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 Search for Silent - Chpt 13

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PostSubject: Search for Silent - Chpt 13   November 6th 2009, 7:56 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Thirteen

Part 1

Stacy wanted Silent to take her to bed, but found herself growing sleepy waiting for him to finish with an important phone call. He seldom spent any time speaking with his father. The two men were not antagonistic, but had little in common. A normal phone call had the two telling each other that they were in good health, a short update of how their projects were developing, a friendly detailing of future plans giving each a warning of how to avoid future socials, then parting words. This conversation had been going on for more minutes than the lady thought possible.

When the young man finally stepped out of the room, Stacy voiced her assumption, "He wanted to know if your cover being blown was presenting you with any problems?"

He smiled, "No. He is worried about the UN delegates, and worried about me. If you think I am a quick-thinking crafty individual though, you really have not met my father."

"I have met your father, Simon."

"Yeah, well tell me that again in the morning, Stacy."

Wishing that she had stayed in the room with Silent and listened to his side of the conversation, she asked, "What will happen in the morning?"

"First, we tell our team to get up at the usual early hour. We are going to be awakened anyway, so at least might see this presentation while eating breakfast."

"You are not going to tell me?"

"He has lost an election or two, Stacy. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning as well. Right now he has a scriptwriter busy. That is all you need to know."

Stacy did not let the words bother her. She had been with Silent enough to learn his moods, and truthfully liked a man that wanted to surprise her. The only thing that would get her angry is if he held back bad news. Stacy did not want her men being overprotective. Just because she willingly allowed her body to satisfy their passions did not mean that she accepted their domination. Private secrets were a part of her life, and she would not fault Silent for having such as well. She would not however be passive should she learn that information had been held back simply because it was not meant for the ears of a lady.

The time spent with Silent left Stacy slightly more relaxed than the night before. Silent did not have his mind switch back to some topic from work, but spoke with her on the images shown in the video of the enemy leader. They mentioned their own memories of those locations, and the people they had met there. Stacy considered it a good topic on which to end the day.

A number laughed the next morning when the team showed up for breakfast. They stared at the buffet glancing around as if for something to take the meal with them. Silent smiled as he fussed at them for waiting, then lectured them on the proper method of getting food and sitting at a table to eat it. The men then heaped up their trays thinking to enjoy eating a good proper meal.

There was a television present, and it had been set on a news channel. All noticed however when the picture changed to an image of the senate floor. There had not been an announcement of some sudden news item, so most questioned the change of video feed.

Captain Silent told everyone to hush, as this was the reason he got his team up. A few from other sections wanted to challenge the man, but none considered it wise to challenge an officer. Some immediately became silent as Senator Nichols was introduced at the podium. Others, especially those who were not a part of the team so did not consider what was on the TV important, had to be spoken to a little harshly before they became completely quiet. When Stacy finally rose and glared, the birds on her collar ceased all attempts at conversation.

The one on the screen said, "My colleagues, I know that these are troubling times. There are matters of international importance that are coming home to us, and they are matters that we must take seriously. If I may however, I would like to take a moment to bring up a topic of a more personal nature.

"I hope all of you can see this picture. I am holding it up so the camera can see it, but for those in this chamber it might just take some of you adjusting your glasses. This is a picture of my family. It was used in one of my election campaigns. Do you know when this picture was taken? It was not taken for the campaign, but simply because it was one of the rare times that I had my family together."

On the television the picture filled the screen making it easily seen along with a finger pointing out certain figures. "This here is my oldest boy, William the fourth. Many of you probably expect him to replace me. He is right now happily running a city, but all expect him to move on to higher political offices. I am proud of him, and have every right to be.

"My girl, Natalie, is happily married and about to present me with another grandchild. This is my youngest, Greg. He is right now in a minor league baseball team hoping to make it to the majors one day. Most of you here know that I go to his games when I am in town. I am proud of both Natalie and Greg, and have every right to be."

