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 Search for Silent - Chpt 11

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PostSubject: Search for Silent - Chpt 11   October 17th 2009, 8:30 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Eleven

Part 1

Having been allowed to witness the presentation by Captain Silent and Colonel Terrell, those placed under their authority no longer considered their work to be mysterious business. While before the staffs of both had been split up depending upon the task, no separation of personnel now occurred. All found themselves moving from one presentation by the pair to another room where they were again lectured by Captain Silent and Colonel Terrell. This time the outline that had been filled out during the travel was explained. Some of the group groaned with disappointment in finding that their ideas, which they had been pleased to see put on the legal pad, had actually been relegated to a page of non-relevant or useless data. By the end of the second presentation, all working for the two understood the goals and how to hopefully achieve them.

Those that had not participated in the earlier collection were teamed with someone to aid in the process. The one that previously had run the errands had someone to stand on other side of the doorway to guard against unauthorized intruders. Soon the entire group became quiet as all focused together on the unified project.

It helped that Captain Silent or Colonel Terrell would now discuss each piece of information that one of their team presented. The implied rational discussion more than declared that they considered resolving the conflict to have priority over any need for secrecy. Captain Silent still did not tell anyone his real name, but by now the group considered that 'Silent' was his real name and any other identity merely one of the few to which he had access.

Those who had worked with Captain Silent started to snicker when he began looking around the room. One of those at the door groaned with the thought that he would soon again be running around gathering food items. Captain Silent looked around with a smile on his face before making a comment.

"All right, guys. I cannot be the only one that thinks he works better if his stomach is not complaining."

One of the Air Force men that had worked with Captain Silent previously asked another, "Colonel Terrell, how did Captain Silent manage when undercover?"

"Well, he was not undercover, but incognito. He was not present in an alias, but not knowingly present at all. To answer the question, he stocked up. I kept worrying about him being discovered from his food spoiling, but he ate it before that ever became a problem."

Captain Silent replied, "Yeah, and then she picks all men for her staff and mine. I keep getting hungry because I am not the only one eating the food." He laughed along with the men, then added, "Okay, I will go get the munchies this time. Top Secret can handle what you guys uncover for a short period."

"Don't be gone too long, Silent."

"I don't remember being given a tour, Top Secret. Still, I have been on carriers before. I shouldn't be too long."

Victor stood up, then said, "Captain Silent, Sir, do you think you could go there undetected?"

"Well, they know I am here already. They also know who I am. Thus, if they want to find me, they know that I am present to be found, and could recognize me upon seeing me. It would be tough."

Another asked, "Do you think you could do it, Sir?"

"Depends on my objective. If you want me to go get munchies without raising an alarm, that would be easy. I could just walk there, get them, and walk back without causing anyone any concern." He allowed the group to chuckle, then he added, "Now, if you wanted me to get into the nuclear arsenal undetected, I really do not believe that I could. I saw all the security around the nukes on the base, and things are more confined and regulated here. If times were not as dire at the moment, I would make a try."

Victor said, "But there are cameras and everything watching on the ship."

"You are going to get me into trouble, Victor, but come on. I'll show you a few tips."

"Sir? Are you certain?"

"What? You work with me, so you might as well learn some of the skills that made me a captain without having to undergoing the abuse of OTS or being a lieutenant."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Oh, forget it. I just believe that I will need someone to help me carry the food."

The others laughed, although Victor considered it stifled as most now wished they would making the run for munchies. The one at the door grimaced as the two passed, wishing that he had thought of making his day of being errand boy more productive. Victor stepped through the door unsure of what to expect by way of a lesson, but reached for his glasses expecting to do his best.

Captain Silent said, "First lesson, remove the glasses. Odds are that nobody is going to see you, because the camera could not be working or just not being watched. If they are looking, they are looking for somebody doing something wrong or general traits. Glasses mark you as being part of either group, either as attempting to hide or just because all they see are your general traits. If you don't wear glasses, you could just look like a normal Joe."

"You cannot be certain.”

"No, but if you get serious about moving around such cameras, you can buy a setup and play with it to learn some of the things I will tell you now."

Victor felt able to ask a personal question, "Is that what you did?"

"No, my father had the set-up. What began as play became even more play. Today I spot the cameras almost immediately, even those hidden, and can usually tell where they are looking. Technology has improved, but I have tried to stay up with the times."

"Must have been nice being a rich kid."

Silent did not respond, but only looked at Victor. He looked back attempting to read the expression on the captain's face. Finally, the lieutenant simply had to ask.

"What are you waiting for?"

"For a racial remark. I have heard a number make homosexual remarks, but I really have not heard a racial one."

"Eh, I don't think anyone gets mad at those anymore, not unless they simply don't like you. A number of guys are homophobes, but racial remarks are only made by those from the back woods."

Silent actually chuckled as he said, "Like white folks."

"Yeah, white folks."

"You're okay in my book, Victor. That one don't count, as I baited you into it."

Victor almost reached into his pocket to grab his glasses, but decided to obviously stare at the captain as he said, "You’re a strange one. I really cannot believe Colonel Terrell liked having you around."

