makes me wonder again why you never married."

"I came close a few times, but the military always disrupted it. I never fell so deeply for a guy that I wanted to chunk my career, but always left with promises to return. I never kept those promises, and the man never did either."

"Don't let the man that you settle down with turn you into a spinster, Stacy. You are too beautiful to allow yourself to be ignored."

"Thank you, Simon. Trust me that I have been active too many years to allow myself to be caged up now. It however would be nice to have someone to go with me to all the military socials, and me not have to worry about how it appears when I leave with him."

Stacy finished the preparations for the meal, then had the young man sit and eat. She was quite pleased that he kept his eyes upon her. He did speak to her of the quality of the food, what was said in his conversation with his parents, and other topics that he could conjure as being enjoyed by him and the lady. Stacy spoke with him glad that he never mentioned business, and excited that she still had the power to charm a young man.

~^~^~ ^~^~^ ~^~^~

Victor did not know what to say when he drove up to the curb to see Colonel Terrell dressed in very short shorts, a revealing halter-top, and a scarf to control her long hair tending to an arm of Captain Silent who was wearing only shorts and a tee-shirt. Neither had reported in for work that morning. Word had come that they had been busy the night before with those who worked directly under the lady saying that they were no longer with an assignment, but in looking at the two Victor suspected that whatever the two had been engaged was not military related.

Silent saw the man approach, and asked, "What brings you, Victor? If you say nothing, there is work here that I will assign you to."

"I was told by General Masterson to personally bring you a message. You are both to be at hanger fifteen at fifteen hundred."

"Well, Top Secret, sounds like another long night."

The lady continued with her work on Silent as she returned, "Let us make sure that somebody breaks to get some food, Silent."

"It will just be my turn to cook, Top Secret."

Victor felt a need to ask, "Uh, Sir, I thought that you called her Stacy when the situation was informal."

"Well, I do, but it became formal as soon as you walked up, Victor."

"Why is that, Sir?"

"Because in your presence, Top Secret has to call me Silent."

Before Victor could respond, the lady said, "Lieutenant Chambers, please take Silent to his apartment. I will pick him up for the meeting, but he needs to change into a clean uniform."

"Yes, Sir."

Victor understood from remarks that Silent had been helping the colonel with the yard work when some wasps were found. All the nests had been destroyed, but a wasp somehow survived and knew to target Silent. What Victor found unusual was the manner of Colonel Terrell in caring for Captain Silent.

As the lieutenant started the engine of the humvee, he asked, "Sir, can I ask what you and Colonel Terrell did last night?"

"I simply let Top Secret know that putting me in boot camp had not kept me outside the flow of information. What I revealed however took her off guard."

"It however seems that you spent the night together."

"Not the first time, Victor. When you travel in secret, sometimes you have no control over where you sleep. We had things to talk about, and continued talking past any desire for either of us to worry about anything but getting sleep."

"Well, between you and me, if you bring me a black lady and I have a white one as fine as Colonel Terrell, I would be offended."

"If you would have said anything else, Victor, I would consider that you are homosexual."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Search for Silent - Chpt 8
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