A number of eyes went to Silent as a younger version of him in the photo was now pointed at. "Ah, now there is another boy, Simon. You know, I get a lot of questions about Simon. I almost lost a campaign due to his pranks at college. I won the campaign, and, you know what, Simon graduated. He went on to get his masters. I considered that making good, and I went to the graduation to show my pride in the boy.

"He ran off to Europe, but a break after college I thought was a just reward. I however kept hearing about my prodigal son running around spending his inheritance. For a while I thought the same, but he was my son and I was proud of him. After all, a man with a masters degree in engineering could get a job anywhere, if he would only try."

Some laughter filled the room, although the senator continued to speak. "Simon stopped asking for money after a time. He almost stopped calling. My wife and I began to worry about him.

"I then started getting calls from Simon again. He had these wild stories. He wasn't asking for money however, and no authorities were looking for him. I thus continued to be proud of him. When someone asked about Simon, I simply told him that he was well, although I again heard many mention his activities in college and his lack of holding down a normal home with a normal job.

"For those that are aware of current events, there is a name that has been mentioned. His name is Silent. The claim was that he was an American, one of the worse of the criminal element that makes up the population of this country. No one knew of this man, called Silent, but he sounded like a scoundrel. Well, recently a picture of this man has been released, along with a name. I want everyone to know that Silent is my son, Simon Nichols. I have known about this for some time."

The picture was now removed with the image of Senator Nichols again being shown on the screen. "Simon came home less than a year ago. He came here, to Washington DC. Our leader, the president of this country, had Simon come to his home late at night to pin a medal upon my second son. I and my wife made it a point to stand with him. Here is a picture of me, my wife, the leader of our country, and Simon. My second son is not a scoundrel, but a national hero, and I am proud of him."

A number of salutes were directed at Silent as a picture of him standing and receiving a medal from the president now came to the screen. "I could not speak of Simon before he gained that medal, even though I knew of his life as this Silent. I could not speak of him after he gained that medal. As said, he had to come to the White House late at night. The medal was gained in secret. No one was to know of my son, or even of his alias as Silent, and it grieved me to keep such pride inside. Still, I wasn't facing reelection, so I kept it inside."

Some laughter filled the senatorial chamber, but no smile broke the face of the speaker. "Now, we have this despot proclaiming that my second son is this person called Silent. Well, I stand before you now boldly wanting to beat my chest and tell everyone that the despot is correct, my second son is this person called Silent. He is not a criminal, but a great American. He is not attempting to disrupt the peace, but keep our world at peace. However loud this despot attempts to claim Simon is a villain, I promise everyone here that I can shout louder.

"Now, we know that there are innocent UN delegates being held hostage, and killed. I spoke to Simon. He promised me that he is aware of the situation. He however did not say that he was working to rescue those people. He claimed that the international community had plenty of people to call upon. While America is part of the world, and more than willing to do our part, our country needs to stand strong. Simon is working to keep our country strong. Makes me proud, and every parent with children in our military should be proud of what they do.

"I asked him about the world knowing that he is this person called Silent. He told me that it made little difference, as the military works well with nicknames. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone, my second son is now a captain in the Army. That college prankster became a man of letters. That prodigal son became a national hero. I don't care who you are, nosy neighbor or foreign despot, you had better not attempt to slander my son. Do you think I am proud of him? You know that I am.

"This despot wants my son. There are some who would tell me to give him up. Those are the people that remember his pranks in college, and his time of wandering about Europe asking me for money. They are not people that truly know my son. Let me let all you know that I am proud to claim Silent as my own. Captain Silent, wherever you are, keep our country free. Oh, and the next time you are home, I need another photo. Another election will be coming around in a few years."

As the television switched back to the news, Stacy said, "Yes, Silent, that was the man I met."

"Well, he is under a lot of pressure about the situation with the UN delegates. After speaking with me last night, he promised that he would attempt to try to divert the pressure off of me. He agreed that we needed to keep international politics away from matters of national interests."

Victor said, "So we need to get back to work."