"The women that you date don't enjoy having a good time?"

"Not if you call this a good time."

"Yep, I call this a good time. That is my reason I want this problem resolved. I want to return to everything being fun and games. This killing people is serious business. I don't like it. I faced it with Top Secret, but it wasn't us and it wasn't being directed at us." He started walking while adding, "Well, there was some directed at her, and I went to work to redirect it. She fussed at me later, but waited until we both were safe. I simply told her that it was a wonder what one could get away with when nobody considered you worth noticing."

Victor said nothing in return. Captain Silent stayed quiet for a few moments, as if waiting for the lieutenant to make a remark, but after a time he started pointing out cameras and saying things about them. Victor could not really tell if most of what the captain said was true, but he did not dismiss the words as lies. While Captain Silent did have a fun-loving side, it seemed to be only a perspective on what Victor considered business. When he relaxed, he wanted to have nothing to do about work around him. Captain Silent however considered the things he did with Colonel Terrell as being a pleasant way of spending an evening. That caused him to wonder about the lady. She did tend to have the normal regulation straight face of an officer, although Victor had seen her spend hours around Captain Silent without any complaint. The lieutenant could only figure that should she go seek entertainment, it would also be something somewhere different than where he would be. Victor let the man talk while wondering if Captain Silent should go ahead and make a claim to Colonel Terrell, as he would probably not find another that shared his opinion of a good time.

After stocking up on what the little store could provide, Victor asked while carrying some bags back to the room, "I heard that you did not enter the military willingly. It seems that you are willing to make it a career."

"If you think that I know the future, Victor, you are crazy. I am helping out my country. I am working with a lovely lady. I don't mind doing either. At present I am not thinking too much into the future than that."

"What if the military orders you to go into the country?"

"If there is a plan, I will do my part. Just sending me in out of desperation is not something we should do with our soldiers, whether we are talking about me, you, or those watching us through the cameras."

Wondering about the depth of Silent’s commitment, Victor asked, "Oh, and what will you do about it?"

"Call my father." Silent waited for Victor to look at him before he added, "You know that remark about me being a rich kid? Well, I am one."

"Must be nice."

"No, it is like having cable television. Hundreds of channels with nothing to watch. When you are rich, you have all that money and are still bored stiff. It really isn't nice at all."

"Still, I would rather have your problems."

"Oh, you would like a future where you could possibly be sent into a country to face a despot who wants to kill you?"

"Okay, maybe not that part."

Captain Silent smiled as he said, "Okay, let us get back to work while I can still claim to be doing everything for the sake of some UN delegates, and not simply to save my own skin."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 2   October 22nd 2009, 7:49 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Eleven

Part 2

It was late, and everyone had broken up for a period of rest and relaxation. There was pressure to get things done, but Stacy agreed with Silent that what was needed was creativity, which did not operate well in a restricted environment. Their staffs had thus been released with the command to show up rested and ready to spend another day at research. Since it would be Air Force MPs that would guard the room in their absence, Stacy had stayed to see to the securing of the chamber. While she felt the need for rest, she moved about the ship hoping to see Silent.

She almost missed him, as he was up a level on a walkway near a deck gun. The dark sky made it hard enough to see, but the man had set himself in a position where lights on the ship were blocked by the large weapon. She knew that Silent would be hiding, and it was as she checked possible hiding places that she saw him. Stacy could see him wave at her, but could only imagine that he smiled. A pleasant expression beamed from her face as she moved to join him.

Understanding that the ship was no place for overt signs of affection, she only moved near him. He put an arm around her, smiled as he nodded to her, then squeezed her for a moment. Stacy accepted that much of an action as enough romance, although had to work her mind to keep her words calm.

"Have you ate yet?"

"No. I snacked enough during the day. We got started early however, so when I eat I am going to be ready for bed."

The lady felt that such a line provided a wonderful way to get across her own thoughts. "We could eat together."

She felt the arm around her quiver in a desire to move to a less platonic position as the man asked, "You have a private room?"

"It helps to be the only female in a team."

"Yeah, but I like holding and touching that body. I really do not like banging and running, but we should not be found together the next morning around here."

"You are right, but I believe that we both know to take what we can get."

Something about her words did not please Stacy. They were supposed to be a simple remark, but she found herself not liking them. While she fully understood the signals from her body, there was an ease in the pleasure of certain acts that she knew had not been there when only as old as Silent. The lady thus sought to put the young man at ease.

"Not wanting to bang and run will make you a good husband, Silent. I like the way you hold me. I like having you around. I am sorry that I won't be able to keep you. Still, I want you to bang me. I want a man in my life."

"Anytime that you want, Stacy. Still, I know that you will be getting rid of me."

"Oh, never, Silent.” While she said that, she still moved a step away from the man. “This is just not the life that I want for you. I mean, I see myself as retiring and dying. All my accomplishments, and no one to pass them to."

"Don't talk that way, Stacy. You still have a lot of life left in you. I promise you that whatever man you choose will be glad to have you, and you will have a life with him."

"I just don't think that it will be the same."

Stacy did not feel a need to finish the thought. She hoped that Silent would leave the words alone. It was part of her training to have the man think she was focused on him. Silent had never allowed that however, but somehow kept their conversations on her.

"It is still a life, Stacy. It is your life. Don't you ever believe that the people you have contacted don't treasure their memories of you."

"And don't you ever feel that I considered you one of my toys. You are definitely on my list of important men, Simon. I will settle down with another, but I am not going to burn my little black book. If my husband ever looks at it, he will see your name with a lot of little hearts around it."

"Yeah, but I won't be the only one."

"Yes, but if he turns psycho, don't think it will be awhile before he gets to you."

The smile on Silent's face twisted as he looked at the lady. He did not immediately speak, but she stayed quiet
wondering what he was going to say. Finally, he released the thought.

"No, he won't count hearts. He will go alphabetically. So, when you get a chance, let me know who is ahead of me by last and first name."

"Do you really believe that the man I marry will go psycho?"

"Oh, yes. He will want you all to himself. He, in fact, is right now only thinking of you. When he finally gets you, that is it, he will do everything to make certain that he never loses you."

Stacy did consider the words slightly humorous, so a slight smile showed on her face as she said, "Well, I don't want you thinking things like that. Come on. Lets go bang, then we can go eat together. We can part after the meal, and no one will know."

Her body turned to start moving, but his stayed. She turned back to look at him, and saw that he was looking at her with a serious expression. Stacy again waited for his words.

"The rooms and bunks are small. Just wondering about what position to use."

"We have been in a number of situations, Silent, and I have let you have me in a number of ways. What position would you like?"

"Oh, I am sure that we can see what will work." The smile almost left his face as he added, "But remind me somehow about this conversation tomorrow. The thought about positions has triggered something. Needless to say, my brain is thinking about your curves, but there is another thought firing in the background. It could be important."

"Now, Simon, I don't want you mixing business with pleasure."

"Now, Stacy, I believe that is all we have ever done. We have yet to have that vacation."

"Okay, Simon, but I don't want you thinking about business when banging me."

"No, problem, Stacy. I assure you that as soon as that uniform comes off your body, I will have no thoughts about the military."

Silent did show his appreciation for the lady's body. He was not one that would help her undress, but would watch for signs of skin as the cloth was shed. She completely appreciated being touched, and enjoyed his attention to her form. He did not focus on her private parts, although did not ignore them either. She went from thrills due to having certain strong nerves activated to periods of peaceful pleasure in simply having her skin softly caressed. He did not ignore a certain part of himself, but made certain that the lady understood he knew that there was more to her than just a place to satisfy his own urges.

Stacy ate her meal contentedly allowing for recent memories to flow with those from earlier times. Silent sat next to her using the available condiments to make his dish something that he considered worth eating. The lady assumed that the man was thinking of her, so almost became mad when his words were of something else.

"Major Jackson did not come out with us?"

The name at first surprised her, as Stacy thought the name would be that of one of her previous lovers. It took a moment to have her mind switch gears, but she soon realized that Silent was asking about the one that flew the bomber once in custody. She could not fathom any reason that Silent would ask about him, so answered with a puzzled expression.


"The bomber isn't out here, and we left the objects behind."

"They should be with the team studying them."

"Yeah, but they are simply attempting to figure out how things work so they can disrupt the process. We are however at odds with the people who were going to use those things. The problem is that they cannot use them the way we would use them. Positions, Top Secret, remember, I told you to remind me about positions."\

The lady attempted to control her own thoughts as she said, "I thought I had reminded you about positions."

A smile came to his face as he said, "Okay, but forgive me if my mind separates thoughts of you from business. I wasn't thinking of our problem, but now I am. I guess that the topics of positions did hold, however."

"I will forgive you, Silent, if you can make the change of topics make sense."

"I don't have your background, Top Secret. I have not studied planes like you have."

Silent had always been one to deeply study whatever subject he felt that he needed to become informed, so she wondered what he had not yet researched. "What do you need to know?"

"Have we ever built a re-bomber?"

"A what?"

"We have refuelers, flying gas tanks that fill up other planes. Do we have a rebomber?"

Stacy spoke her immediate thoughts on the topic. "If you are going to send up a plane filled with bombs, you might as well make the plane to drop the bombs."

"That is common sense talking, Top Secret. We are talking about someone that kills innocent people."

"Even an idiot should see that a rebomber is foolish."

"Work with me, Top Secret. This could be important. The Air Force has built a number of foolish planes. They have even tried to duplicate UFO designs. Have they ever tried to build a rebomber?"

She respected Silent to consider his question, but had to admit, "Not to my knowledge."

"So, you wouldn't recognize a rebomber if you saw one?"

"Hold it, Silent. I am not stupid. I would recognize a plane of a different configuration."

"Yes, but you might not consider it important. You recognized that bomber, and had us move to that base to identify it – and we ended up stealing it. Do you remember seeing any other odd planes on that base that could be a rebomber?"

"Not that I can recall."

"Sleep on it, Top Secret. I will ask you again in the morning."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Search for Silent - Chpt 11
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