"Our country isn't paying us to sit around. Yes, we get back to work. Just don't think that we work alone."

"Uh, Captain Silent, for a rich kid you are all right."

"Thanks, Victor. Now let us go work together to earn the right to continue wearing these uniforms."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 2   November 11th 2009, 8:57 am

The Search for Silent
Chapter Thirteen

Part 2

Stacy put down the phone, then said, "Silent, the general says that you need to go tell him your plan. I bought you some time, but not much. He is scared that some more delegates are about to be killed."

Silent looked away from a computer screen where he studied the known natural deposits of a mineral to say, "I have not yet told you the plan, have I Top Secret?"

"No, Silent, you haven't."

"Let me run it by you then."

Victor turned in his chair to say, "Captain Silent, first, if you don't mind, can I run something by you?"

"Sure, Victor. I consider millions being killed by a nuclear explosion to be of prime importance."

"This time problem of reaching the United States really bothers me. It just cannot happen. We also are not planning to attack him. Okay, he built a new bomber. We haven't made any grand statements about it. We stole it, but really made no big deal about the country gaining the technology. Why would he be mad at us?"

One of the enlisted men said, "I thought everyone was naturally mad at us?"

Silent added, "Well, we did steal the bomber."

Victor took back over the conversation to say, "Your father made that speech to redirect attention away from you. What if our maniac is posturing towards us in order to get our attention away from his real target? Attacking us is a real waste of time. If he would want England, he could probably get England easy."

"Do you believe that he wants England?"

"No, although he might. It doesn't matter; we cannot let him have it."

Stacy saw the eyes of Silent look at Victor's computer screen, and seeing the topic of what the man had been researching he asked the next question. "Okay, so we focus on where he is going to get the bombs."

"Correct. Either Spain or Israel. Spain if he is attacking Europe. Israel if he is going to attack Israel. Nobody likes Israel, just like they don't like us, and bombing Israel is a good move to get in the good graces of other mid-east countries."

"Are you anti-semitic?"

Victor did not take the question personally, but answered, "Might be. If I am going for oil, it could help in my dealing with some nearby oil producing nations."

"Is he going for oil?"

Another said, "No. He has good trade already there."

"So we focus on Spain."

Victor said, "That is my thought as well. The Spanish are just too lax recently, also slow to anger and a recent history of turning chicken. I would go there to get my nukes."

"Keep working on it. I will be busy, but it will be mostly protecting my own ass. You people are in charge of protecting the asses of millions. You cannot afford to slack off."

Stacy did not have to say anything. Simply standing and looking at the men had enough effect to get them working. Silent had a wonderful style of thinking on his feet and designing workable plans, but she knew how to truly command others. The lady turned to get the young captain to follow her, but stopped to see him smiling at her. She smiled back understanding that chain-of-command had little effect upon him. Silent needed to be treated the same way she liked to be treated, as an equal.

He said, "We could do it here."

"No, Silent, as I might want to debate certain points with you. I don't want us spoiling the train of thought of these men."

"Okay, Top Secret. Lead the way."

Stacy listened while Silent explained his strategy. She really did not like it. The plan put the man in too much risk. The lady however could not argue with his rationale, so finally consented.

"Go back to our team, Silent. I will bring your plan to the general. Oh, and make a decision about bringing any of your men with you. I chose them for what they are doing, researching counter-strategies and general intelligence work. You might want others for this mission."

An almost scared expression showed on the man's face as he said, "I, we, generally go alone."

Words that she had been saving finally came out. "I am a colonel, Silent. I earned my points in intelligence, not infiltration. The fact that I was a lady got me in doors that others could not, and I allowed myself to be used by our country in that fashion. You opened up a facet of my operation that I really was not authorized to perform, but we were successful. Our style was however not a normal method of operation. The Air Force does not want me taking such risks anymore.

"They sent you into that country with the tools to make that disguise."

"It was for my own protection. It was not to allow another infiltration. I just knew that I could call upon you again. I made the decision to infiltrate, but some want to pin the deaths of the UN ambassadors upon me for doing it. There are no more missions for me, Silent, and I am not going to send you in alone."

The face did not show sorrow, but fear. Silent had never been a good poker player. His face too easily showed emotion. The lady however found herself wondering exactly what has going on inside his head as she waited for him to speak.

"But I would need another you, Stacy. You could move around in disguise. I could trust you to operate as long as I provided just enough cover and advance warning to avoid discovery."

"I was intelligence, Silent. The most risky thing that we actually did was steal that bomber. Everything else was simple data gathering."

Stacy sensed that the young man was attempting to bolster his own confidence as he said, "You also stole some objects and that computer, Stacy."

"I did not consider it risky, Silent. I did not make a move until I knew that you were there. A trust developed between us in those early missions, Silent. A trust that you cannot assume to exist in others. You need to go in as an officer and not as a partner."

Now the man's face appeared as if it wanted to cry. "This isn't good-bye, Stacy."

"No, Silent, I plan to keep you in my life. Our relationship is going to have to change, so good-byes are going to have to happen. They should be moments of joy, as we should be thinking the life the other is returning to is a good life."

"Okay, do what you must. I was along for the ride from the first."

Stacy kept her voice authoritative even as she tried to make her words kind. "Listen, Silent, it won't be so bad. You survived boot. I have seen you smiling these last few days. Get over this, and you will again find something to smile about."

The general did not smile when Stacy told him about Silent's plan. The problem he revealed after some grumbling was that it was basically the same plan that his sources had come up with. Those words did not make the lady feel relieved, but she knew to take the authorization while requesting permission to speak to the group that had formed the general's plan.

When Stacy finally moved to return to Silent, she had a good amount of information. She confidently stepped to the door to let the young man know what his orders were, but stopped suddenly wanting to cry. He had never been the one going into danger. In all the jobs that he had worked with her, Silent had always been the one hiding around the corner, crouched behind some bushes, secluded in some room, but always safe. Up until this point in time, going to the young man had always been going to a private place where she could drop her act and feel secure. She felt that she now was not going to only betray the young man, but herself.

Stacy thought back along her life, and considered the possibility of sending other men to their deaths. It was part of her training as an officer, but not one that she really faced during her time. Some of the information she had worked with had been used to develop tactics for sending others into danger, but there had always been a pride in seeing the success of the mission. The numbers of dead and wounded to gain the objectives had never been considered.

The lady turned from the door to head to a toilet. Whatever her feelings, she understood that she had a job to do. Silent had agreed to his present position, however strongly he claimed to have been drafted. It was time for him to accept the responsibilities of what wearing the uniform truly meant. She had given up a normal life to serve her country. She had no regrets. Wiping her face, she told herself that Silent would also find himself going towards a future where more than just his father would be proud of him.

Stacy walked back into the room glad to see the outline almost completed. It seemed quite a far-fetched plan, but the lines between fantasy and reality had been almost completely erased. The lady moved to the easel knowing that she would have to work those present to enable her to convince others of the solid substance of their concept. One however needed to be sent on his own mission, although looking at the large sheets of paper she felt that he was leaving nothing behind unfinished.

"Silent, you will move out tonight."

Yes, he had been watching her, so the words had not been missed. "Gee, not much time to pick a team."

"There is a team already in position. It is a UN special operations force. They won't know you are coming, but knowing you there is no reason they have to know. You will have your stolen computer and what you need to listen in on the others. Give them what support you can. Your primary object is simply to stay safe."

"I might however not be considered friendly. I need someone who can act if needed, or back me up if needed."

Stacy had enough knowledge of Silent and his opinions of those who worked beneath him to reply, "That would be Victor. Two officers should not be put at risk, Silent."

"The lieutenant is all talk with no experience. If this mission has the objective of simply staying safe, there is no risk."

"Well, I would not send you in with another woman. I already authorized Victor for the same reason you stated."

Silent smiled as he said, "We are still the perfect team, Top Secret."

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Search for Silent - Chpt 13
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